Comparing Different Versions Of Batman Film Studies Essay

My purpose for this essay is to analyze and compare different versions of the Batman movie. I ‘ve decided to compare the 1966 “ Batman ” to the 1989 “ Batman ” and “ The Dark Knight ” , which was released in 2008. I wish to look at how these movies have been made, how ‘Batman ‘s ‘ repute has changed over the old ages and how they compare to the original amusing books.

Batman made his first visual aspect in Detective Comics in 1939 ; he was the ‘caped reformer ‘ who went against the felons of the underworld who killed his parents. In the early cartoon strips, the drawings showed ‘a inexorable tone and ‘nourish ‘ usage of bold blocks of black ink ‘ ( Sabin, 1996, p.61 ) . However, subsequently on the cartoon strips ‘were increasingly lightened in order to pull a younger relationship ; a tendency which culminated in the 1960 ‘s where the cartoon strips became ‘camp ‘ comedies to reflect the surprisingly successful telecasting series ‘ ( Sabin, 1996, pp. 61-62 ) .

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The 1966 ‘Batman ‘ was a movie version of the 60 ‘s Television series ; it had budget of $ 1,377,800. In the movie, there are no shootings of skyscrapers or any edifices that resemble the scenery in the amusing books. The costumes in this movie are basic ; the scoundrels are all dressed in suits and Batman and Robin ‘s costumes look stingily made, compared to the most recent movie ; this shows the difference in budget. The makeup is really basic ; the ‘Joker ‘ has a ghostly white face and ruddy drawn on smiling ; no prosthetics are used on him. The ‘Penguin ‘ has a prosthetic olfactory organ to do it capriciously long and pointy, nevertheless the remainder of the characters have normal twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours makeup on.

The battle scenes in the movie are unrealistic, bogus clouts are thrown between characters, with words such as “ URKK ” and “ OUCH ” come ining the shooting is large letters:

“ The Television show was decidedly anserine, comedy and slapstick subbing for anything remotely violent or suspenseful. It even offered the phantasmagoric ‘bonk’/’zap ‘ rubric cards to magnify the merriment ” . ( Gibron, 2008 )

This makes the contending expression amusing and diverting. However it does fit the amusing book manner of contending and was what was acceptable to be shown in the movie and Television series at the clip.

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The sidekick ‘Robin ‘ appears in this movie. I think his presence makes Batman look less macho, it implies that he needs back up, this may hold been the ground he was n’t written into the series of movies that followed decennaries subsequently. In comparing to shoot today ; it is really naif, in one scene a really toy looking shark is used as a prop and in the Bat cave every machine or piece of equipment is labelled.

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In 1989 ‘Batman ‘ was released, it was the first of a series of feature movies starring Batman which were produced by the Warner Bros ; it had a budget of $ 35,000,000. This movie strayed off from the 1966 ‘camp ‘ version, ‘Beyond Hollywood ‘ accents this point by stating:

“ Before 1989, unless you were an devouring amusing book reader, you likely viewed Batman as a buffoonish superhero, trading clouts and epigrams with bad cats with his youthful helper Robin dependably at his side. He was campy, a spot dull, and ne’er unsafe. That is, until the summer of 1989, when Tim Burton arrived to alter all that. ” ( Beyond Hollywood, 2004 )

Gotham City is dark and Gothic looking ; the edifices are begrimed and old. The forms of the edifices resemble the amusing book images ; they do n’t look like any usual American metropolis. Lots of fume is used in the scene, it reminds me of backgrounds in a theatre production.

The jokester besides matches really good with the amusing book illustrations ; the make-up cleverly allows the histrion to hold a fixed smiling. He puts on a show and prides himself on being theatrical, utilizing gag store type joke, i.e. a flower that squirts toxicant gas and a doorbell which he attaches to his manus to electrocute his victim. The music, which is frequently played as a backup to the jokester, is about the same as you might hear in the circus, everything about it is amusing.

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‘The Dark Knight ‘ ( 2008 ) was directed by Christopher Nolan and had a budget of $ 185,000,000. When composing the movie, film writer David S. Goyer took influences from a few amusing books instead than merely one. In an interview he said:

“ I think that there are elements from The Dark Knight, elements from The Long Halloween, elements from The Killing Joke. But it ‘s non like we were specifically accommodating one specific amusing book or amusing book discharge. ” ( Goyer, 2008 )

In this movie the jokester has learners who are masked like buffoons. These masks are really eerie ; they allow the characters to be passionless and cold ; merely demoing the individual look that is drawn on their mask.

