Adrian Mole

December 15, 2016 General Studies

Adrian Mole isn??™t at all tall for his age in fact he is actually just under the average height for a six teen year old, accompanied by his height is his slightly bulky body structure. His body structure has a feminine touch to it rather than being masculine. He has short, thick, coffee coloured hair which has a tinge of Auburn to it, which is normally combed back. As a teen ager he has blemished skin with spots of all sizes spread across his face which are have caused many issues for Adrian feels they make his look repulsive and yet no one has an argument against Adrian??™s opinion. Adrian Mole has a pale white skin tone and hazel brown eyes which are hidden under spherical black glasses.
Adrian??™s personality cannot be easily described. He is a hardworking and responsible young adult occasionally that is. His personality has its downsides too it for he is also a self centred, dirty-minded, ungrateful and deviant sixteen year old for he reads bad magazines, doesn??™t appreciate his family and believes he is the only worthy person in his entire family.
Adrian has many interesting qualities, being mature and self conscious isn??™t that easy you know. The cause of his high level of maturity was once again because of his parents for he realised he didn??™t want to follow their footsteps, he also very self conscious of his appearance for he counts the number of ???spots??™ on his face every day. He also is very gentle and timid.
Throughout Adrian??™s life he experienced many strong bonds and one of these strong bonds was with an elderly man by the name of Bert Baxter. At first Adrian describes him as a ??? dirty old man??™ but later realises he is like the grandson Bert Baxter never had.
Several quotes from the life of Adrian mole show that he believe that he was an ???intellectual??™ , one of them being ??? I am the only intellectual in this household.??? and another one ??? Nigel your such a philistine!???


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