Does Red Bull Really Give You Wings

May 1, 2017 Sports

Does Red Bull really give you wings

Is Red Bull the ultimate energy drink I believe Red Bull would like to think so. In this world, we have a fast paced economy with a capitalists notion that time is money, we don??™t have time to question if Red Bull really does give us wings. We do have time to watch television though, and what does it tell us about Red Bull. From television, we know that it is an energy drink, and it apparently makes you smarter and you can fly. Right Does television play that big a role in our life, that we do what the ???idiot box??? tells us to do. I was once in the dark, thinking that Red Bull did contrary to the simple design on the can, boosting our energy to an all time high. Has anyone ever stopped to look to see if it really boosts up our energy and stimulate our mind, like the little cartoons on t.v. say Because I havent until now.
Red Bull was discovered by Dietrich Mateshitz in 1984. He got the idea in 1982, when he became aware of this thing called ???tonic drinks??? which were the craze over in Asia. He started selling Red Bull over in Austria in 1987, moving on to Hungary in 1992. Today, Red Bull ???energizes??? over 70 countries around the globe, with more the 1 billion cans consumed each year. There are about 150 energy drinks world wide, so the question is, why red bull Well, Red Bull costs ranges from $2 to $3 for a mere 8-oz can. Just to put this into perspective, a bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi (2 Liters) goes for $2.35 at a local grocery store. So, Red Bull isn??™t chosen for the price. Maybe, Red Bull tastes really good that is probably it. Well if you have ever tasted it, it seriously taste like ass, it??™s disgusting. Everyone will definitely agree with me. Well, I got it now, Red Bull is good for you, and actually increases your energy. Well, 1/8 of the can is purely sugar, and with 80 mg of caffeine (1 cup of coffee) it increases our awareness, because it??™s an ultimate sugar high, containing 27 grams of sugar. Also, Red Bull is an energy drink not a sports drink, this causes dehydration in your body. So, now we figured out that not only is it expensive, doesn??™t taste good, and it is known addictive stimulant which dehydrates you, then why the hell are people drinking Red Bull.

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