Batman ‘s battle scenes are bold and extremely choreographed ; this is a large contrast to the jokester ‘s manner of combat, which is really rash. This movie is dominated by the Joker character ; his scarred face is untidily covered with make-up giving him a clown-like character. This character is confirmed by his greasy, green tinged hair, black eyes, smudged approximately outwards and his ruddy creepy smiling. His drawn on smiling is covering thick severely raised cicatrixs. The white makeup which covers his face is uneven and ever looks worn. His costumes are uneven, violet velvet suits with a green shirt ; this allows him to stand out against others, who chiefly wear authoritative suits. Costume Designer, Lindy Hemming, wanted to make a “ younger trendy expression, in order to stand for Ledger ‘s coevals ” ( Hemming, 2008 ) . This costume besides matches the amusing books. His character is unafraid and chillingly unagitated ; I think this creates a great ambiance and carries the movie.

Sound has a immense impact on this version of the movie ; dramatic music is played in the background, clicking noises are besides often used, symbolizing the rapid passing of clip. However there are a few shootings in the movie which have no backup music or noise for that affair ; this is a large contrast to the remainder of the movie and smartly creates a maximal impact. One peculiar shooting is of the Joker hanging himself out of a stolen constabulary auto that he is driving, I find this scene really chilling.

After watching a docudrama about the composer ‘s ideas behind some of the music, I learnt that the sounds are based on the ‘Joker ‘ character:

“ Shootings and cartridge holders were used to bring forth music that matched the jokester ‘s motions and personality. Punk influences were used and tones and noises were produced utilizing two colliding notes of the cello, to give the feel of razorblades. ” ( Zimmer, 2008 )

The sounds are unsettling and the composer wanted to make a sound which demonstrated lifting tenseness.

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Another enormously of import character is Harvey Dent. He is Gotham ‘s aureate male child who, by the terminal of the movie, thanks to the ‘Joker ‘s ‘ words ; ‘I took Gotham ‘s white knight and brought him down ‘ , has been turned into a scoundrel, Two Face. The effects for ‘Two Face ‘ were created utilizing ‘digital makeup ‘ , in other words high usage of CGI.

A batch of shootings in the scene are of edifices, the camera pans high above tonss of skyscrapers as a nexus between scenes. The scoundrels seem

to ever be illuminated in darkness, where the lighting has a bluish touch.

In decision, as the decennaries base on balls, engineering improves and the budget for the movies addition, which I think is due to the addition in movie popularity. Each movie stays true to the cartoon strips in different ways ; the 1966 ‘Batman ‘ is most like the cartoon strips in the battle scenes where they are rather graphical, with sounds come ining the screen in text. However the makeup and costume does n’t fit up and does n’t give sufficiency of an impact. The 1989 ‘Batman ‘ does fit really good to the amusing book images, make-up and costume-wise. It besides has a great set which matches the edifices of Gotham metropolis and truly gives a feel that they are populating in the cartoon strips. ‘The Dark Knight ‘s particular effects are by far the best and in my sentiment I think the playing is best in this movie.

The jokester is a important character in all three versions, peculiarly 1989 ‘Batman ‘ and ‘The Dark Knight ‘ . It is a affair of personal sentiment which version is the best, nevertheless I agree with Slant magazine in preferring Health Ledger ‘s chilling version:

“ Eighteen old ages after Jack Nicholson ‘s over-praised, clearly Jack-ish personification of the dastardly purple-clad fool in Tim Burton ‘s Batman, Ledger returns the character to his demented The Killing Joke in writing fresh roots, raising up a transfixing, unerasable portrayal of our worst terrorist-extremist incubuss. ” ( Schager, 2008 )

‘The Dark Knight ‘s playing and Gothic feel lucifers good with the original cartoon strips, before they were made more camp to fit the ‘1960 ‘s ‘ audience. The make-up takes a different way to avoid copying Tim Burton ‘s movie, this nevertheless meant they needed to maneuver away somewhat from the amusing books. Overall, in order to accomplish the perfect movie version of the batman cartoon strips, you would necessitate to unite, 1989 ‘s makeup, costume and set with ‘The Dark Knight ‘s ‘ music, particular effects and moving.



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