Characteristics Of A Learning Organization Management Essay

July 14, 2017 Management

“ Learning organisations [ are ] organisations where people continually expand their capacity to make the consequences they genuinely desire, where new and expansive forms of thought are nurtured, where corporate aspiration is set free, and where people are continually larning to see the whole together. ” ( Senge 1990 )

“ Learning organisations are characterized by entire employee engagement in a procedure of collaboratively conducted, jointly accountable alteration directed towards shared values or rules. ” ( Watkins and Marsick 1992 )

Peter Senge is considered by most to be the “ male parent ” of organisational acquisition. The learning organisation construct gained wide acknowledgment when Senge published his bestselling book “ The Fifth Discipline ” in 1990. As is clear from the definition ( 1 ) as stated by him, a learning organisation values, and derives competitory advantage from, go oning acquisition, both single and corporate.

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2. Features of a Learning Organization

Shared vision. The really first feature of a learning Organization is Shared Vision as it is necessary in order to actuate the staff to larn to make a common individuality that provides focal point on larning. In order to accomplish Shared Vision it is necessary to hold a level and decentralised Organization construction. Although by and large, the shared vision is frequently to win against a rival, there should besides be long term ends that are intrinsic within the company.

Systems thought. The thought of the learning organisation is based on apprehension and appreciating the Organization as a delimited object. Learning organisations measure the public presentation of the organisation as a whole and besides of its assorted constituents. Systems believing necessitates that the constituents of the Organization ‘s system are aligned to the common vision of Learning Organization.

Opportunities to Learn on Job & A ; systems easing Transportation of larning. A learning organisation is based on the construct of Collective Individual Learning of each one of its employees. But as research shows that most acquisition in the workplace is incidental, therefore it is a must for any organisation which wants to travel towards going a Learning Organization to make adequate chances for its employees to non merely larn on the occupation but besides to reassign their acquisition to into organisational acquisition.

Challenging the Mindset. To go a learning organisation, the mentalities of Persons every bit good as of the organisation needs to be challenged. As it is a immense spring, it requires transmutation and hence the conventional / set manner of working demands to be challenged. It hence becomes inexplicit to make an unfastened civilization which allows persons to dispute everything.

Team acquisition. Learning organisations have constructions that facilitate squad larning with characteristics such as boundary crossing and openness which helps in bettering the job work outing capacity of the organisation. Team larning requires a civilization which facilitates unfastened communicating, shared significance, and shared apprehension. To let cration, acquisition, airing & A ; execution of cognition / acquisition, a learning organisation must hold an first-class cognition direction system.

3. Benefits of a Learning Organization: A learning Organization ( must ) provides strategic advantage to the organisation without which it is of no usage. The benefits of a learning organisation can be summed up in the undermentioned points:

4. Making a Learning Organization

LeadershipAs is clear from the theoretical account above ( created by ego ) , the pillars of any learning organisation are its Organization Culture / Values / Internal Environment, People, Knowledge & A ; Technology. In instance any of these pillars are weak ( i.e. does non back up the aim of accomplishing / developing a Learning Organization ) , it is impossible to travel towards creative activity of a acquisition of a learning organisation. In order to accomplish so, the undermentioned points are necessary:

Creating of Continuous Learning Opportunities: In a learning organisation, acquisition is so designed into the work that people can larn on the occupation. The internal environment provides chances for ongoing acquisition and growing of the single employees

Making Open Culture: As discussed antecedently, a learning organisation requires existence / creative activity of an unfastened civilization where person employees get productive logical thinking accomplishments to show their positions. The civilization should be such that it supports oppugning, feedback and experimentation.

Encouraging Collaboration & A ; Team Learning: In order to develop a acquisition organisation, work should be designed to promote groups to entree different manners of thought. Learning together and working together is must and the civilization should promote and value coaction.

Making Systems to Capture & A ; Share Learning: This is where Technology would play a polar function. Both high-end and low-end engineering systems needs to be created in order to ease sharing of larning. These systems should be integrated with work or otherwise they would non be of much usage. Supplying entree to persons is besides an of import standards.

Empowering Peoples towards a corporate vision: Without a corporate vision it is about impossible to even believe of a learning organisation. In order to make a corporate vision, engagement of people in puting it is necessary. This would assist in ownership of the vision by each person. Culture needs to play its function by actuating persons to larn about the things they are responsible for and doing them accountable for their acquisition. Empower persons to move and Promote and back up the demand to take hazard.

Connecting the organisation to its environment: All activities of any organisation are to be taken in the context of its external environment. To accomplish this persons need to be helped to see the impact of their work in the larger image. This encourages people to scan the environment and usage information to set work patterns.

