Export Marketing Strategy Overview Marketing Essay

Mori, Neema, Implications of the Marketing Strategy for Exporting MSEs from Developing Economies ( November 18, 2009 ) . Available at SSRN: hypertext transfer protocol: //ssrn.com/abstract=1507046. Retrieved on 05-11-2010.

Selling schemes are agencies by which houses respond to competitory market conditions ( Cavusgil & A ; Zou, 1994 ) . The export selling schemes discussed are focused on the four elements of marketing mix, i.e. the merchandise, pricing, topographic point ( distribution ) and publicity.

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Merchandise scheme

Developing a merchandise scheme is of import towards heightening the public presentation of house in an export market. In order to set up the “ entire ” offer of a merchandise, Hollensen ( 2001 ) identified three dimensions of a merchandise. The first dimension is the Core merchandise benefits. This includes the functional characteristics, perceived values and engineering. The 2nd dimension is merchandise properties. This refers to the trade name name, quality degree, packaging, and design. The 3rd dimension of a merchandise is support services – this includes bringing, installing, warrants and after sale services. To heighten understanding, Figure 3.1 illustrates the dimensions of a merchandise.

Figure 3.1 Dimensions of a merchandise

Beginning: Beginning: Kotler, ( 2004 )

Surveies have identified that merchandise properties which enhance export public presentation are merchandise design, quality, guarantee, client services, merchandise strength and version ( Miesenbock 1988 ; Zou 1998 ; Leonidou, Katsikeas et Al. 2002 ; Mohamed, Ahmed et Al. 2002 ; Nazar and Saleem, 2009 choose the mention available frm the pdf! ! ! ! ! ) .

Monetary value scheme

Pricing is really of import because all other three elements of the selling mix leads to be, the lone beginning of net income to a house is through gross which is influenced by the pricing policy ( Zou 1998 ; Hollensen 2001 ) . Pricing in foreign markets are more complex because they are being influenced by extra external factors such as fluctuations in exchange rate ( Mori, 2009 ) . For illustration, the currency used in dealing, the exporter ‘s currency, importer ‘s currency or a strong international currency.

Surveies have identified that houses that are able to follow their pricing schemes to the international markets are more successful in international markets than houses that do non ( Williams 2007 ; Bello 2009 ) . The surveies further identified that houses that are able to derive economic systems of graduated table will sell their merchandises at lower monetary values. Selling at lower monetary values will enable houses to perforate in a foreign market particularly where the clients are sensitive to monetary values ( leonidou, Katsikeas et Al. 2002 ; Nazar & A ; Saleem 2009 ) .

Topographic point scheme ( Distribution )

Topographic point scheme ( distribution ) refers to organized web of bureaus that link and makes a merchandise available to clients ( Hollensen, 2001 ) . A channel is used to do a merchandise and services available in a convenient location to a client ( topographic point ) , the channel makes the merchandise available when the client wants it ( clip ) , packages or recycle the merchandises into a signifier that a client can utilize ( signifier ) , and provides advice about the merchandise and its properties ( information ) ( Styles, 1994 ) .

Exporting to a foreing market requires distribution channel that will be used to acquire to merchandises to the mark clients. Establishing effectual channel of distribution will heighten the public presentation of houses in a foreign market. The ground is that channels involves relationships and the accomplishments at pull offing these relationships will find on the public presentation of houses in a foreign market. Firms that set up the right channels of distribution are more successful because when goods cross boundary lines, the rubric is transferred to other individuals in a foreign market, it becomes hard for a house to command its goods in a foreign market.

Firms use direct and indirect exporting to sell their merchandises in foreign markets. Direct exportation as the name implies, refers to export house who straight contact foreign purchasers and sell straight to clients or arrange for houses in the foreign markets to move as their agents or distributers for their merchandises. Selling straight to a mark foreign market gives exporting houses control of the merchandise selling, agents and distributers. The hereafter returns are higher compared to current returns when utilizing indirect export, nevertheless houses with resource restraints will hard to follow this procedure.

