Reviewing The Life Of Judy Garland Film Studies Essay

July 13, 2017 Film Studies

Judy Garland was born Frances Ethel Gumm on June 10, 1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. ( Morley, Front ) Her male parent ran the town theatre and her female parent played the piano for soundless movies. ( Fricke ) Judy ‘s first public presentation was when she was merely three months old. ( Peter ) Her introduction was at a Christmas show on December 26, 1924. ( Fricke ) Judy performed with her sisters. George Jessel changed their name to the Gumm sisters. They performed in Minnesota before traveling to California. The Gumm household moved to California in 1926 and Judy and her sisters made many visual aspects in concerts. ( JGDB ) Garlands ‘ movie introduction was besides with her sisters in 1929 in Starlet Revue. In 1934, Frances Ethel Gumm changed her name to Judy Garland in Chicago. ( Fricke ) In June 1936, Judy recorded her first record, Stompin ‘ at the Savoy/ Swing Mr. Charlie. ( Boyt, Front ) Over the following few old ages, her life had its ups and downs. Judy Garland was married five times. Her first hubby was David Rose and her 2nd hubby was Vincente Minelli. Her 3rd hubby was Sid Luft and her 4th was Mark Herron. Her last hubby was Mickey Deans, ( Fricke ) Judy had three kids, Liza, Lorna, and Joey. Judy had her

foremost babe, Liza, with Vincente Minelli. Lorna Luft was born t O Judy Garland and Sid Luft in 1952. Joey Luft was born to Judy Garland and Sid Luft in 1955. Liza Minelli and Lorna Luft are both successful vocalists. Joe Luft is a lensman. ( Fricke ) Judy had merely two grandchildren. Jesse Cole Richards and Vanessa Jade Richards are her grandchildren. ( Peter )

Judy Garland was terpsichorean, vocalist, and film icon, who shone was many stars did. ( Boyt, Front ) She died, Judy Garland of a drug overdose in London on June 22, 1969, merely 12 yearss after her forty-seventh birthday. Judy had been really ill during the last few old ages of her life. ( Fricke ) Judy Garland was officially 98 lbs and 4’11. Her favourite colour has red. There is besides a rose named after her and several vocals. ( Fricke ) Judy has two stars in the Hollywood walk of celebrity. ( Fricke ) Judy Garland has had many achievements throughout her life.

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Judy Garland was known for her endowment for both vocalizing and moving. Judy Garland started to work at MGM on October 1, 1935 at the age of 13. Her get downing wage was merely $ 100 dollars per hebdomad. Most of Judy ‘s films were really musicals. ( Morley, Front ) Her contract with MGM ended in 1950. Judy Garland was featured in over 43 movies. She had over 11,000 concert public presentations between 1951- 1969. She even had her ain telecasting show, “ The Judyy Garland Show. ” Which aired on CBS. ( Fricke ) Her first films were Starlet Revue and her movies with Mickey Rooney. ( Boyt, Front ) “ Over the Rainbow ” was recorded because MGM need a new figure one hit by Judy Garland. ( Fricke ) Judy Garland has made an impact because she strived for excellence. This is what attracted people.

From the undermentioned quotation mark, this is how she felt most of the clip, but her love for her fans persevered. “ I was a nervous wreck, jumpy and cranky from excessively small sleep and excessively many drugs. I merely could n’t take the phase tenseness. ” – Judy Garland. Known as ‘Little Miss Show Business ” , she will ever be known as Dorothy, in the Black Marias of 1000000s. ( Fricke ) Wizards of Oz did non do her celebrated nevertheless, her personal appeal and appeal did when she took the phase. ( Fricke ) Judy went all out, giving herself to her fans. ( Morley, 9 ) Like Marilyn Monroe, her fate was a life more dramatic from her work, and her visits to the infirmary, that took more clip than her films. Furthermore, we are composing here of a adult female whose Palace Theater Concerts in New York of the early 1950 ‘s set attending records that have still non been broken. ( Fricke ) Judy Garland had the Ability to excite her audiences, allow them unknot in forepart of her. She struck them with a moving ridge of endowment that many had ne’er experienced before. Garland even sang at World War I benefits because they loved her. She wanted to demo support. ( Peter ) Judy ‘s public presentations were no two likewise, every-one with a particular turn to do it a particular experience for every fan. ( Morley, 10 ) Judy Garland made and changed the face of popular amusement everlastingly. ( Morley, 7 ) Every fan that went place from her concert had a feeling that they were particular in their ain manner to her.

Judy Garland was really successful in her life-time and after she died. The Wizard of Oz was named the most watched film of all clip. Judy Garland played the lead function, Dorothy Gale. ( Morley, forepart ) Judy landed this function when she was merely 17. It was one of her first films, and one of her most popular. ( Fricke ) Weeks before Wizard of Oz was to be released she started working on Babes in Arms. ( Boyt, 48 ) Strike up the set was filmed in 1940. Girl Crazy was filmed in 1943. For me and my Gal was filmed in 1942. ( JGDB ) These were merely some of the countless movies she portrayed in. Her introduction movie was Starlet Revue in 1929. ( Fricke ) Babes on Broadway was filmed in 1941, Andy meets Debutante was filmed in 1940, and Life begins for Andy Hardy was besides filmed in 1941, are more films that she starred in. Thoroughbreds Do n’t Cry and Everybody Sing are even more of her films. ( JGDB ) Allan Jones, Fanny Brice, and Billie Burke were her costars in everybody sing. ( Fricke ) She was really successful in vocalizing, her most celebrated piece was “ someplace over the rainbow ” which she sang for Wizards of Oz. ( Fricke ) Her films and records were collector’s items of success all through her life.

Judy Garland made an impact through tough times in the Great Depression. She was born merely a few old ages before this epoch started. Even through, this economic crisis she made her manner as an Actress and vocalist. Her fans brought her where she was and they were who she often thanked. ( Boyt, Front. ) She made many films and still remained successful when no 1 else could. Everyone says it was because of her finding for success and to do an impact. ( Fricke ) However, some think it was because of her amazing endowment. The manner she captivated her audience as if they were hypnotized. ( Boyt, Front ) Judy Garland decidedly made an impact in the Great Depression Era by demoing that with adequate finding and self-control, you can do it and make whatever you want.

Not merely did Judy impact through the Great Depression, but in life now excessively. Many of her films are watched by people today. Judy Garland besides brought two entertainers, Liza Minneli and Lorna Luft, and a lensman, Sid Luft, into the universe. Most of all, most people still retrieve her for her contact and incredible endowment. ( JGDB ) Judy Garland has still made an impact in the Black Marias of Americans today and forever.

Judy Garland was known for her incredible endowment, love for her fans, and many successes even through the great depression. Every one of those points is how she was celebrated and successful. Even though she died, her popularity is still here. She is still a major function theoretical account today, and the manner she preformed was like no other. Judy Garland was a true bequest and will be everlastingly known as Dorothy.


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