Strategic Leadership: The footing of making a Learning Organization ( as any other transmutation ) is Leadership committedness. Leaderships need to pattern, support and title-holder acquisition. The leading should utilize larning strategically to accomplish concern consequences.

Samsung ‘s Transformation into a Learning Organization

Samsung Electronic ‘s Annual Gross saless Trend

Samsung Electronic ‘s development from a newcomer company within a developing state to a human dynamo planetary leader and technological pioneer has attracted much attending from academicians and journalists. Samsung under the leading of Chairman Lee Kun-hee tantrum absolutely into the theoretical account ( by Jim Collins and his research squad ) of “ Good to Great ” companies based on the standards of 15 old ages of sustained growing exhibiting 2.5 times the market value led by “ flat five leading of humbleness and will power. The instance of Samsung Electronics transmutation under the leading ofA Lee Kun-hee has been approached under multiple theories as proposed by the constructs of communicating, paradigm displacement, strategic vision and purpose to bear a series of multiple strategiesA under the procedure of larning organisational theory. Lee Kun-hee dwelled on strategic purpose and vision for the full period of his reform attempts.

When Lee inherited Samsung chairmanship, the group was figure one in the development states. Lee, though, faced the undermentioned challenges:

foremost, how to supply the impulse for the quantum spring from the developing state theoretical account to the advanced state phase theoretical account

A Second, the terminal of the industrial age and the start of the station industrial age, coupled with the anxiousness over the fast approaching millenary had led to high anxiousnesss. Besides, the economic power of Japan accompanied by four little Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams of the part had been presenting a major menace to the economic might of the U.S.A.A

Shared Vision

Participative / Open Culture

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Team Learning

Strategic Leadership

Harnessing the External Environment

Learning Organization

Against such a background, Mr. Lee concentrated on strategic larning leading as a agency of paradigm displacement. It took him several moving ridges before wholly altering the norms, values and civilization or the mentalities of the full Samsung employees to organize “ Learning Organization ” as the Samsung nucleus competency. Let us seek to understand the transmutation of Samsung into a “ Learning Organization ” and see phase wise deductions based on our “ Learning Organization Model – See fig ) :

The First Wave: Equally early as in 1973, the seed of the Korean ICT industry was sown and cultivated at the continuity of Lee Kun-hee. Mr. Lee insisted on buying the belly-up Hankuk semiconducting material, a house bring forthing transistor degree IC and recycling crude wafer, an country considered to be a high-tech country which is excessively far in front for the Korean houses ‘ technological capablenesss. Not merely this under his leading, Samsung surprised the universe by developing a 64 KD RAM in December of 1983 and so a 256 KD RAM in January 1985, owing mostly to Lee Kun-hee ‘s 10 twelvemonth attempt. Not merely this, in the nucleus competency buildup or acquisition procedure, Mr. Lee Kun-hee offered unprecedented compensation bundles to bring on top degree Korean American scientists.

Analysis based on Learning Organization Model: All this clearly goes with making a Learning Organization as follows:

It clearly shows a compelling Vision being given by Mr. Lee which was bought ( due to his continuity ) by others in the organisation

Here, Samsung is clearly seeking to tackle the External Environment which has changed / is altering considerable with the coming of cognition economic system.

It clearly shows disputing the “ Status Quo ”

Besides, this provided the organisation and persons every bit good as squads the chance to larn new ways of concern.

This all is made possible by “ Strategic Leadership ” shown by Mr. Lee

The Second Wave: During this clip, Mr. Lee Kun-hee ‘s leading was clearly expressed in his communicating to all employees of Samsung, in 1987 “ Let us disassociate from the tradition of measure oriented direction ( economic graduated table as a beginning of planetary competition ) and travel on to the quality oriented direction ( cognition based and high-tech based planetary leading. ) ” A He made certain that this vision is clearly communicated to each and every person at Samsung and hence every director from Samsung was supposed to populate by it. This helped the Samsung group ( which till now was profoundly immersed in the industrial age and its attach toing bureaucratic system ) to look for the transformational displacement.

Analysis based on Learning Organization Model: The above had deductions on the undermentioned facets of the “ Learning Organization ” theoretical account:

Creation of a compelling vision which was good communicated and shared

Continuous Learning as the transmutation would necessitate each person to dispute the set ways of working and believe innovatively and afresh

Harnessing the External Environment as these determinations were taken in visible radiation of the altering market kineticss towards making a Core Competence distinct from others

And most significantly it shows Strategic Leadership of Mr. Lee ( as he was non merely able to anticipate hereafter but besides able to clearly pass on the vision to everyone in the organisation and to accomplish it.

