The importance of brand equity on consumers behavior

This subdivision presents decisions and recommendations derived from the analysis of the proposed research.i.e. the importance of trade name equity on consumer ‘s behaviour. However, the accent of this research is to infer, on the footing of this peculiar instance survey, the overall tendencies and consumer precedences in the fast nutrient industry. The purpose to take this peculiar sector was non, chiefly, to look into the restraints faced by the targeted houses, but to detect the significance of trade name equity on consumer behaviour or penchants. Therefore, the suggestions in respect of the study conducted are presented as follows:

From these dimensions of trade name equity ( trade name image, trade name trueness and sensed quality ) which 1 has the lower limit ranking?

The research has been conducted with the premise that all the dimensions of client based trade name equity have influence on consumer ‘s position of trade name. The consequences reflected that from these three dimensions of trade name equity i.e. perceived quality, trade name trueness and trade name image, trade name trueness ( which is about client ‘s fond regard to a trade name ) seems to hold the least impact on trade name equity ranking from consumers point of position.

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It is a thoughtful topic that the trade name trueness has the least impact on consumer ‘s perceptual experience of trade name. Notwithstanding the fact, that they are seemingly satisfied by the offered merchandises of a trade name. One likely ground, among other factors, could be that consumers prioritize other facets such as monetary value etc. while doing their determinations about a trade name.

Perceived quality has appeared as the most dominant trade name equity factors. The research demonstrates that KFC while holding highest trade name equity evaluation besides enjoys the highest sensed quality mark. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the Brand image has acquired the 2nd highest trade name equity evaluation.

Does the consumer ‘s position of trade name equity between two eating houses differ?

Equally far as the affair of trade name consciousness is concerned, KFC clean expanses AFC. 90percent of our respondents claimed KFC to be the most familiar trade name while the staying 10 per centum favoured AFC.

Respondents rated KFC higher than AFC on all the five characteristics of trade name image “ features i.e. “ the monetary value is sensible, service is speedy, it is inadvisably located, it has a neat and clean environment and it has a long history ”

When it comes to sensed quality, KFC appeared as holding higher mean values than AFC in all six properties i.e. “ the nutrient quality of the eating house is good, functioning ordered nutrient absolutely, handiness of complimentary ( sauces etc ) , good dressed neat and skilled staff, client service was good and the eating house has suited gap hours ” .

Respondents showed a higher trade name trueness to KFC than AFC. KFC has a privileged trade name trueness than AFC in many ways i.e. “ I often visit this eating house, I normally pick this eating house as my first penchant, I am satisfied with the visit to this eating house, I would suggest this eating house to my friends, I will non travel to other restaurant following clip ” .


This paper emphasizes on trade name equity and its significance on consumer behavior in fast nutrient industry. Brand equity is considered as a mixture of trade name consciousness, perceived quality, and trade name image and trade name trueness.

The research has confirmed our original premises that all the four dimension of trade name equity have an consequence on consumer behavior.

For trade name consciousness, merely one facet has been considered as a step of it, holding really infinitesimal proportions as compared to the properties of the other three dimensions. , It is hence suggested, in the visible radiation of the findings of this research, that fast nutrient eating house directors should pay huge attending towards most of its advertisement potency at turning client ‘s consciousness of their trade name, so that a nice repute as an option to their favorite trade name is concealed in clients sentiment.

Therefore, trade name consciousness must be strongly emphasized by fast nutrient operators while doing attempts to set up trade name equity from client ‘s point of position. One of import drill to promote and act upon consumers towards a trade name is by holding effectual and impressive advertizement policy.AFC, as apparent from research findings, lacks strong advertizement policy which in fact is lending negatively to its growing.

Another noticeable decision as evident from our survey, is that the greater inclination of holding high trade name equity is straight linked with greater perceived quality

Apart from good quality merchandise, services such as good client support, high-quality nutrient, functioning ordered nutrient right, suited operating hours and orderly visual aspect of staffs etc should be a cardinal precedence of fast nutrient eating house operators.

To reason the whole treatment, it is stated that the consequences obtained from this thesis show that trade name equity has an indispensable function in constructing consumer behavior and the deficiency of trade name equity will slake consumer ‘s perceptual experience of trade name. Therefore, a changeless attempt in order to increase trade name equity, should be made, by the selling directors of fast nutrient eating houses.



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