Alice in Wonderland the Impossible Is Possible

April 23, 2017 General Studies

Before the Harry Potter craze, there was Alice in Wonderland. The popularity of both of these book series is truly unreal. But what is it that makes them so appealing The authors, J.K. Rowling and Lewis Carroll, incorporate an element of magic and fantasy into their books that attracts both children and adults throughout the world. Their ability to make readers believe that the impossible is absolutely possible is what really captivates children and adults alike. While the Harry Potter series is fairly new, Alice in Wonderland has truly stood the test of time.
Alice??™s story is a clear representation of the ???literary nonsense??? genre that kids find so relatable. Written in 1865, children love everything about the nonsense world Alice becomes trapped in and the belief ???that very few things indeed were really impossible??? (17). According to Roni Natov, ???Fun is made of the literalness of the child??™s mind.??? In fact, knowledgeable people may not understand the story as well as little kids. From the beginning, the white rabbit is introduced and leads children into an unexpected world of true imagination and reversals. The fact that the rabbit can talk with its absurd watch, fan, and gloves, is enough to make any child giggle. Another quirky character that easily intrigues children is the Cheshire cat with its mischievious ability to disappear and its goofy grin. The cat engages in amusing and sometimes vexing conversations with Alice and the supposedly ???mad??? world she has entered. Truth be told, Alice??™s confusion throughout Wonderland is easily relatable to the problems children face while transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Her fluctuations in size and shape show the desire for a balance between power and limits. When she??™s small, she feels insignificant and powerless, but when she??™s tall, she feels powerful but she is limited because she is much too large for certain places in Wonderland. Children love knowing they have control and the ability to break rules and create their own within the fantasy.
How can an adult possibly find a book of nonsense such as Alice in Wonderland so fascinating and delightful Well, Carroll??™s clever use of wordplay, symbolism, and logic has kept adults reading his books throughout the years. Also, adults find it pleasurable to be brought into a child-like fantasy they could never dream up of themselves. Jane Susina, a critc, claims that while Wonderland ???focuses on the problems of growing up, it is more specifically about fitting into an existing adult society.??? Alice is always trying to orderly fit into Wonderland, but it seems as though she can??™t receive an answer to the confusing mess of it all. When the caterpillar asks Alice who she is, she can??™t explain herself. The caterpillar criticizes her for getting angry about not being able to find herself in the upside down world. Also, Alice shows a more adult-like and domestic side when she is courteous to others and puts the characters back in their proper places after knocking over the jury box. This clearly shows that Alice is unwilling to harm others and her ability to hold responsibility. Most of all, adults enjoy attempting to analyze the book, although it has proven to be impossible. Adults enjoy finding hidden meanings in the classic story such as the book containing drug references or the satirical effect is has toward Victorian society. Alice in Wonderland can hold a permanent place in the hearts of adults who grew up reading the classic book.
Although Alice in Wonderland was written more than a century ago, it has been adapted throughout the ages in movies, songs, and paintings to name a few. One adaption is Disney??™s cartoon version of 1951. The movie is slightly more flowery than the book, filled with bright colors and joyous songs written specifically for the movie. The song ???Painting the Roses Red??? makes the jobs of the cards more enjoyable and the fact that the queen may behead them more tolerable. It makes little kids want to sing along and dance with Alice and the astonishing creatures she encounters! Disney??™s animation is truly genius as it dramatizes the entire scenario of Wonderland and makes it fruity and more eye-catching for children. The Queen??™s shouting ???Off with her head??? is unforgettable to children yet it??™s clearly made humorous in Disney??™s cartoon depiction, whereas the book makes this seem more harsh and gruesome. The White Rabbit??™s unforgettable line of ???I??™m late! I??™m late! For a very important date!??? is quite possibly the most memorable quote of the entire movie. These memorable motifs throughout the cartoon leave an impact on the children and adults who watch it to make the story more memorable and appealing.
The new Tim Burton movie of Alice in Wonderland is much darker than Disney??™s original cartoon version. It contains the basic entertainment components of the book, while bringing out intensely wild backgrounds, color schemes, and costumes. Also, the movie is available for viewing in 3D. Although the movie??™s storyline is very unlike the original book, many of the same characters are still depicted but in extremely outrageous ways. For instance, the Queen of Heart??™s ego is heavily represented by the obnoxiously large size of her head and demon-like face. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is truly remarkable with his eccentric appearance and erratic behavior that makes one think he is truly insane. One thing that is found to be disappointing is the fact that Alice is less curious and more doubtful and intent on reason. Although she still is still rather imaginative, she seems mainly skeptical throughout the entire movie. Alice is more stern and mature as she searches for an answer to the nonsense that is Wonderland. It??™s a very different take on the original Alice who is depicted to be younger and more curious to the world that surrounds her.
So why does everyone love Alice in Wonderland so much It??™s hard to believe that a book of nonsense has become such a phenomenon throughout time. Alice??™s ???mad??? world allows imagination and dreams to flow. It gives readers a chance to fall down the rabbit hole to a world of wonder and magic that may nearly seem impossible in real life.


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