The Third Wave: During 1993, Mr. Lee found that Samsung ‘s merchandises were non being good displayed in section shops and price reduction shops in USA. , while the merchandises from Sony and NEC were in the readily seeable front row twinkle and polishing. He instantly organized ( for a group of Department Store & A ; Discount Store proprietors ) the show of Samsung merchandises with the comparable top category merchandises from Nipponese and other universe top category houses to clearly stress the technological and design contrast. Not merely this, he went back to Korea and started concentrating on creative activity of squads of Samsung professional directors who would assist in rearward technology of Nipponese merchandises.A

Analysis based on Learning Organization Model: The above had deductions on the undermentioned facets of the “ Learning Organization ” theoretical account:

Strategic Leadership as he was hands on and was unfastened to chances / challenges in the market

Continuous Learning chances for Samsung as an organisation and persons at the same clip

Team Learning

Harnessing the External environment

The Fourth Wave: On June 4, 1993, Mr. Lee in a Tokyo hotel includedA Mr. Fukuda Shigeo, a Nipponese design adviser for Samsung Telecommunication and Electronic Division in the technological advancement staff meeting for Samsung Electronics. Where in Mr. Fukuda submitted to Mr. Lee a study documenting the design jobs he had faced while working at Samsung. In 2001, he organized meeting with 1,800 Samsung top directors and conducted this over a period of four months. Besides, during this period he tried to distribute the locally confined nucleus competency from the Samsung Electronics to the remainder of the Group.

Analysis based on Learning Organization Model: The above had deductions on the undermentioned facets of the “ Learning Organization ” theoretical account:

Strategic Leadership as he was custodies on

Creation of a shared vision

Participative / Open civilization as these meetings were Windowss for every director at Samsung to talk up his head

5.5 The Fifth Wave: In 1993, Mr. Lee readjusted work hours of over 200,000 employees from 7A AM in the forenoon tillA 4 PMA in the afternoon. This was his effort to transfuse behavioural daze by demoing a touchable symbol of alteration for all Samsung employees who were loath to alter, despite the consecutive moving ridges of communicating to change.A Through this alteration, Mr. Lee wanted to reenforce the nucleus competency including both technological and design/brand in the holistic mentality from “ I type specializer ” ( individual country specializers ) to “ T type specializer ” or systemic minded double and ternary specializers. It was his ( successful ) effort to alter those at Samsung to believe like cognition workers instead than the industrial age workers.

Analysis based on Learning Organization Model: The above had deductions on the undermentioned facets of the “ Learning Organization ” theoretical account:

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Shared Vision – He tried to convey each person to a common platform and tried to alter the mentality from industrial age worker to a cognition worker

The Sixth Wave: On March 9, 1995, boxes full of newly made cellular phones, cardinal phones, and autotypes amounting to 150,000 sets ( KRW 1.5 billion ) were broken and torched. The leaders of the combustion ceremonial solemnly pledged towards traveling on and making better merchandises, and it profoundly touched each participant ‘s heartstring. All the merchandise development and fabrication procedures were started all over once more from the ashes and abrasions. This though is dramatic, but shows the committedness of Mr. Lee towards making a Organization which is ever on the learning flight and ne’er looses its vision of making “ Better Products ” .

Analysis based on Learning Organization Model: The above had deductions on the undermentioned facets of the “ Learning Organization ” theoretical account:

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Creation of Shared Vision

Participative / Open Culture as it helped everyone believe beyond and dispute the position quo

The Seventh Wave: During the IMF crisis of December 1997 and subsequent IMF controls of the Korean economic system Samsung could concentrate her resources in a few selected concern marks and some 30,000 employees, or 20 per centum of all the employees, were terminated.A This helped in phasing out those employees which were non receptive to alter and were non aligned to the Samsung manner of working.

All the above Phases / Waves have gone a long manner in happening Mr. Lee ‘s vision of transforming Samsung into a “ Learning Organization ” .

Samsung – A Learning Organization: An Analysis

Let us now try to measure Samsung based on our theoretical account of Learning Organization ( See figure below ) :

Shared Vision

Participative / Open Culture

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Team Learning

Strategic Leadership

Harnessing the External Environment

Learning Organization

Shared Vision: Samsung Group has concentrated her full attempts towards the common & amp ; shared of “ being universe best ” and “ increase the figure of universe best merchandises. ” Its organisational civilization is simplified in this precise gimmick phrase. Not merely that this common vision is readily communicated to every corner of the system and each employee of the organisation.


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