5 tips on how to survive in the jungle

By August 19, 2018 General Studies

According to Cabase (n. d), there are five simple tips you can follow to increase your chance of survival and protect yourself against dangers in nature. The first thing that you should worry about is deciding where to go. There are three ways for you to decide your direction which is observing the sun to determine the west and east are, creating and improvised compass by using metal hair clip or needle and lastly by studying the overall environment.

Having a compass does increase you chance of surviving but if fails, look at vegetation area on how plant react to get the sunlight or search for river and follow it the most important thing is always be ready to any consequences. Furthermore being resourcefulness is a must if you want to survive in the jungle. This is because we need food, water and shelter. The natural way to get water is by making hole on the bamboo and collect water accumulate on leaves or tree branch by licking it. Fruits are your best options for food but make sure it is edible to eat. Besides, try to hunt for animals and always bring survival tools on trips and hikes.

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Next, the third tips is build a camp. Do not ever sleep on the ground. You need to search for a tree with sturdy branches, decide on a good spot where its branches are closely together than platform can be created. Gather three fallen branches which are strong enough to support your weight. Caves also can be a good shelter but do not forget to create fire to prevent wild animals from reaching you. Cabase (n. d. ) also state that the fourth tips is never give up. Surviving in a jungle does not only require physical and emotional strength but it also require patience especially hunting for food in order to survive.

Remember that you will fail if you quit trying. The last tips is have faith in Him. Keep in mind that He is always by your side. If you feel alone and confused, pray and ask for guidance. Although the tips mentioned earlier will help you survive, it is still all up to you whether you’ll end up successful or not. As a conclusion, survivor need to applied the tips which are know your directions, be resourceful, build a camp, never give up and have faith in Him to survive in the jungle. Reference:


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