Advertising Objectives

January 13, 2017 Marketing

Advertising Objectives

Advertising may generate a large number of leads, as well as increase consumer awareness of your products. For Wonderful Creamery Ice-cream, its main advertising objectives should be improving its marketing position, increasing its revenue, remind targeted customers, and to encourage brand switching.

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By advertising the products, it can improve the company??™s market position indirectly. It is because the more people expose to the advertisement, the more people will trust the brand and will choose the brand unconsciously when they need to choose the similar product among the brands. The more people to buy the product, its marketing position will be higher. In this case, the company has built an authority among the others company.

Besides, the advertising objective is to increase the sales of the company??™s products. In other words, it is to increase its revenue. By looking at the advertisement which also known as persuasive message to the consumer, more and more people will get used to the brand and started to trust the brand. Indirectly, the sales of the product will increase as more and more people willing to purchase the product.

Furthermore, advertisement can act as a reminder for the existing customers. It is strategy objective is to keep current customers consuming the particular product. Most of the customers are usually provided new and different information about a product that is designed in order to build consumer loyalty for example keep on reminding customers where to obtain the product.
Lastly, advertisement can Companies adopt brand switching as an objective when they want customers to switch from competitors??™ brands to their brands. A common strategy is for a company to compare product price or quality in order to convince customers to switch to its product brand


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