Dog Attacks (Speech)

May 4, 2017 Law

The topic i chose for my speech is dog attacks , I chose this because as a child I was attacked by a dog and since then I have believed in tougher laws and restrictions on dogs. The three main questions I will answer in my speech today will be , Are dogs that are mistreated or bred for fighting the main cause of them attacking humans My second question is should all vicious dogs such as pit-bulls owners have to under go special training for themselves and their dogs to stop attacks Finally , should dogs deemed to be dangerous have to be on a leash and/or muzzled in all public areas In the past 2 years there has been an increase in organised dog fighting and with that so has the number of reported dog attacks.
According to a research website last year 460 people went to hospital with a dog related injury and 5 have died since 1967 from a dog related injury , is this a coinsidence or were these deaths preventable

On the New Zealand S.P.C.A website it read To provoke a dog a child could playfully pull its tail and if the dog feels threatened regardless of the reason they can become a very real threat to anyone.
If owners of vicious dogs has to under go special training from themselves and their dogs they could have greater control over them which would stop attacks like the one where a man was set upon by two pit-bulls while their owner watched in horror as here dogs seriously injured this man but she did not know what to do to stop her dogs.
This man said If these dog owners that chose to own these dangerous dogs did some sort of training to learn what to do in these situations , they could easily be prevented or stoped with the knowledge they could gain from a training course Other things like being on leash or even muzzled in public areas could stop attacks. Dangerous dogs in places where children are playing can also become a problem.
3 news interveiwed a man who was recently attacked he said that there needs to be a certain law that all dogs in public areas should be on a leash or muzzled to keep them form coming into contact with the public.

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In my research i learnt that it was not only thr increase in organised dog fighting but also the lack of skills and experience of the owners themselves.


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