June 1, 2017 Music

Doors are important because everyday you open a door whether its a door to your school, mind ,or heart. Even though doors dont seem that significant they must be because they are a part of basically every bodys day. Sometimes opening a door can be a challenge especially if its to someone Elses mind or heart, because then you have to have that person trust you and you have to be understanding.

One of the most important doors to me is my bedroom door. My bedroom door is significant because I use it a lot . When Im having a bad day I can go in my room and shut the door, and know it will be quiet and its my space to think, laugh or cry to myself if I need too. Or if Im doing my homework and I need to concentrate, the first thing I do is go into my room and shut the door and do what I have to get done. If I am in my room I usually leave my doors open so people feel free to come in when they please. But when my door is shut it means you should probably knock or just leave me alone because I usually dont want to be bothered.

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My door to my room opens up to my think space it my space to do whatever I feel like doing. When Im in my room I can imagine anything because its my own little private space I can think what I want or express myself anyway I want to. My door makes it ten times better because if I didnt have my door I would feel like have no privacy. Say for example, one day I wasnt having a good day so I went in my room shut my door, laid in my bed and watch a movie until I was feeling better. I wasnt bothered because my door was shut. Sometimes after school I enjoy going into my room and just listening to music loud to get my mind off things, but without my door shut my mom and everyone else in my house would get annoyed of my music but when my door is shut you cant really hear it.

Another door I use basically everyday is the door to my mind. When I need to concentrate on something is when I use the door to my mind the most. Sometime in class I will drift off and look out the window that means Im not paying attention and my mind is not open to what Im doing. In school I always try to keep my mind open open so i take in everything Im been taught. Like at the end of the day I have to open my mind to think of what I have to bring home for homework.

After I get home from school I need a break so I usually try to close the door and stop concentrating so much so I can have some free time before I do my homework. Another time I use the door to my mind is when Im talking with someone, and I really need them to understand what Im saying or if their understanding me I try to share as much as I can and take in what theyre telling me. Its good to have an open mind because youre open to trying different things and you not so judgmental. But it is also good to shut it and give it a break sometimes.The door to my mind is very important to me.

Doors are used Im many different ways. They can symbolize privacy, or your understanding of things. Doors are used in everybody day more than once so they have to be important.


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