Why Haiti Is Poor History Essay

Haiti has for many old ages been enduring from assorted challenges. This has caused poorness and the citizens in the state struggle up to day of the month to gain a life. This battle has been contributed by the past and current happenings that have hit the state and new 1s that are being experienced.

1. Earthquake

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One of the most terrible calamities that have hit the state latest is the Tuesday ‘s January 2010 temblor. The phenomenon shook the whole universe sing the figure of lives that it claimed within a period of 14 yearss. By January 24th between 217,000 and 230,000 people had been reported dead by the Haitian authorities. A million people had been left homeless while those injured were three hundred 1000 in figure. Over three hundred thousand commercial edifices and two hundred and 50 1000 abodes were estimated to be destroyed by the temblor. The decease toll is still expected to lift due to the people who were badly injured and some continue to lose their lives with clip. Many of the chief edifices in the country were wholly destroyed. These include the cathedral, national assembly every bit good as the presidential castle. Some of the outstanding people in the state besides perished including Micha Gailland an resistance leader and Archbishop Joseph Serge of Port-au-Prince. This calamity led to great harm in the state such that other states I the universe had to supply assistance in the deliverance mission every bit good as the proviso of nutrient materials and places to those affected by the temblor. This has besides affected the economic system of the state as production has been slowed down and there are few people who are farming.

2. Gallic Colonial Rule

Apart from the recent temblor that has been experienced in Haiti, there are major causes that have led to poverty in the state that occurred earlier. These happenings left a major grade to the economic system of the state and the citizens in the state are still experiencing the consequence. One of these major parts is the Gallic colonial. Initially, Haiti was a settlement of the Gallic. Therefore, this meant tat the citizens in the state were made slaves ( Farmer 6 ) .

The Tahitians had to work under terrible regulations and extended working hours. This meant that labour force was really high at the clip and hence production was on the rise. As clip went by, the Gallic learned another manner of liberating the slaves. The ointments had to work exceptionally for them to achieve their freedom. Consequently, this led to increase in labour force and production. They would endeavor difficult to derive their freedom although merely a few people were successful.

3. International Boycott of the New Haiti

The Gallic afterwards gave the Haitians freedom and it was now a free province. This meant that the citizens who were ab initio slaves would take control of all the activities that were taking topographic point. There was an International boycott of the Haiti ‘s merchandises. It hit the economic system of the state so difficult since goods were being processed but they had no market. Furthermore, the people who took over the operation of the houses that were ab initio controlled by the Gallic authorities had no sufficient experience to run them. This therefore led to the decrease in production and money flow in the state. This was a major part to Haiti wretchedness and as the state slowed down in its production. It no longer had the potency to acquire the economic system back to where it was when under the Gallic colonial regulation ( Harrison 4 ) .

4. The Gallic Debt of 1838

Another major part that led to the wretchedness and made Haiti really hapless was the Gallic debt of 1838. When Haiti gained independency nit was really dying to have acknowledgment from the European provinces and the Gallic. However, Gallic failed to acknowledge the state and would make so merely when insurances for former slave ‘s land were paid that were taken over after the terminal of the revolution. Haiti ‘s president Boyer in 1838 decided to take the loan offered by France of 150 million franc as a debt so that the state would be in the place to pay the insurance. This debt affected the economic system of the state so much and was merely cleared in 1933 after 80 old ages of economic system battle. Since the state had to pay the debt with the involvement earned, the fiscal burden that was on the authorities was really much. Therefore, it was a major blow to the economic system of the province seeking to refund the debt and the involvement. It is one of the major parts that led to the rise in poorness degree in Haiti.

5. The United States business of 1925 -1938

Another major part that led Haiti into being hapless was the United States business of 1925-1938. The United States took over the state and took control of some of the major recesss of incomes that would hold helped Haiti pay their debts to France. The Bankss and gross aggregation was taken over by the United States authorities. The U.S had the power to find the people who would be the authorities slaves and those who would non. The lone thing that the U.S authorities was unable to get the better of was the instruction construction of Haiti. The state had good rooted Gallic instruction system and hence the U.S authorities found it much disputing to get rid of it. Since the Bankss and aggregation of grosss was taken over by the U.S authorities, the Haitians could non do any investings while the grosss that were collected and meant for the Haiti authorities was by so taken by the U.S authorities go forthing the state with small money to provide for its big population.

6. Haitian Corruptness.

Haitian corruptness is besides another major factor that has led Haiti into poorness. Since 1804, the elite in the state have gathered the wealthy in Haiti and has reserved it for their ain good. This has hence led to low production in the state as the citizens in the lower categories do non acquire motive to work due to these evil workss by the elite. The corruptness being experienced in the state up to day of the month has brought no development in the state and it continues to behind whole other developing states are picking up truly fast ( Diamond 2 ) .

7. Soil Erosion

Tahiti is a dry land that has less harvest screen and this signifies low farming activities that are taking topographic point in the state. The nutrient is non plenty for the full population and therefore the people become less productive due to hunger. The major parts that have led to low nutrient production include inundations and draft that are experienced in the state from clip to clip. Floods have striped the land off its fertile dirt as a consequence of eroding go forthing merely sterile dirt that covers the land. This dirt is unfavourable to nutrient production and the small that is produced is of low quality and measure.

8. Unemployment

Unemployment in Haiti has besides been on the rise. This has been contributed by the low degrees of instruction of the citizens. As a consequence, people who have the potency to assist the state acquire back to its economic system place do non hold the required accomplishment. Therefore, production is lowered as there merely few people who have good paying occupations while a big group looks upon the for their basic demands. The corrupt authorities has failed in its function of supplying the citizens with quality and inexpensive instruction and hence it ‘s the one to fault for the increased poorness degrees in the state.

9. Overpopulation

Overpopulation in Haiti is besides another major factor that has led the state into wretchedness and poorness. The state is really little but the population ranges between 6 and 6.5 people. This figure is really big for such a little state that has low agribusiness production to provide for its turning population. Ironically, the available and productive land is used by the elite in the state to turn nutrient harvests meant for export to Europe and Northern America. This means that if the land was used to turn nutrient harvests for domestic usage, the state would non be holding any jobs feeding the citizens as there would be plentifulness of nutrient for the full population ( Toussaint 1 ) .


In decision, there are steps that need to be taken to forestall further rise in poorness in the country. While others like inundations and temblor can non be done off with, some of the parts like corruptness and illiteracy can be brought to an terminal merely by the intercession of the people in the authorities who care about the public assistance of the common citizens.

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