Mark Up

April 14, 2018 General Studies

Markup definition A percentage added to the cost to get the retail selling price. Example: A widget bought for $5 and sells for $10 has a mark-up of 100%. (Add $5 to the $5 cost to get the price. ) A widget bought for $2, which sells for $3, has a mark-up of 50%, (Add $1 to the $2 cost to get the price. ) Sales Percentage Increase or Decrease Calculator Calculate Percent Difference of Retail Sales Do you need to know how much retail sales were up or down compared to last year’s sales figures? That is put the two sales amounts in the calculator below to determine the percent increase or decrease in sales.

For example, if ABC sales were $5200 this year and last year they were only $3400, the percent increase in sales was 52. 94 or rounded to 53%. Previous Sales Amount #1 Current Sales Amount #2 Percent Increase / Decrease % Markdown definition Planned reduction in the selling price of an item, usually to take effect either within a certain number of days after seasonal merchandise is received or at a specific date. OR The difference between the highest current bid price among broker-dealers in the market and the lower price that a dealer charges a customer.

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Retail Markup Markdown calculator Calculate Retail Sales Price and Profit or Loss Use the retail markup/markdown calculator to determine the selling price of a product if you know the cost of the merchandise as well as the percent markup. Enter a positive percent to calculate markup or a negative percentage markdown to determine the retail price of an item on sale. For example, if your store is having a 35% Off clearance sale, enter -35%. Cost of Goods$ Markup/Markdown % Calculate Reset Retail Sales Price $ Gross Profit/Loss $ For example: Retail Markup on Engagement Rings. Jewellers expect enormous profits from engagement ring. ·Mark-ups range from 50% to 400%. ·Mark-ups are around 300% in most retail locations. ·Retail jewellers mark up diamond engagement rings by 100% up to a staggering 1000%. ·The jeweller may have purchased the stone for $1,000. 00 but is selling the stone for $3,000. 00. ·Diamonds and jewellery have healthy mark-up ranging from 100% to 400% over cost. ·Pay the regular retail price. ·Smaller, local stores usually have lower overhead than ‘mall’ stores. ·Able to find a better value and better service.


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