Adhd Is Well Known as a Disorder

November 7, 2016 General Studies

ADHD is a well known disorder among children. This disorder affects the child socially, academically and emotionally. This disorder most commonly affects young males. ???Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood neurobehavioral disorders occurring in 3%??“7% of school-age children (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000). It is a chronic debilitating disorder of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity (Biederman & Faraone, 2005)??? (Salmeron 2009). In some cases this disorder can carryover into adulthood. It could also cause substance abuse as an adult. Children with ADHD find it hard to concentrate on certain tasks for a long period of time, or even a short period of time. They are easily by simple things. A television could distract them or a bird flying over. The child is very hyperactive and it is hard for the child to stay in one spot. This disorder gives children the urge to constantly move and it seems as thought they never run out of energy. I chose this disorder because I suffered from it as a child, and I still have this disorder. Some of most simple tasks seem hard to do. Assignments that would take a person that doesn??™t have this disorder would take e double the time to complete. It is a very frustrating disorder.
This disorder can cause behavior issues with children. ???Children with high levels of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention experience more social failure and are more likely to become associated with deviant peer groups. Social failure occurs when patients with ADHD have symptoms of restlessness, intrusiveness, verbal outbursts, and the inability to behave in a manner appropriate for a given situation. It is not uncommon for children with ADHD to be intrusive, impatient, argumentative, and to interrupt conversations.??? (Salmeron 2009). Children will become frustrated from not being able to function as well as their peers. Their peers might make fun of them which causes them to have low self esteem. Low self esteem with a child can cause the child to react violently. It causes attention seeking towards their parents which causes family issues. This disorder has man side affects that leads to other issues. The siblings of the children with this disorder may suffer from lack of attention from their parents. The parents may suffer from overwhelming stress and anxiety. Parents that are not able to handle their child??™s disorder my lash out at the child and the child could suffer from abuse as well.
Learning for a child that suffers from ADHD is not as easy as it would be for any other child. It would take a lot more time and patience to teach a child with that disorder. Children with ADHD usually have bad grades on tests and incomplete assignments. Children with this disorder ma have to undergo treatment. It could consist of several things, counseling or treatment facilities. The parents may have to have some counseling of their own in order to continue the treatment while the child is at home. Treating this disorder is a crucial part in the child??™s life. It helps to develop social skills that the child may be lacking. Failure to treat this disorder may have upsetting consequences. It is possible for the disorder to go away but treatment is advised. There are also medications that children with this disorder could take to help control severe hyperactive behavior and help the focus more. It is not a fatal disorder but it is a major set back in a child??™s life.


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Salmeron, P. (2009) Childhood and adolescent attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: Diagnosis, clinical practice guidelines, and social implications. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. 21, 488-497.


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