Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution
If a difference of opinion, disparity of the assigned project, an issue or argument arises within team discussions, each member will attempt to address all issues in a mature, professional manner. Each team member should be sure to communicate with respect at all times even when resolving conflict. The team has agreed to the following, if the team is unable to come to a consensus over how to proceed on a project, the team leader will make the decision. If no input or input is too late, the responsible team member will not have his name placed on title page. If and when a conflict or problem arises, the team member should be contacted and the members??™ involved should work to come to a compromise. If the conflict or problem is unable to be resolved, an emergency team meeting will be called. The team meeting will be held either in person, by phone or by Yahoo or MSN messenger. The team meeting will allow each member involved in the conflict to speak, uninterrupted, about his or her viewpoint of the problem. The team members not involved in the conflict will act as mediators to develop a solution to the problem that will be immediately implemented. If mediation is not successful, and the team decides that the situation is not able to be resolved; they will elect to go through an arbitrator who will be the immediate faculty advisor. The professor will be advised of the situation from a team member that is not directly involved in the conflict by phone or by e-mail within 24 hours of an unresolved issue.
Any resolution or decision agreed upon by the teams??™ members and arbitrator will be final and binding in accordance to the policies of the University of Phoenix. Once the decision has been made the team and arbitrator will meet again in five days to review how well the resolve is working. If all is working well and the team how shown productivity, the job of the arbitrator is complete and the team members move on to completing the next task at hand.
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