Indirect exporting requires the usage of export mediators who can be export merchandisers, export agents and export co-op ( Refaˆ¦ ! ! ! ) . Export merchandisers buy the goods form the manufacturer and export them to a foreign market. Export agents export the goods to a foreign market on behalf of the house and in return gets a committee. Export co-ops use specific bureaus established to export merchandises to international market. For illustration, this medium is used in exporting agricultural merchandises from less developed states ( Burca, Flectcher et al. , 2004 ) . Furthermore, another signifier of indirect exportation is piggybacking ( Terpstra & A ; Chow-ming, 1990 cited by Mori, 2009 ) . This refers to indirect exporting utilizing the installations and channels of more experient exporter to acquire entree to come in a mark foreign market. The advantage of utilizing export mediator is that houses do non hold to pass clip developing webs for a foreign market. However utilizing export mediator does non give a steadfast sum control over their merchandises in a foreign market and besides houses have little over the concluding monetary value.

Promotional schemes

Promotion is a major agencies of communicating in a foreign market that involves the transmittal of message from a house to its mark clients ( Hollensen, 2001 ) . Communication schemes used by houses are: advertisement which involves non personal presentation through any paid medium ; personal merchandising which involves direct communicating between purchaser and marketer, and gross revenues publicity which is a technique to excite short term response ( Burca, flectcher et.al. 2004 ) .

The above discussed selling mix variables are of import in developing a house ‘s selling strategiesaˆ¦ .

4.5 challenges to selling mix

Challenges related to selling scheme are the major barriers faced by exporting houses ( Fillis, 2000 ; Leonidou 2004 ; Lloyd-Reason, Damyanov et al. , 2004 ) . Marketing schemes influences a house ‘s export public presentation, hence if a house faces job with its selling schemes, there will be opportunities of neglecting in a foreign market taking to hapless export public presentation. This subdivision will discourse the selling mix challenges faced by exporting houses.

challenges related to Product

Developing new merchandises to accommodate foreign markets – surveies have indicated that many houses consider exporting as a concern activity to absorb extra production ( Leonidou, 2004 ; Williams, 2007 ) . With the purpose of exporting extra production, houses are loath to develop new merchandises for specific foreign market demands. However houses exporting houses are non ever successful with this scheme because the penchants of clients in a foreing market are different from their domestic market ( Bauerschmidt, Sullivan et al. , 1985 ) . A related survey on this by Fillis ( 2000 ) found out that many exporter produce what they want and non the demand of their clients believing that some merchandises have humanistic disciplines which do non necessitate to be seen from the client ‘s point of position but from the manufacturers view. The ability of non developing new merchandise s is contributed by deficiency of managerial expertness, absence of research and development capablenesss and limited fiscal resources ( Leonidou 2004 ; Williams, 2007 ) . the solution to cut down this job is for houses to organize strategic confederation with other houses who have expertise in developing new and advanced products. ! ! ! ! Complete with relevant citationaˆ¦ .

Product quality criterions and specifications – most foreign markets have their quality criterions and specifications, the ability of houses to run into these ordinances seem a large challenge. The criterions and specifications are put in topographic point by authoritiess in foreign markets in order to protect the wellness and safety of consumers and to protect their endeavors ( Sullivan & A ; Bauerschmidt, 1989 ) . Meeting these ordinances is disputing to exporting houses as mentioned earlier, houses would wish to export same merchandise and would non wish to do any accommodations. However, the ability of directors to run into these ordinances will better the quality of their merchandise and heighten export public presentation ( Bello, 2009 ) .

Product design and manner – the features of a foreign market are different from the place market. For illustration, different client penchants, merchandise use, and other socio-cultural differences. Sing these foreign market features to requires exporting houses to accommodate its merchandise to run into the manner and design of a mark foreign market. Adaptation of a merchandise to the features of a foreign market will heighten merchandise credence and increase gross revenues than standardising in all markets ( Eowpittayakul, 2007 ) .

