Genre Study Of Romance Comedy Film Studies Essay

The thesis introduces some basic constructs of “ genre ” and so by and large analyzes the characteristics of the US and UK movie genre particularly in footings of love affair comedy of US and UK movie. The writer uses Love Actually and Pretty Woman as two illustrations to stand for UK and US love affair comedy severally. Love Actually was acted by many outstanding histrions and actresses like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Mr. Bean ( Rowan Atkinson ) , Alan Rickman, etc, which makes the film an all-star batting order. However, reasonably Woman does n’t fall behind. It was acted by Hollywood film star Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. By comparing the two representatives, it is non hard to get at the decision that UK love affair comedy is more pragmatism while the other is more idealism. I believe it more or less has something related to their different civilizations and national characters. British people are more conservative than Americans so their love affair is closer to life, it ‘s better for audience to happen the existent love in world because some secret plan of the film merely like a familiar one happened in vicinity. It reflects some true state of affairs in existent life. Pretty Woman is a spot like the realisation of American Dream to American people ; the film makes the fairy narrative dream become true. That ‘s why these two films are first-class learning stuffs for love affair genre survey.

When speaking about movie genre, there is no ground non to advert the etymology of genre, which comes from Gallic ( originally Latin ) word intending “ type ” or “ sort ” . With the word genre coming into usage of English, it is non difficult to come across “ literacy genre ” , “ genres in painting ” etc, nevertheless, this paper chiefly emphasizes on movie genre. How we define genre is depending on our intents. Film genre is closely connected with the facet of audience ‘s common cognition and their outlooks, that is, how audience recognizes and understands film. As Alastair Fowler said that “ readers learn genres bit by bit, normally through unconscious familiarisation ” , I put frontward the thought that audience usage genre to separate a peculiar film and it makes a genre a codification between manufacturers and viewing audiences in the text of a specific film.

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When I start to analyse US movie genre, I ca n’t disregard the impact of Hollywood, which produces a big sum of blockbuster through the whole universe, to call but a few, Gone With the Wind, The Sound of Music, Titanic, The Lord of the King, Avatar… In Hollywood film, the prima genres are action-adventure, comedy, scientific discipline fiction, teenpics, war movies, Westerns, melodrama and so on. It is universally acknowledged that love is indispensable in homo ‘s lifei??so it ‘s ever the beginning stuff for literature and art creative activity. There is no uncertainty that love is ever the ageless subject of film, that ‘s why the box of love affair narrative is on the glorification trail for long old ages. In some other movie genre, love affair is supposed to be the sub-genre, which makes romantic thriller, romantic play, action love affair and romantic comedy. And even in Titanic this sort of catastrophe movie, love affair is an of import component which runs through the whole film. At different clip people ‘s mentality of love reflect their moral value at that clip. The production of film is normally based on the characteristic pique of an age to foreground the subject of the clip. During the Second World War period, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, For Whom the Bell Tolls are popular movies because they shoot at the existent background of the society, which reveals the altering life brought by the war. While in the period of ninetieth century, You ‘ve Got a Mail, Message in a Bottle, A Walk in the clouds these new clip love affair come into the large screen. Particularly in You ‘ve Got a Mail cyberspace has become a span between the hero and heroine, besides that the movie besides reflects cyber love affair in existent life. As it goes to nowadays love affair, it becomes much more unbelievable and extraordinary merely like Across the Universe, Skiding Doors, dusk.

When I continue to analyse the UK movie genre, there are three chief features traveling as follows. First of all it inherits and develops the realistic tradition of English play. For case, Gandhi, A Passage to India, Gosford Park represent the self-contemplation of the history and civilization of colonial domination ; the Bridge on the River Kwai, the Private Life of Henry VIII, the Queen knock the corrupt imposts of old value and national characters ; the Land Girls, Love Actually promote the standard civilisation of mainstream society ; Four nuptialss and a Funeral, Mr. Bean advocate the optimistic attitude towards life. Second, UK film is acute on the artistic features of English play, taking to the high artistic value in either hiting or public presentation, particularly the “ gentleman manner ” in moving. It besides explains why many English movies win the Academy Award such as The English patient, Shakespeare in Love. The last but non least, it adapts some literary chef-d’oeuvre and many of them stay celebrated with the original work. Tess is revised from Hardy ; Oliver Twist is revised from Charles Dickens ; Sense and Sensibility is converted from Jane Austin. When all the above-named factors are taken into consideration, a decision could be drawn that UK movies are more traditional and retain some characteristics of English play.

