Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse

June 3, 2017 Management

Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse

IT 205

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Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse

The problem that Dorfman Pacific has is they still use too much paperwork to process orders and they are disorganized. The order pickers are spending too much time going from one end to get the orders then the other end to fill the order then they move it to the packing area in the warehouse where they hand over the paper work to that department. This is where they box up the orders, label the box, and ship it to the customer.

The One solution to this problem that I would try is a complete overhaul of the technology in our warehouse. I want to eliminate the paper systems and replace them with wireless technology.
By doing this pickers could carry mobile devices that receive data telling them where to go, what to pick, and where to bring the merchandise using the most efficient route (Axia, Building Information Systems and Managing Projects,? 2009). Have labels that are printed so they could be easily read. These could be put on all the bins, shelves, and products. This would make the warehouse easier to manage and keep organized.

The solution that best suites our company is to go wireless because the wireless technology will keep our company??™s departments all informed at the same time. By keeping all the items and locations organized it will be easier to scan with a wireless scanner being sent to all the departments instantly sharing the product that is being scanned. This will save so many unnecessary man hours and we would not have to rely on temporary workers. We will be more organized, efficient, and up to date. This is the advantage of wireless networking, handhelds and scanners, bar codes, and streamlined shipping and receiving procedures. (Axia, Building Information Systems and Managing Projects,? 2009) All product inventories are effortlessly tracked and there would be no paper floating around the warehouse getting misplaced.

The new wireless technology system was designed according to the business and then all the hardware was purchased and the software for the wireless system was purchased. The hardware and software was tested so that it would work throughout the whole warehouse. Next is to train employees on the new procedures and system. Then finally evaluate the technology and see if the wireless technology is going to work like it is supposed to.

The system-building methods used by Dorfman were to analysis the system to determine what kind of system was needed, design a system to fit the business, programming the system into the current system in the business, test the program, convert over to the new system, and finally production management to keep everything up to date. (Axia, Building Information Systems and Managing Projects,? 2009)


Axia, Building Information Systems and Managing Projects. (2009). Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse. Retrieved from Axia, Building Information Systems and Managing Projects, IT 205 website.


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