Advantages of Kinesiology

Advantages of Kinesiology

Pam Britt
Mr. James
Earl of March Secondary School
16 December, 2010

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Kinesiology is a multidisciplinary science encompassing the anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, psychomotor behaviour, and social and cultural factors involving a human being.1 The word kinesiology comes from the Greek words kinesis meaning ???movement???, and logos, a combining form used in the names of sciences.2 Only throughout the last few decades have there been any systematic attempts to study the laws governing human motion using the methods of modern science with the demand for cogency and objectivity, so kinesiology is a major breakthrough for health sciences.3 The approach to movement and human performance makes kinesiology an important contributor to health and wellness, as well as to high athletic performance.4 Although critics say kinesiology is a misunderstood field to study in, it has been proven that kinesiology can improve your physical, and emotional athletic performance.
Why do kinesiologists play a vital role in today??™s sport culture society People have argued that kinesiology is not a true field of study, but others have stated that individuals can immensely benefit from it. Moreover, the most convincing explanation is that kinesiologists are important to today??™s society because of the increased awareness in the health industry, their treatment for chronic injury and disease, but primarily because of their discoveries of new strategies for improved athletic performance.
Firstly, there is a new demand for kinesiologists as individuals are becoming more aware about their health and fitness. Lack of exercise negatively affects the body, and can lead to obesity, heart problems, and a poor immune system.5 When you are not getting a sufficient amount of exercise, your internal system gets weak, and your immune system starts to deteriorate, failing to fight off disease.6 Kinesiologists can help individuals who are suffering from the previous problems, by creating an exercise program that is specific to your certain needs, and to help meet their requirements.7
Furthermore, kinesiologists are able to treat chronic injuries and diseases to help improve an individual??™s life. Those who have recently suffered from a disease will need to strengthen certain body parts and organs to avoid future illness related to inactivity.8 There are two main types of kinesiology??“ biomechanics, which refers to the physical disabilities or diseases that impair a person from proper movement9, and psychomotor, which refers to problems with perception, reaction times, and motor learning skills.10 Biomechanic kinesiologists use computer programs to show how the person??™s gait deviates from a normal gait, and then they will create a fitness plan to help strengthen and condition the individual??™s muscles to increase their range of motion in the injured or diseased part of their body.11 They may also co-work with a physiotherapist to develop function, prevent further deterioration of motor skills, and compensate for loss of motor skills.12 For example, if an individual has suffered from an ankle injury, a kinesiologist and physiotherapist will create an exercise plan to improve the range of motion in the ankle, that involve a variety of stretches such as dorsi, plantar, inversion, and eversion flexes.13 They will also work on strengthening exercises, starting out with low stress activities, and then gradually increasing the intensity of the exercises so you are working your ankle at a higher degree.14
Psychomotor kinesiologists tend to work with people of have mental disabilities that limit their ability to move.15 These disabilities include cerebral palsy, and autism. They work intensely with these individuals to help them benefit from their weaknesses so they can live their life to the best of their ability.
Most importantly, kinesiologists discover new strategies to help improve athletic performance. Their most recent discovery was power tape.16 It is a new method of improving athletic performance by focusing on the entire chain of joints, muscles, fascia, and the nervous system components which are responsible for specific movement patterns.17 The results are improved efficiency of movement, structural reinforcement of correct motor patterns, and improved fluid dynamics.18 Other benefits of power taping are delayed onset of fatigue, a more rapid recovery from injury, improved flexibility and range of motion in tight muscles, relief of swelling, correction of balance insufficiencies, and enhanced muscle action.19 Kinesiologists can also help an athletes performance by assessing their cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary abilities by challenging their heart rate, and by monitoring the amount of oxygen used in exercise.20 With this data, they then develop a fitness plan that will challenge the person to improve their cardiovascular strength.21 Kinesiologists are against artificial means of enhancing athletic performance like blood doping and taking anabolic steroids, so they try to the best of their ability to create natural, and healthy ways to improve your cardiovascular, and muscle strength.
Kinesiology is beneficial to our society because individuals are becoming more concerned about how physical fitness effects their health, and because kinesiologists can help better the lives of those who suffer from chronic illnesses and disease. However, it is the most important because it can help enhance an athletes performance by natural means.
???Get people better, and they will send more new patients to you than you can treat???
– George Goodheart, Applied Kinesiologist



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