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February 26, 2017 Medical

I offer the following Sofware

1. Human Resource Management System – Simple, Fast, easy & scalable HR & employee management software. I deally for small business.

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2. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) w/ Reservation – Electronic Medical Record Imaging Software that allows record, search and retrieval of patient EMRs. Ideally for Hospital, Clinic, Skin Care and Doctors.

3. Inventory, Purchasing and Invoicing System – Manage and monitor invoicing process, purchasing, and inventory cover from issue quotation / offer, receive sale order, issue delivery order to issue invoice.

4. Payrol System – You will need to input information for each employee when he is hired, but after that, the software will calculate payroll taxes and other deductions automatically. – fewer potential mistakes and less time spent processing payroll. In addition, employees can be trained to run the program more easily, so you wont need to depend on just one person to process payroll.
A payroll system you can use in your business specially to non accountant or some where u will find it beneficial to lessen your workload. Printing out on net pay is fast.

5. Product Information Recording w/ Generation capability of price Catalog- I deally for Computer Store and any Store that they offer their products. Its features with generation of price Catalog and Quotation for client request.

6. Registration/Enrollment System – ideally for schools SCHOOL ELEMENTARY/ HIGHSCHOOL GRADING SYSTEM


8.LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content.

9. Point-of-Sale System – (POS)
A POS terminal manages the selling process by a salesperson accessible interface. The same system allows the creation and printing of the receipt.
With barcode reader, used by grocery stores.
10. Student Records Management

* Centralize the student enrollment process to one building
* Reduce data entry of enrollment information
* Increase productivity
* Make it easier and more convenient for district families to enroll children
* Reduce paper copies and storage space
* Utilize pre-existing data for returning students


* Labor costs of paper filing reduced and the risk of misplacing a document was eliminated
* Information is more readily available to staff allowing the school district to more effectively share information with their community

Systems extensive experience working with countless school districts to automate student, finance and human resources record keeping processes. The school district??™s key business needs included: reducing labor costs, improving information access, lowering cycle times, improving efficiency and creating secure and easy access by authorized staff all student records.

11. Inventory System

Directs, manages, supervises and coordinates the activities and operations of the Inventory Management Division within the Procure?­ment and Materials Management Department including the maintenance of a computerized inventory control system; manages inventory levels of consumable materials and supplies based on inventory budget constraints; coordinates as?­signed activities with other divisions, departments and outside agencies; and provides highly responsible and complex adminis?­trative support to the Department Manager, Procurement; and performs related duties as assigned.

12. Process Monitoring System

The PPR Process Monitoring Systems are designed for inline process monitoring.

Technology provide an easy and efficient means for collecting and storing data from multiple computers in the network.

other services:

Affordable Website
Proffessional Web Developers
and other system that customize

Different Programming Language.
I have so many programmers to help you.

* 30 % Down payment before we are going to start the project
* If youre from province, you have to scan any of your valid ID and send it trough our e-mail
* We have to ask you so many question regarding to your business for us to know if what are your needs.
* For the students, please Scan your Valid ID or a photocopy also for the assurance that you are not a scammer.

For faster Development :

Our development process

1. Requirements- The client will provide us the functionality or process that should be included and the target delivery of the project. Scopes and Limitations / Documentation

(email it to us [email protected])

2. Planning and Analysis of Requirements- We will plot the plan for the development of the project such as the plan based on the target delivery, the complexity of the project, development language to be used and recommendations.

3. Design – In this phase, we will propose the design of the project, flow chart or diagram will be provided for the design unless design was already provided by the client.

4. Coding Phase – In this phase, our team will develop the project ( we will use coding guidelines for readability of the codes )

5. Testing- In this phase, we will create a test plan for the testing of the project. We will also use different static analysis tools to enhanced the testing quality such as junit, findbugs and more.

6. Deployment – The client will receive the project ( written in cd, dvd or depending on client request).

7. Support – We will provide support if necessary.

Contact us!

Landline 383-9624
pls. dont leave any messages here, you can text me
SMART 09305988607 look for Cathy.

ym me [email protected]

Thank you!

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Important na naman po!

Hindi po kami gumagawa ng documentation sa lahat ng klase ng thesis at hindi po talaga ako gumagawa ng documentation (system lang)
Siguro naman po, alam ninyo na hindi ako ang programmer dahil nga po iba iba ang programming language na offer ko. Please try to read this post before po kau mag inquire.

Wala pong manloloko sa landline dahil may Caller ID po ako. Hehehe
Salamat po!

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