Practical Guidelines For Peace Education Essay

Looking at the given subjects for this essay, I could non happen any subject that I could compose any length about ; they all seemed instead cloudy to me. Thus I decide to compose on my ain subject, where I show my observations on what could increase the degree of peace in this universe. I do non hold any conclusive replies ; there are simply ideas of mine, which I have formed after detecting this universe.

Any program for peace must take into history human nature ; cloudy, namby-pamby “ Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s love everybody ” -type programs are destined for failure. Attempts to make a perfect Utopia have failed in the yesteryear: Puritan New England, Communist states, and Utopian communes like New Harmony, Indiana. After all, we, by our evolved nature, are selfish and seeking our best involvements ; nil will alter that. However, we can alter our environment, so that force and warfare no longer serves our best involvements ; I do non believe we can extinguish warfare wholly, but we can cut down its degrees, and more rapidly decide violent struggles.

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The first guideline is to make copiousness. When every adult male and adult female can afford to acquire adequate Calories, foods and H2O to be healthy, a shelter, even a simple one-room flat, and at least basic wellness attention, there will be fewer battles as people no longer contend to fulfill basic demands. I think such life conditions are possible, with technological advancement ; improved farming techniques to give higher harvests, medical progresss, etc. The dark side of copiousness is that it creates overpopulation as people are able to reproduce more ; a likely solution is better and cheaper preventives and incentive plans. A job of copiousness of nutrient is that it creates fleshiness ; I do non hold good thoughts on how to work out this ; nevertheless, instruction on nutrition and technological progresss that result in cheaper AND healthier nutrient.

The 2nd guideline is to make more fluid and mutualist societal groups. Much combat has resulted from societal groups that are excessively insulated and tightly knit. These groups begin to organize biass about each other. Besides, we must further mutuality between groups, in order to cut down the grounds for struggle. After all, if you were a member of a hunter-gatherer folk, other hunter-gatherer folks are mere competition: if they hunt more animate beings, your group has less to eat. But in developed society, every adult male is specialized and has a function. Therefore, the solution is to hold people organize looser communities and have each person belong to more than one group ; in fact, this is how society is structured in developed states ( with the exclusion of poorer communities. )

Human existences are inherently tribal ; this world we can non get away. So let us hold more civil signifiers of competition between groups: athleticss or courtroom conflicts alternatively of contending on the battleground. Many immature male childs in poorer parts of the universe are indoctrinated in the glorification of contending and deceasing on the battleground, allow us learn them the benefits of more civilised struggle.

There are many more possible solutions, but we must maintain a dosage of pragmatism here. We can non wholly extinguish war ; aggressive struggle existed of all time since the first bacteria Ate another. And the hereafter is non predictable: no 1 knows how our current struggles will be resolved, and what new signifiers of struggles will originate in the hereafter. But we are non mindless bacteriums: we are animate and perspicacious worlds, and we can alter our behaviour if we choose to. In the age of the H bomb and the $ 10 do-it-yourself terrorist, we must command our aggressive thrusts or otherwise destroy humanity.



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