A Life Changing Experience 2

A life Changing Experience It was just another day in my life until 2 am next morning. I never thought after this day the 6th June my life would never be the same again, it was a Saturday and that definitely was just another reason for me to party all night. The day before I was with a friend and after my work I ended up at a pub and reached home at around 4 next morning, got up at around 11am to catch up with friends and had planned for a weekend drive later in the evening.

It was a sunny day and I joined a couple of friends for a lunch and just killed time till that evening, after the sunset I set out for a long drive to the city outskirts to a friend’s place but I initially planned to spend my weekend with friends at a beach resort but God had a different plan for me instead I had to drop my idea because of my friends ,in the evening and reached their by 7, we guys started boozing and were getting high that’s when a friend of mine wanted a drive, late in the night we set out for a drive in my car not knowing what was awaiting me ahead.

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That night I was involved in a car wreck that left me paralyzed chest down, a life that I never dreamt of even in my wildest nightmares, now I am a paraplegic, life took an unexpected turn from that day, I knew doctors couldn’t do much, they wouldn’t tell me anything about my recovery all I knew was to pray and ask God what his purpose is for me.



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