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April 15, 2019 Music

5.0 Recommendation
There are some limitations we found for Darlie toothpaste. The first problem is lack of authoritative. From our observation, we realized that Darlie’s TV commercial only invited some nameless artists to introduce the function and details of toothpaste. This leads consumers to lose their confidence in the brand. So in our opinion, we think that the company needs to change beliefs about products to alter the consumers’ attitudes towards the product. Shiffman (2015) states that changing consumers’ attitude concentrates on changing product beliefs or perceptions are more efficient because some high dogmatism consumers tend to be more receptive to the advertisement that contains appeals from an authoritative figure. Therefore, we suggest that the company can be filming an experiment and invite some dentistry experts to promote their toothpaste. This is a way to increase consumers’ confidence toward the product.

Apart from this, we discover that Darlie toothpaste has less attractive to the consumers, especially generation X and Y. This is because Darlie toothpaste is a brand that more traditional and old-fashioned compared to the competitors. The company can change the brand image. Shiffman (2015) states that changing brand image consists of attempting to alter consumers’ overall assessment of the brand. The classical conditioning is viewed as an automatic response that builds up through repeated exposure and reinforcement. So about this problem, the company can create a brand representative song by using brisk music and keep playing the song in the advertisement to reinforce the positive feeling for audiences. Besides that, this way can enhance the awareness for audience toward the brand. For example, the song ‘Dream Dream Dream’ by Lion Systema Toothbrush.Besides that, we also found that Darlie toothpaste is using some traditional promotion ways to promote its products, such as advertising, sales promotion, and internet marketing. Therefore, we suggest that the company can develop new promotion tool like personal promoting. Different from advertising, personal promoting is the direct correspondence between salesperson and consumer. The personal advice in promoting focuses extra regarding consumers’ specific want yet scenario than alternative promotional tools. The salesperson can be in contact with target consumers through phone and e-mail according to recognize their desires and then hand over services. It is more favorable and flexible. Aside from that, personal promoting is proper to obtain comments to alter the types of products in accordance with distinct needs. For example, if a person who has bad breath and sensitive problem, selling the Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect Strong Mint toothpaste. Thus, it can enhance consumers’ loyalty to the brand.

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Next, we think that Darlie company can evoke a new unfulfilled need through developing a new product by progress particular taste and function of toothpaste according to consumers’ dental health and taste selection. After that, the company can urge consumers to buy the product by conduct a promotion activity. For example, giving free specimens and packets that can be used. The company may promote the toothpaste in the groceries by way of putting an experience area to attract consumers.

Consumers nowadays do not have much thought and information about the low-involvement products such as toothpaste and toothbrush. So that we recommend Darlie company promotes the product through message imagery. For example, they can invite celebrity endorsement of their product and provides subjective knowledge through advertisement. The company can keep repetition of the promotion and information of the product to alter consumers’ attitude too. Darlie was targeting mass market and advertisement is an important part of forming consumers’ attitude.


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