Annotated Bibliography Of Performance Of Islamic Banks Malaysia Finance Essay

Abdel-Hameed M. Bashir, 2003, Determinants Of Profitability in Islamic Banks: Some Evidence from the Middle East, Islamic Economic Studies, vol. 11, No. 1. Writer ‘s article study the determiners of profitableness in Islamic Bankss across eight Middle East states between 1993 and 1998. The writer efforts to analyze the relationship between the public presentation of Islamic Bankss and the internal and external banking features. The public presentation of bank is measured by utilizing the operating efficiency and profitableness steps. The writer besides used several ratios to entree the relationship between public presentation and internal bank features. In order to divide the effects of bank features on public presentation, the writer has addressed the four variables of external features that is necessary to command which are the macroeconomic environment, the fiscal market construction, the ordinance indexs, and state ( dummy ) variables. The writer ‘s analysis found that a higher net income borders consequences from a larger equity to entire plus ratio and larger loan to plus ratio interacted with GDP.

Abdus Samad & A ; M. Kabir Hassan, 2009, The Performance of Malaysian Islamic Bank During 1984-1997 1997: An Exploratory Study, International Journal of Islamic Financial Services, Feb 2009, vol. 1, No.3

This article is an exploratory survey on public presentation of Malaysian Islamic bank where the writer evaluates the Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad ( BIMB ) public presentation in term of hazard and solvency, community engagement, liquidness and profitableness during 1984-1997. The writer used fiscal ratios as the method to measure bank ‘s public presentation and besides do the comparing of the public presentation of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad ( BIMB ) between two periods that are 1984-1989 and 1990-1997. Not merely have that, the writer besides made comparing between Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad ( BIMB ) versus other conventional Bankss. As the consequence, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad ( BIMB ) comparatively less hazardous and more liquid compared to other conventional Bankss.

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Anjum Siddiqui, 2008, Financial Contracts, Risk and Performance of Islamic Banking, Managerial Finance, vol. 34, No. 10 pp. 680-694

This article is discoursing about the fiscal contracts, hazard and public presentation of the Islamic Banks in footings of their contracts and hazards. This article examines the hazards occurred and the assorted manners of Islamic Banking. The writer has stated that Muslim Banks are prohibited from geting any three elements into their minutess which are involvement ( Riba ) , uncertainness ( Gharar ) , and chancing ( Maysir ) . Since now, the Islamic Windows are really popular, there is an uncertainness whether the conventional Bankss with Islamic Windows merchandises are having or paying any three elements stated supra. There are several fiscal contracts which stated by the writer, which are cost plus gross revenues ( Murabaha ) , recognition gross revenues ( bay ”bithaman ajil ” ) , renting ( Ijarah ) , partnerships ( Mudarabah and Musharakah ) , frontward contracts ( Salam and Istisna ) , and besides Qardul Hasan ( benevolent loan ) . Along with these fiscal contracts, there are several hazards which the bank should bear. Some of the hazards are recognition hazard, liquidness hazard, backdown hazard, legal hazard, operational hazard and besides the fiducial hazard. One of the hazards which is normally bear by the Islamic Bank is recognition hazard which means the hazard is arise due to the asymmetric information.

Mahmood H. Al-Osaimy & A ; Ahmed S. Bamakhramah, 2004, An Early Warning System for Islamic Banks Performance, Islamic Econ. , vol. 17, No. 1, pp. 3-14

This article is about the warning system for Muslim Bankss public presentation where the writer explored the increasing demand for foretelling the public presentation of Islamic Bankss due to the critical importance of any job that may confront these Bankss before it materializes and negatively affects their public presentation and their fiscal position. The article comprehensively analyzes the save on the costs of bad public presentation or failure to depositors, proprietors and the economic system. The principle for an early warning system comes from several grounds. However, this article tries to happen out at profiting from the old research attempts on the topic to develop a preliminary theoretical account for the anticipation of the public presentation degree of Muslim Bankss ( i.e. an early warning system ) , trusting for farther development and improvisation and application. The writer besides does the research or survey on Discriminate analysis and tonss are so extracted and used to distinction between the higher and lower public presentation groups of Bankss, so organizing a possible early warning system for the anticipation of future public presentation of the ascertained Bankss. Last it was tested and decisions were made.