Packaging and labeling – packaging is really of import to heighten safety during transit, storage and handling. Ramaseshan and Souter ( 1996 ) found that hapless packaging was the ground why most merchandises deteriorated during transit. Furthermore, most foreign markets require specific information written in a peculiar linguistic communication illustration, termination day of the month, ingredients and weight. Other factors like symbols, images and colourss need to be adapted to run into the features of a foreign market. The version of the packaging and labeling to the gustatory sensations and penchants of a mark foreign market may be clip devouring and expensive, it is necessary to heighten the success of houses in an export market ( Ramaseshan & A ; Soutar, 1996.

Supplying proficient, client attention and after gross revenues services – houses offer these services to heighten the client serviceability of their merchandises. However, the trouble and hold in offering these services arises from the big geographic distance between exporters and their foreign clients. Directors need to go to foreign markets and set up service Stationss. This is disputing to export houses sing the homo and fiscal resources. The advantages of foreign visits gives directors the chance to larn the environment, acquire new clients and set up webs that will be of high value to a house ‘s future export public presentation ( Piercy et al.,1996 ; Okpara & A ; Kumbiadis, 2008 ) .

Challenges related to pricing

Puting appropriate monetary values – exporting are associated with costs such as merchandise version, transit cost, duties and revenue enhancements, cost associated with distribution and administrative costs ( Terpstra & A ; Sarathy, 2000 ) . All these costs supposed to reflect on the monetary value of a merchandise in a foreign market. There are instances where these costs will take to higher monetary values and will act upon low gross revenues particularly for monetary value sensitive clients. Low pricing can be used to perforate a foreign market nevertheless this scheme may non be favourable for a longer period. To cut down high pricing, exporting houses may follow more direct distribution channel, and cheaper merchandise versions nevertheless house may hold a alone merchandise that will run in niche market to bear down higher monetary values ( Moen, 1999 ; Fillis, 2000 ) .

Trouble to fit rival ‘s monetary value – exportation houses face the challenges of fiting the monetary values of their rivals in foreign markets. This job arises from factors like exchange rates, higher revenue enhancements in foreign market to imported merchandises in order to protect their place endeavors, distribution and logistics ( Piercy et al. , 1996 ) . These factors will take export houses towards bear downing higher monetary values more than its rivals and hence loose gross revenues. To minimise this job, exporter should run in niche markets.

Recognition policy – exportation houses face troubles in finding which recognition policy to offer their foreign clients who buy on recognition and might desire to pay after a certain period of clip. Credit hazards tend to be greater for foreign clients who have no past experience with the exporting house and clients from states with unstable political and economic environments ( Korth, 1991 ) . To minimise the hazard, export firma rely on their webs abroad to help in managing debitors. Surveies have identified that export houses that are able to offer recognition policies have opportunities of acquiring higher net income by bring forthing larger and better satisfied client base ( Katsikeas et al. , 2002 ) .

Challenges related to distribution

Having entree to distribution channels – export houses that use direct export are faced the challenges of deriving entree to distribution channels in foreign markets ( Leonidou, 2004 ; Williams, 2007 ) . Firms can minimise this job by piggybacking on established channel of another exporter selling complementary goods ( Terpstra & A ; Chow-ming, 1990 cited by Mori, 2009 ) and seeking the aid of export direction companies.

Delivery clip – exportation houses face the challenges of presenting their merchandises on clip. The ability to present on clip is among the key provider choice standards used by importing houses ( Katsikeas et al. , 2002 ) aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ …

Control of in-between work forces –

Challenges related to publicity –

Adjusting promotional activities – challenges associated with advertisement are associated with cultural differences, aˆ¦

Removed frm proposition chapter

Standardization requires no alteration of a merchandise when being exported to a foreign market, on the contrary version refers to a merchandise alteration sing the features of a foreign market ( Kotabe & A ; Helsen, 2001 ) .



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