Polyoxymethylene Butyl Rubber Abs Stainless Steel Engineering Essay

July 13, 2017 Engineering

The procedure including polymerization is to the full uninterrupted and polymerization is carried out without a dissolver. Available in two constructions: copolymere and homopolymer, due to its improved thermal and chemical stableness, the copolymer has become the preferable signifier of this stuff. Table shows some figures for general intent injection modeling grade Polyoxymethylene ( HOSTAFORM C 9021 ) :

Polyoxymethylene may be run on all standard processing machinery for thermoplastics, such as injection modeling machines, extruders, injection and bulge blow modeling machines and compaction molding machines. Typical works size is 5,000 to 10,000 dozenss per annum.

Butyl gum elastic is a man-made gum elastic produced by polymerisation of approximately 98 % of isobutylene with approximately 2 % of isoprene. Butyl gum elastic has first-class impermeableness, and good flex belongingss. It is impermeable to air and used in many applications necessitating an air-tight gum elastic or sealing application. It has outstanding opposition to chemical onslaught, scratch and lacrimation and has first-class electrical insularity public presentation.

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Like other gum elastics, for most applications, butyl gum elastic must be compounded and vulcanized to give utile, lasting terminal usage merchandises. Grades of Butyl have been developed to run into specific processing and belongings demands, and a scope of molecular weights, unsaturation, and remedy rates are commercially available. Both the terminal usage properties and the processing equipment are of import in finding the right class of Butyl to utilize in a specific application.

ABS is a common thermoplastic that is easy machined, tough, low costing and has high impact strength. It is besides light weight and offers a good balance of tensile strength and dimensional stableness. It is frequently used as the cost and public presentation spliting line between standard plastics and technology plastics. ABS can be moulded utilizing injection molding and bulge.

Stainless Steel is defined as a steel metal with a lower limit of 10.5 % to 11 % Cr content by mass. The chief demand for chromium steel steels is that they should be corrosion resistant for a specified application or environment. The choice of a peculiar “ type ” and “ class ” of unstained steel must ab initio run into the corrosion opposition demands. It has first-class opposition to stain or corrode and has comparatively high strength and work hardening rates whilst being ductile plenty to be dead set, folded, machined, welded, deep drawn, or spun.

Polyamide 66 is an technology plastic which is easy-to-process and exhibits superior heat opposition, first-class chemical opposition, really good mechanical strength and can easy be fire retarded. PA 66 is one of the most various technology thermoplastic and is popular in every major market utilizing thermoplastic stuffs because of its first-class balance of strength, ductileness and heat opposition. It besides has high impact strength and good damping features.

Copper is a malleable metal with really high thermal and electrical conduction, the best of any commercial metal. It has good corrosion opposition, first-class workability, high strength and ductileness and good mechanical belongingss. Today, despite competition from other stuffs, Cu remains the preferable electrical music director in about all classs of electrical wiring. Roughly half of all Cu mined is used to fabricate electrical wire and overseas telegram music directors. The following tabular array shows some figures for Copper 102 ;

Electric resistance

3.2 AAµIA©cm

Spring steel is a low metal, medium C steel or high C steel with really high output strength. Furthermore these steels are supplied in a cold rolled province to better their elastic bound even further. Mechanical belongingss increase with increasing Carbon concentration. These steels are non-weldable. Fabrication of merchandises is by cold forming of wire or pluging articles from sheet. These steels have limited corrosion opposition and are merely suited for indoor applications.

The concluding design makes usage of merely four stuffs due to portion decrease through the procedure of DFMA. These are ;


Butyl gum elastic

Stainless Steel


Due to copperaa‚¬a„?s really high electrical conduction, the best of any commercial metal and its specific usage in wiring, it is hence reasonable to maintain it as the stuff for the charge spiral.

As the spindle is the lone portion of the merchandise that is non sealed within the organic structure and hence exposed to the environment it is besides reasonable to maintain usage of chromium steel steel for this portion as it offers first-class opposition to corrosion or rust and has comparatively high strength.

Butyl Rubber can be used to make an air-tight seal and has outstanding opposition to scratch and rupturing so has now been incorporated into the top half of the cap to make the seal between the spindle and the cap. It is besides already used in the organic structure so there is barely an addition in cost in utilizing it in the cap excessively.

Polyoxymethylene should besides stay as stuff used to fabricate the organic structure and human body due to its qualities like high impact strength, stableness and stiffness. As the Body Sub-Assembly in the concluding design will be joined by pasting it is of import to cognize how suited Polyoxymethylene is to adhering with adhesives. As it has a high dissolver opposition, Polyoxymethylene is non readily bonded with conventional adhesives. Joints made with pressure-sensitive adhesives are the lone type possible. To obtain high-strength bonds, the surfaces must be pre-treated. Suitable options include black solutions, primer coats, aureole discharge, surface etching, fire intervention or mechanical scratch. After thorough surface pre-treatment, the undermentioned adhesive systems can be used to bring forth a sufficiently strong bond ;

Type of Adhesive


Contact Adhesive materials

Polychlorobutadiene with Isocyanate Crosslinking Agents

Two-Component Adhesive materials

Epoxy rosin


Nitrile rubber/phenolic rosin


Hot-Melt Adhesive materials

Vinyl copolymers

One-Component Polymerizable Adhesive


Due to the merchandise holding to maintain is map of being waterproof, the adhesive will besides hold to be rainproof. This narrows down the different types of adhesives that can be used to either epoxy rosin or cyanoacrylate. Both are suited as they offer high strength bonding and are fast scene but epoxy rosin may be preferred as it can be made wholly rainproof.

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