Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper

Running head: Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper

Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper

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University Of Phoenix

Week 3

Having a well-planned-out organization will help a team to be more effective. My plan will describe how the team can organize itself to increase its effectiveness. This plan will focus on improving effectiveness in a student team working on a school project.
First, the team should choose a leader. One of the leader??™s responsibilities is to keep track of deadlines, so that all of the parts of the project get done on time. The leader should also make sure that all of the team members??™ activities are focussed on the team??™s goal; he or she should make sure that no one is spending time working on something that seems to be useful to the project but is not. Finally, the leader would try to resolve any conflicts between members if they arise.
Tasks should be assigned within the team based on the team members??™ abilities. All team members should contribute to a ???skill chart??? that describes each member??™s experiences and skills. Then the team would divide up the tasks and assign each task to the member who is best able to perform it. If a member receives a task that contains a part that he is not good at, then another team member should volunteer to take over that part when the time comes. For example, suppose that person A volunteers to research conflict resolution, and that person B is much better at giving oral presentations than person A is. In that situation, person B should present both his own part of the project and the part on conflict resolution.
Also, the team should make sure to organize its notes well. This will help the members understand the notes better when they go back to read them.
Finally, the team should give itself feedback on its performance. For example, suppose that the team has to make a number of presentations at different times. After the presentation, the team should meet and discuss (1) what they did well, (2) what they did badly, and (3) how they can give a better presentation next time. In fact, the team could have a particular person assigned to take notes during the presentation on what goes well and what goes badly to help the next presentation be more professional.
Good communication is a key to success. According to the web site Better Interpersonac Comunication- ???Communication is important in business as well. A 1998 study of 480 companies found that employers ranked communication abilities first among the desirable personal qualities of future employees.??? The team should meet in person at least once a week to plan and discuss the team members??™ progress. During the meeting, the leader should remind the rest of the team about deadlines and the team??™s goals.
Under some circumstances, members should use email to communicate. If a member has questions about the assignment, then he or she should email the team about those questions immediately. If a member has a new idea for the project, then email would be the fastest and easiest way to share the idea with other team members. Also, if a member is helping another member with part of the project, then the first member should use email to do so. These are issues that cannot wait for the weekly meeting.
There are two remaining forms of communication that the team should have on hand??”phone and skype. In emergencies, even email may not be fast enough. For example, if a member gets stuck in traffic on the day of a presentation, then he should call the rest of the team to let them know that he cannot present his part. If a member is sick during a meeting, then skype can allow that member to join in the discussion. Skype is an online video conference tool that allows people to communicate live with each other. If the team members have computers with webcams, then they should know about skype and use it.
All of the methods and tools described above can help in organizing a team. By using this method, a team should become more effective in accomplishing its goals.



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