Hereinafter I will exemplify Love Actually and Pretty Woman to analysis the characteristics of UK and US love affair comedy severally and compare their similarities and differentiations. Love really is one of the most successful English love affair comedies which breaks the record of Bridget Jones ‘s Diary and wins the top-grossing film release in of all time. It is made up of 10 separate narratives but besides there are little connexions among those narratives at the background of traditional festival-Christmas. In fact the name of the film “ love really ” means “ Love is really about ” , so the whole tune of the film is immersed in warm and love. The beginning and stoping portion take topographic point at Heathrow Airport where riders portion or reunite with their household or friends. Fathers and boies, female parents and girls, hubby and married woman, fellows, girlfriends and old friends, they smile, embrace or kiss each other, doing the airdrome cosy beautiful topographic point. Love is found everyplace. Our eyes do non demo a deficiency of sense of love, but deficiency of observation. This movie reflects different sort of mentality of love in UK society. Love is around no affair who you are and what societal category you come from. Even you are the premier curate of the United Kingdom ; you may fall in love with your helper. The manager merely suggests that there is no hierarchy, no stratum in love, everyone is equal at the forepart of love ; love makes people closer to each other and makes them come together no affair what their individualities are. Love is around no affair which state you are from and what linguistic communication you are talking. Love has no boundaries. The small male child confesses his feelings to the Afro-american miss at the encouragement of his stepfather. Love is brave, there are neither skin colourss nor races in love, and we all cheer for the small male child because of his courage. Wholly there are 10 narratives and everyone can happen some touching inside informations in some narratives because they are closely related to our life and I believe that ‘s why it ‘s non the same as Hollywood love affair comedy, its particular gentleman manner wit and lightly traveling secret plan are non like a raging fire but can still give us warm and power. It makes audience feel comfy and full of assurance that love is everyplace. Be generous and gratitude to life because love is ever around us. It is a film but it is besides like what happened in our ain life. Apart from the love affair narrative in the movie, we can happen the prototype of British political relations and the relationship between British and American. “ A friend who bullies us is no longer a friend. ” Bringing out their sentiment that they do n’t desire to be an attender of America. We can still catch the sarcasm that Englishman used to demo disagreement with American and their pop civilization. They laugh at American ‘s flightiness and their unfastened civilization. Sarcasm is one manner of English wit. As is known to us, comedy is really influential in English movie industry because the state feels proud of their sense of wit. Mr. Bean has become the stereotype of comedy and Rowan Atkinson ‘s face represent good story and wit. When he showed up in a film we can foretell that something interesting will go on. So even he shows up several proceedingss in Love Actually, he still creates felicity to the audience.

On the other manus, Pretty Woman is a typical Cinderella Hollywood manner love affair comedy. Hao Jian claims Pretty Woman is a romantic movie and surveies how this film leads the audience to bask the ocular and ideological pleasance through infixing typical film linguistic communication. He argues the manager ‘s usage of film linguistic communication and the similar “ nothing cut ” is a scheme to take barriers between the characters and the audience. ( Hao Jian,2002 ) Since there is no denying that characters are the psyches of film, this paper chiefly focuses on characters ‘ personalities to reason the genre features alternatively of the angle from hiting methods like collage etc. Edward represents paradigm of the upper category while Vivian represents the working category in US. From my point of position, American love affair comedy is more idealised merely like a fairy narrative and a fantastic dream because misss are eager to meet her prince of capturing like Edward and boys want to be successful and have the societal position as Edward. That is to state, American love affair narrative is more idealism so that the heroes and heroine are so glorious that audience want they could go them. Vivian, the pretty adult female in the film, though she does n’t hold a nice business, she still has her ain qualities, which attract the perfect hero and win his love. I analyzed the heroine and happen she has four qualities that makes she go the princess. To get down with, she is blunt and honest, so that she ever expresses her feelings straight and does n’t conceal her sentiments. Next, although she is a cocotte, she still has dignity. When she lives a comfy life provided by Edward she still prepares to go forth because all she wants is non merely material things. Third, she is a lovely adult female, which can be drawn from her cunning actions and guiltless duologue. At last, she creates her ain idealism when she is a street miss and fortunately her dreams come true. In existent life it ‘s difficult to conceive of a millionaire falls in love with a cocotte, but merely because of the manner of Cinderella and the prince of modern clip makes audience ‘s wish semen true, the movie becomes a really popular one even until today. Pretty Woman still makes sense in our society ; the vision of love differs in our clip. Now it seems that position, luck and visual aspect have become some “ necessities ” in fiting love. Love is no longer pure love ; people become together with clear connotations, for case, the insurance of life, the criterion of consumptionaˆ¦It seems that people now regard matrimony as a “ relationship ” alternatively of an “ establishment ” . In the film it tells us that household background, occupation, characteristics are non so of import, the most of import thing is one ‘s interior universe, pure psyche and warm bosom. Pretty Woman inherits the traditional manner of US love affair comedy, which contains fine-looking adult male, hot figure adult female and happy stoping narrative. However, this film besides praises female while some other US movie would demo understanding of female like Thelma and Louise, the Color Purple and so on. All in all, Pretty Woman is a really authoritative Hollywood film which is good for us to analyze movie genre of love affair comedy of American.


Through the farther find of genre survey, it helps us obtain some cardinal construct of movie genre in footings of love affair comedy. Film genre is a long journey that in this paper I merely underline a little facet of movie genre. Equally far as I am concerned, love affair comedy is so popular that this movie genre can ever pull audience ‘s attending and sit in the film to bask the film. However, Love really and Pretty Woman are merely two stereotypes of love affair comedy. There are legion movies of this type, if we want to pull more decisions we ever have many options since If Merely, Five foremost dates, Sleepless in Seattle, etc, are authoritative love affair narrative worth watching.


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