Albert Einstein

April 5, 2017 Physics

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was known as a genius. He used to say that was silly and he was just smart. But he was VERY smart. He was born on March 14, 1879. His place of birth was in Ulm, Southern Germany. One year later, he and his family moved to Munich. His father??™s name was Hermann Einstein. His mother??™s name was Pauline Einstein. He also had a sister named Maria. Albert??™s father worked as an engineer and a salesman. His mother worked around the house and his sister helped. His family was probably very proud of their little genius!
Albert Einstein was married to Mileva Maric??™ in January 1903 and lived in Zurich. In May 1903 they had their first child named Hans Albert Einstein. They later had their second son named Eduard in July 1910. Then they had a daughter named Lieserl. No one knows her full name and how she died. Albert had later moved to Berlin and his wife had stayed with the children. They divorced February 14, 1919 after they had been separated for 5 years. Albert moved on and married Elsa Lowenthal on June 2, 1919 since he had had a relationship with her since 1912. She died in December 1935 from heart and kidney problems. Albert had a very hard adult life.
Albert Einstein died on April 18, 1955. But we will never forget that he has made the world a better place because he took an interest in science and created theories that rocked the scientific community. He understood the universe, photon theory, and physics. He published more than 300 scientific works and 150 non-scientific works. He published a book of the letters he wrote to his family while traveling 20 years after his wife died. He has made many people laugh and think with his famous quotes. He even made a theory on light! He is well known for his theory E=MC2 which means that energy is equal to mass times the speed of light. In 1921, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in physics!
He made a huge impact on me because I never knew how many things he accomplished and how cool he was! We should really thank Albert Einstein for his brilliant mind and his accomplishments that helped change the world of science. He has a chemical element named after him, 99 Einsteinium, which is an honor for such dedication to science and research.
By: Ellena Pavese


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