Does Reality Really Matter in Cosi

April 30, 2017 General Studies

Louis Nowra??™s play cosi is forced around the delusion of the ???insane??? patients of the 1970??™s mental institution. Nowra forces us to determine that reality does not matter in cosi but in fact creates a illusion that this fantasy in fact reality for both ???sane??™ and ???insane??™ characters. Nowra demonstrates this through the creation of the cosi play where he forces the audience to examine the nature of reality. He explores the reality through the insane characters showing the readers that the reality does not matter for the patients but helps them escape and cope with the reality and lastly Nowra demonstrates that reality is unique for every person and often people slip into illusions in order to avoid the truth.

The creation of the Cosi play is not real but rather an illusion where Nowra forces us to examine the nature of reality. He portrays this through the work of the ???sane??? character Lewis, where lewis a ???confused??™ and ???uncomfortable??? university student and director enters a place where reality is perplexed while working with the ???mad??™ he starts to find his identity and what is really important in society. He becomes emotionally involved and to value the meaning of love and fidelity and the importance of friendship. As readers we see the value of friendship grow in lewis where he becomes loyal and respectful towards the patients when he decided not to got to the moratorium with his disloyal friends nick and lucy, but to stay with his patients since ???they really need him??? for the production of the ???cosi fun tutte??? play. As a result Nowra positions the readers and Lewis that working in a place where illusions are seem to be ???normal??? or natural we as readers and Lewis soon discovers that??? they are in many ways ordinary people that can do extrandary things??? Nowra creates this understanding of value of friendship and love and fidelity to position the audience for the todays society to be more understanding of what is important in life and that no matter what we believe reality is, it simply does not matter in fact it can transform people in into ???extandiary things???

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Nowra explores reality through the ???insane??? characters showing the readers that reality does not matter for them but helps them escape and cope with their reality. Nowra demonstrates this through zac and roy which the play and the mental intuition is about creating and escaping from reality where they ??? cant stand real things. But if they could put up with reality they wouldn??™t be in the mental institution???. Although for other characters where they hate the ???wards because they are not fully dark??? like Juile , the mental intuitions closes them in, but putting on the play allows them to break free from reality. Nowra shows the audience that no matter how ???sane or insane??? you are, creating illusions or make believe stories such as roy??™s childhood memories can be as much as a life saver to many and escape reality.

Nowra demonstrates that reality is unique for every person and often people slip into illusions in order to avoid the truth. Nowra suggest that although they may have been completely ???normal??? those considered to be ???insane??? still possess great insight that ???normal??? people may overlook. ???cosi??™ reminds readers of the farce of mental asylum shunned by 1970??™s society, However Nowra writes this play to make the audience today believe that the sane is very much like the insane a visa versa. Nowars shows this through lewis when deluded himself into believing that Lucy was faithful. Nowra also portrays this through Nicks aggressive nature when it cames out depicting the chaos outside due to t the political and humanity values of 1970??™s values. Where the audience would sterotype the patients to act this way but we clearly see they don??™t. As a result The decision made by Lewis as he observes and partakes between the two worlds both outside and inside, provides him with a decision, forcing the audience to consider the values of the sane world in the 1970??™s to consider their own morals and values.

In conclusion , Nowra demonstrates to the society of 1970??™s an for now that no matter if you are ???sane or Insane???, reality really does not matter because in the end its reality for you which can perhaps can transform and assist someone


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