The Five People You Meet in Heaven

April 13, 2018 General Studies

The Five People You Meet in Heaven The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is a story about the life of an elderly man who works at an amusement park called Ruby Pier for his whole life. The man, Eddie dies in tragic accident at Ruby Pier while trying to save the life of a young girl. When Eddie makes it to heaven he has to meet five different people to learn their story, how Eddie is connected to them, and they all have a lesson to teach Eddie. Every time he meets a new person he asks if he saves the little girl in the end the last person tells him that he saved the little girl by pushing her out of the way.

Eddie- nice, tough, and a hard-worker. Joe- mean, annoying, and thinks he is better than everyone else. Marguerite- pretty, sweet, and caring. Who are the five people Eddie meets in Heaven and why are the all important? What cuts the cable on Freddy’s Free Fall and how is it connected to Eddie? How does the last person Eddie meets in Heaven die and how does Eddie make things right with that person? “You don’t have to ask me to wait,” Marguerite says suddenly. Eddie swallows. “I don’t? ” She shakes her head.

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Eddie smiles saved from a question that has caught in his throat all night, he feels as if a string has just shot from his heart and looped around her shoulders, pulling her close, making her his. He loves her more in this moment than he thought he could ever love anyone. Eddie loves Marguerite more than anything in the world that’s why I chose this quote. This is when Eddie realizes that she loves him too. At the end of the story when Eddie is done meeting his five people, his Heaven is with her and hers is with him. They wanted to spend their lives on Earth together and also in Heaven.


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