Advantages and Disadvantages of Silent Way

January 1, 2017 English Language


1. Students interact not only with teachers but also with each other.
2. Students correct the errors themselves and teachers view these errors as the responses to the teaching and give students some hints and help.
3. Because Silent Way teachers speak so little, they are free to observe their students carefully and be available to them.

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Disadvantages :

1. Teachers must know their teaching objectives clearly and make use of the teaching aids effectively.
2. Students may be confused with the symbols of the colored wooden rods.
3. Students waste too much time struggling with a concept that would be easily clarified by the teachers??™ direct guide.
4. It is difficult for teachers to evaluate students??™ progress in their learning process.
5. It is criticized as being too focused on building structure, and misses out on cultural input through the language.
6. The silence of the teacher can prevent students from hearing many active models of correct usage that they may find useful.
7. In trying to create a less teacher-orientated classroom, many say that the Silent Way goes too far to the opposite extreme.
8. Other problems are a little more practical in nature. Getting together the “classic SW” prerequisite materials can take a lot of time and money – there is the sound-color chart, 12 word charts each containing around 500 words, and 8 Fidel Charts for the English language alone. And dont forget the actual cuisinere rods as well! In order to maximize the learning potential of students using the Silent Way, teachers would have to be prepared to invest quite heavily in materials.


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