Racha Ghayad, 2008, Corporate Governance and the Global Performance of Islamic Banks, Humanomics, vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 207-216

In this article, the writer efforts to analyze the corporate administration and the planetary public presentation of Islamic Bankss. The writer found that the elements that affect the public presentation of Islamic Bankss are the internal variables of quantitative nature and the internal qualitative variables. The writer besides revealed that the old Shari’a board members have deficiency of cognition in modern banking, experience, and banking linguistic communication. In order to guarantee a better quality of supervising and audience, they need a making in finance and commercialism. Besides that, the writer has addressed two functions of Shari’a board in the operation of Islamic Bankss which are legal and silent function. These functions are indispensable in order to guarantee that the Islamic Bankss are in conformity with the Shari’a regulations and rule in their operation.

Salina H. Kassim & A ; M. Shabri Abd. Majid, 2010, Impact of fiscal dazes on Muslim Bankss: Malayan grounds during 1997 and 2007 fiscal crises, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, vol. 3 No. 4, pp. 291-305

From the article above, the writer is discoursing on the ability of the Islamic Bankss confronting the fiscal crisis, viz. the 1997 Asiatic fiscal crisis and 2007 fiscal crisis. The survey is to look whether the Islamic Bankss is more resilient compared to the conventional Bankss. This is due to the natural nature which all of the fiscal minutess must be based on the trade and besides plus linked. This is besides because of the Islamic Bankss patterns which emphasize on the trade based agreements and prohibits the engagement of the involvement based minutess. From the citation of other diary stated in this article, there is cogent evidence that Muslim Bankss are more liquid than the conventional Bankss and therefore less exposed to the liquidness hazard. The writer usage two methodological analysiss to prove the Islamic Bankss and sedimentation ‘s funding. There are impulse responds maps and discrepancy decomposition analysis. The consequence shows that Islamic funding respond significantly to the crisis.

Sudin Harun, 1996, The Effectss of Management Policy on the Performance of Islamic Banks, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1996, Vol. 13, No. 2

In this article, the writer effort to analyze the effects of direction policy on the public presentation of Islamic Bankss. Writer used three variables included investing, nest eggs and current histories to bespeak the effects of direction policy on profitableness. The writer besides found an opposite relation between fund-use direction and profitableness ratios. Other than that, the writer besides found the per centum of income from funding activities towards profit-sharing ratio steps between Islamic Bankss and the users of fund. For the profit-sharing ratio between Bankss and depositors, it seem give benefits to both parties.

Turen S. , 1996, Performance and Risk Analysis of the Islamic Bank: The Case of Bahrain Islamic Bank, Islamic Econ. , vol. 8, pp. 3-14

In this article, the writer uses the analysis from Bahrain Islamic Bankss. The intent of this paper is to look into quantitatively and besides at micro level the claim that Islamic banking offers high public presentation and stableness and to measure the risk-return features of the Islamic Bankss, Bahrain Islamic Bank ( BIB ) has been taken as an illustration. The research is conducted through three different methods that is fiscal ratio analysis and stock analysis both indicate that BIB offers a higher return and a lower coefficient of fluctuation than the other commercial Bankss. Portfolio analysis excessively, shows that BIB ‘s stock is the best for the intent of portfolio variegation. The consequences of the probe can be used as a partial but quantitative account to the statements whether the net income sharing construct of Islamic banking can accomplish a higher profitableness and lower hazard than conventional commercial Bankss.



From the literature reappraisal above of the rubric of The Performance of the Islamic Banks in Malaysia, we had found that there are many determiners of the Islamic Bankss to be efficient in assorted ways. From the subject above, we can clear up that Islamic Bankss besides has to execute better to vie with the conventional Bankss. Most of the articles summarized are discoursing on the public presentation if Islamic Bankss itself and its efficiency. We believe that the sum-up is of import to the research subject when it will be conducted.



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