The Ancient Wonders Of The World History Essay

Every twenty-four hours, people receive intelligence about the latest seven admirations internationally or globally. In fact, Seven Wonders of the World is presently classs including overall, industrial, submerged environments among other categorizations. Among the latest seven admirations is the Wilder animal migration scenario seeable Maasai Mara game modesty in East Africa, which is being claimed to, seen from outer infinite great distances in the ambiance. The great walls of China are besides seeable from outer infinite, built in 200 old ages B.C and stretches over eight 1000s kilometres have besides been featured In this list. List of the seven admirations can be traced back to the ancient Grecian historiographers who developed a tendency of documenting the most astonishing sceneries and characteristics in their land together with the environing parts that they had knowledge about during their clip. The really first list of seven admirations was documented around first or 2nd century before Christ ( B.C ) by Grecian historiographers and consisted of buildings or natural sceneries around the modern twenty-four hours Mediterranean part together with some parts of Asia ( Roberts, 16 ) . This list came to be known as the “ Seven Wonders of the Ancient World ” . The list is attributed to historiographers like Antipater of Sidon, Diodoros and Herodotus although Antipater is given much of the recognition. In this respect, this paper aims at discoursing which of the antediluvian admirations should non hold been included in the list.

The first seven admirations to hold been documented in human history included the great pyramid of Giza, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Hanging gardens of Babylon, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes and Lighthouse of Alexandria. During that clip, which is estimated to be about two-century B. C, the above named were classified as the most dramatic and singular manmade constructions but some people have argued that this would non hold been the instance had the Grecian historiographers and travellers had more cognitions about other parts of the universe. Different people point out that certain admirations In the list should non hold been included but harmonizing to my ain point of position, the hanging gardens of Babylon should non hold been included in that list for a figure of grounds.

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For a long clip now, there has been a ramping argument on the existent being of the gardens in inquiry ( Ocular 6 ) . Up to day of the month, there has ne’er been concrete cogent evidence that the gardens of Babylon really existed in the countries documented during the first history. In Babylonian history both now and in the yesteryear, there is no such certification of its being, which casts uncertainty about whether the Grecian historiographers were right or incorrect ( Price & A ; Clayton, 22 ) . Compared to the other admirations of the clip, satisfactory prove of being have been presented with ruins of some being seen even as of day of the month. In fact, the Great pyramid of Giza is physically seeable even today. Peoples populating in parts where other members in the list had documented the being of the several constructions in the Hagiographas, drawings and other types but Babylonians had non. This is a strong ground as to why the hanging gardens should non hold been included sing prove of being of the other six.

Second, claim can non be laid as to who truly was responsible for constructing the gardens if they so existed. The Grecian historiographers who developed the list attributed the edifice to Nebuchadnezzar II, a powerful male monarch who reigned around 600 B.C but other certification shows otherwise. It is now a well-known fact that no artefacts, ruins, and walls of Nebuchadnezzar ‘s land have of all time shown that he was responsible for constructing the gardens ( Price & A ; Clayton, 32 ) . Other historiographers of the ancient times recorded that a adult male named Sennacherib was the 1 who built the hanging gardens after he took over the land of Assyria in the twelvemonth 705 B.C. Other historiographers of both modern and ancient times argue that the Gardens were a creative activity of the head and prowess build upon narratives that were taken to Greece by visitants who came from Babylonia. Bing a land that had great architecture, tower of Babel, fertile dirts, Palm tree plantations, beautiful gardens and great prosperity, merchandisers and soldiers who went back to Greece gave exaggerated narratives about the part ruled by Nebuchadnezzar. On hearing this, creative persons and historiographers created mental images of the topographic point and finally came up with drawings. For this ground, I think hanging garden should hold been excluded from the list.

Largely, the purpose of building a edifice determines whether it will hold great value or non. Some edifices are constructed for usage as residential countries, topographic points of worship, nutrient shops, recreational and libraries among other grounds. In ancient times, edifices were built for assorted grounds some of which are explained above. With regard to the seven manmade constructions that were listed as admiration of the universe, all of them had a distinguishable intent for their creative activity but harmonizing to my ain personal position, the chief purpose for building the gardens was comparatively less valuable or nonmeaningful compared to the other six. The great Pyramid of Giza was built to move as a grave for Pharaoh, temple of Artemis at Ephesus as a topographic point of worship, Lighthouse of Alexandria as a usher to mariners or crewmans. Similarly, Statue of Zeus at Olympia as a word picture of full-blown prowess, and Colossus of Rhodes a symbol of one of many Gods worshipped by Greeks called Helios. On the other manus, the hanging gardens had been built to do Nebuchadnezzar ‘s married woman experience more as if she was at her hereditary place ( Woods & A ; Michael, 69 ) . In short, it was built to fulfill the self-importance of merely one individual ensuing to wastage of monolithic fiscal resources, human labor, and clip. All the other constructions had been for a baronial class of either assisting humanity, understanding life facets more or assisting make a better nexus between worlds and their God but the gardens had been built to impact merely one individual who happened to be the married woman of a male monarch.

The existent location of the gardens is a affair of guess and non factual like is the instance with the other buildings ( Clayton & A ; Prince 58 ) . Given that, ruins the other six constructions have precise locations that are known to historiographers and ordinary individuals, certification of the gardens in relation to different historiographer of the clip confirm that the precise location of the topographic point is non known. There is a possibility that the gardens, if they of all time existed may hold been built elsewhere and non in the topographic point recorded by historiographers as Babylonia ( Woods & A ; Michael, 97 ) . Surveies conducted by modern twenty-four hours archeologists strongly demo that the topographic point believed to be the zone where hanging gardens were situated based of ancient Greek historical histories is really Nineveh gardens, modern twenty-four hours Tigris which used to be in the land of Assyria. This is strong grounds that Grecian historiographers must hold confused the two topographic points doing it uneven to be included in the list of seven admirations of the ancient universe. There besides exists a major difference between type of architecture used in building of hanging gardens and others in the record. The gardens had been built utilizing a mixture of clay and straw, which underwent a hardening procedure to do building bricks. All the others were constructed utilizing tough or particular rocks that had the capableness of defying all types of unfavourable conditions conditions for a long period. Harmonizing to antediluvian records, walls of the hanging gardens could be to the full destructed by exposure to H2O merely that it was it a desert part that experienced part. It is said that the gardens were easy destroyed by an temblor to an extent where non even ruins remained, an indicant that they were less superior to the other admirations.

In relation to height, the hanging gardens of Babylon are documented to hold been about 80 pess, which compounds to 24 metres merely. Others like the Lighthouse of Alexandria were about one hundred and 20 metres high and could be seen from long distances. Sailors of the clip could see the tower from every bit far as 42 kilometres and the great pyramid remained to be the tallest manmade construction on Earth for over three thousand old ages. This means that the other six constructions were appealing to the human oculus compared to the hanging gardens. Having trees and other workss together with a river around it, the gardens could ne’er hold been appealing when the desert Sun dried up the Waterss and made flora bend brown. From all the above histories, it would be right to reason that the hanging gardens should non hold been included in that list of ancient admirations given the many failings it had compared to the others.



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