5. Calvinistic strain in Hawthorne’s work that

March 28, 2019 Religion

5. There is, despite his skepticism, a Calvinistic strain in Hawthorne’s work that can be perceived in his distrust of human nature. For Melville the blackness in his works derives from its appeals to the Calvinistic sense of innate depravity. From his comments as an ‘intruder’ in the story, we can know that for the author human nature was a mixture of good and evil, therefore unreliable. The depiction of the devil’s speech as an inner discourse in Brown’s consciousness shows Hawthorne’s beliefs in an instinct to evil nested in human nature. Puritanism and the negative consequences of its intolerance may have created complexes and a disturbed relationship with religion and moral in the inheritors of this way of understanding religious faith and moral behaviour, including Hawthorne.


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