The Marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert

Marriage of Queen Victoria To Prince Albert:

Queen Victoria is the longest Britain harnessing sovereign that came to throne at the aged 18 after her uncle William IV decease in 1837. In her reign the British Empire was the largest imperium of all time and it includes a batch of states such as Australia, Newzeland Rhodesia, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, and several islands in the West Indies.

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Queen Victoria and her hubby prince Albert had a particular matrimony as they had much love between each other and understanding. Prince Albert was her cousin they foremost met in 1836 ; they got engaged in 1839 through his visit to England. Prince Albert was born in 1819 in Germany. Albert was the boy of the 2nd duke, he traveled to Britain and at that place he met his married woman, she was about at the same age of Albert. Victoria was non interested in Albert at first, and she was traveling to go the queen, and had to get married from a European royalty. While in 1831 Leopold Albert uncle who was the male monarch of Belgium. Insisted on Albert to near to the queen after two old ages and purposed to her, they got married in 1840 in London. They were photographed as an ideal household of Britain. Albert besides made a familiar tradition he brought trees at Christmas, and it was a tradition in Britain through America. He was intelligent and aspiration to his married woman Victoria. Although she was hesitated to include her hubby in the issues of the province, she finally relied on his advocate and advices more than anyone in the authorities. His sentiments had a certain point of position where political relation was concerned and was extremely developed than his married woman. Queen Victoria had nine kids in her life. She gave birth to four boies and five girls when she was merely 18 old ages.

However, Queen Victoria spends her first two decennary as she was in the province of the gestation. Victoria wrote in her journal of how she didn’t like the babies during her gestation. While Prince Albert loved his kids as Victoria did. As they took attention of their kids instruction, and wanted their royal kids to grew in a extremely respectful manner. Their kids were the first royals in England who went to oxford and Cambridge. Victoria wrote in her journals “a topographic point of our own” . Which she desired to acquire off to a topographic point called Osborne house in 1845 with her darling hubby Albert. It was low and simple comparison to other royal abode ; it was her favourite topographic point to travel with her household. Prince Albert and Victoria were fascinated by the Scots Highlandss. The Balmoral palace was bought by the queen Victoria and Albert in 1852.

The queen was basking dressing her kids half-slips, and have oning Scottish hills while taking long walks. Victoria inclination to Scotland made it as a way, and the bagpipe was really popular between the in-between category of Britain. In another different manner of any royal household, Victoria involved their household toward the growth of the in-between category of Britain because she saw that their life was distant from their moralss and gustatory sensation. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert supported the in-between category attempts such as the finance, the industry, and the technological advancement. Prince Albert was known as a great accomplishment and aspiration individual over Britain. He redesigned the family of the royal to be more effectual and scientific theoretical account. Queen Victoria after being married to Prince Albert for 17 old ages as she was persuade that her hubby had earn the rubric of prince consort during his constitution and place of the authorities beside his sovereignty queen. The British functionary knew that Albert had granted the rubric. In the beginning it was a controversial issue during his matrimony. It was a controversial because she was a queen married to her hubby, while he was without non rubric. Most of the British people were confused about what function Albert will make as he is suppose to be the adult male of the house, and his married woman is his swayer. Victoria took her darling hubby advices and trusted his cognition and judgement. Queen Victoria was a function to Britain, and adult females with great power and traditional advantage of feminine. She was the queen of all Great Britain ; grow overseas of the imperium she was a married woman and female parent with great power and wisdom of her darling hubby.

Death and sequence


Prince Albert was diagnosed with typhoid febrility in 1861, a serious disease that was non considered as a deathly one. His usual wont as he overworked made him weak. Prince Albert had suffered from the disease severely. The hopes for retrieving fade off as he died in 1861 ; the British populace was shocked as he died at the age 42 old ages. While he was fighting on his bed he wanted to assist and decrease the tensenesss that were with the United States through the incident that happened at the sea. The American war vessel stopped the British ship, Trent, and with two seized minister plenipotentiaries from Confederate authorities. Britain has taken it as an abuse from American they wanted to put out a war. Albert from another manus calm down the British authorities as the United States was a friendly province and to put a war was non deserving it.

Queen Victoria was shocked and devastated from her hubby decease. Her love for Prince Albert seemed overly to all the people in Britain, She lived as widow for 40 old ages. She ne’er forgets him as she ever dressed in black it created a portrayal of her. It shows an image of utmost unhappiness of the loved 1s. There’s no uncertainty that Queen Victorian was profoundly in love with her hubby. He was everything to her life and helped her in political relations, and did his function as a respectful adult male. Prince Albert was honored after his decease in a inhumed elaborate mausoleum. Victoria died at the age of 81 old ages old after reigned 63 old ages. While in London the royal Albert hall it was named honouring the Prince Albert. Besides his name was attached beside London Victoria and Albert museum. Equally good as a span that is named from him that crosses the Thames Albert had suggested it in 1860.


Queen Victoria boy king Prince of Wales Edward the seventh he was born in 1841, he succeeded after his female parent decease in 1901, and he became the male monarch of Britain and Ireland. He ruled boulder clay he died in 1910. He was the eldest boy of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, while his attitudes disappointed his female parent. He dropped his instruction in montage. He lived his life with people as gamblers who his female parent was non satisfied of the manner he lived it. After he was crowned as the male monarch of Britain, he frequently visits to Europe and included France as he supported the Anglo French that was signed in 1904 to Russia, and the ternary confederation between France, Britain, and Russia. After a few old ages at that place was a function that was of import in the personal businesss on the happening of World War 1. He wanted to back up the Boer war ground forces. The enlargement of Admiral Fisher the British royal naval forcess included the edifice of the new war vessels. King Edward considered as a aureate age for the upper bed in America, and Europe. As the society changed to the right for adult females to vote, socialism, and the trade brotherhood, the labor party it became a power and constitution of Britain in public assistance province to increase a democratic society. King Edward noticed that he had to demo the importance of the cryptic gaudery of the conditions of monarchy. In 1910 King Edward died at the Buckingham castle because of pneumonia, he was succeeded by George V his 2nd boy.



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