The Godfathers Opening Scene Film Studies Essay

The Godfather ( 1972 ) , Francis Ford Coppola ‘s Academy-Award winning movie, received the Best Actor ( Marlon Brando ) , Best Picture, and Best Adapted Screenplay awards. It has been in the lists of the greatest movies of all time directed. Furthermore, The Godfather II received of import congratulations from critics, and like the first film, the 2nd one received the Oscar for Best Picture ( Citron, 2010 ) . The movie ‘s scenario was taken from Mario Puzo ‘s novel with the same rubric ( The Godfather ) .

One of the impressive scenes of the movie is the gap scene which had a profound affect on me and made me watch the film till the terminal. The opening scene starts with a close-up shooting of Bonasera ‘s face who tells the narrative about his girl. She was assaulted and beaten by her American fellow and his friend who were released without traveling to imprison. Begging Don Corleone, Bonasera now pleads for justness. The angle is in eye-level shooting and it gives the sense of the histrion speaking to witnesss because he starts stating, “ I believe in America. America has made my luck. And I raised my girl in the American manner. I gave her freedom but I taught her ne’er to disgrace her familyaˆ¦ ” It is really usual to believe this manner as in the docudramas. However, subsequently when the camera moves rearward with slow rapid climb, we can see the pleading histrion better, and we give the scene a different significance with little and slow intimations uncovering other people in the darkened room. Here, we can detect fast stock use to give a sense of realistic or documental movies. “ Gordon Willis take images of the Godfather who is celebrated for his low-level lighting thaumaturgy. ( Giannetti, 2008. ) “ The lighting emphasizes the dishonesty of this dark life.

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First we see a manus of a individual to whom Bonesara negotiations and when he starts shouting we see a manus coming out of the darkness which gives him a glass of whiskey. The manager shows the significance of the character from the darkness which triggers the enigma of the character and creates inquiries in the witnesss ‘ heads about what he might be believing. ( Phillips, 2004 ) .

Once the backward whizzing ends we can see Don Corleone inside the frame but from his dorsum. The zooming progresses so easy that we can detect and absorb easy what is go oning in the scene. This slow and long rapid climb is controlled with a computing machine rapid climb lens which was designed by Tony Karp. In the gap scene, the pleading histrion ‘s face fills the whole frame which shows us the significance of the histrion. However subsequently, when the camera zooms back easy we notice another character ( Don Corleone ) in the frame who has more importance because both characters become smaller boulder clay one manus of Don Corleone fills the foreground in the frame. Furthermore, we realize the importance of Don Corleone from Bonasera ‘s pleading and inquiring for justness from him. This scene would be impossible to hit with other rapid climb controls because of its slow gesture and the lens place. When a traveling scene is shot from one point to another, the manager or cameraman should pull off the velocity of the lens and where to set the lens which is the angle of the camera. However, when it is done with computing machine, it becomes easier. The manager should merely analyse where to put the lens during the scene. Then he or she should come in the start and terminal points to the computing machine, and find how many proceedingss the scene should take between two points. Subsequently, the computing machine will calculate out the right place for the lens. The manager should merely come in the needed information into the computing machine.

In add-on to histrions, camera motion, and lighting, the sound and duologues are besides of import elements for the opening scene of The Godfather. Before the scene appears, the movie starts with an instrumental vocal. It gives the sense of enigma, concern, fright, solitariness, and hence we realize all dark sides of life which is shown in the movie from the really get downing with its soundtrack to supply the Mafia film. At the beginning of the scene, when Bonasera talks about what happened to his girl, other histrions listen to do audiences inquire about what the other character thinks. Subsequently, when he talks, the audience can analyze the significance of the characters from their duologues because Don Corleone humiliates Bonasera with his words stating, “ You come to me, inquiring for justness but without regard and you even do non name me Godfather. You come to my place and inquiring to slay person in return of money. ” Here, the audience might believe Corleone humiliates the hapless male parent but as their duologue continues it shows that the Godfather lone wants justness even if he kills person it is merely for justness. Another of import facet in this scene is that by stressing the right words while speaking, the duologues become more meaningful. For illustration, Corleone, emphasizes his importance stating, “ Why did you travel to the constabulary? Why did n’t you come to me foremost? ” First he tells constabulary and so emphasizes himself more to demo Bonasera that what he did was incorrect. Besides, to intensify the attending to his words, Corleone sometimes coughs deliberately, or delaies for a minute to take a deep breath and so negotiations. The duologues might be every bit simple as in day-to-day life, nevertheless, the dramatic state of affairs of the movie adds more influential significance to the scene as in my illustration above about inquiring for justness to Corleone.

In decision, the mise en scene is really of import in this film to make and expose the life of Mafia which is displayed every bit convenient as possible with really deep focused inside informations. For illustration, at the beginning of the movie, when Bonasera calls, person gives him a glass of whiskey instead so H2O or tissue. This shows how elaborate the manager thought about the lives of Mafias. The thought is to pacify the character ‘s pique and this thought is used in some other parts excessively, with same ground. Furthermore, A Mafia male parent ‘s function who ever protects his household from everything and shows strict governing with his personal appeal is besides one of the effectual ways of this movie.



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