Cinema is one of the few mediums which have managed to successfully picture the true world of society in general and our lives in peculiar. As like other art signifiers, it depicts the multiple real properties that one is faced with. It explores one of the most cast-off yet ageless truths which every person experiences and that is isolation. Each single longs for societal ties despite belonging to organized societies ; it is what each one of us is finally reduced to.

A Short filmis a proficient description originally coined in theIndian movie industryand used in the North American movie industry in the early period ofcinema. The description is now used about interchangeably withshort topic.

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Although the North American definition by and large refers to shoot between 20 and 40 proceedingss, the definition refers to much shorter movies inEurope, Latin AmericaandAustralasia. InNew Zealand, for case, the description can be used to depict any movie that has continuance longer than one minute and shorter than 15 proceedingss. The North American definition besides tends to concentrate much more on character whereas the European and Australasian signifiers tend to depend much more on ocular play and secret plan turns. In this manner, the North American signifier can be understood to be a derivation of the characteristic movie signifier, normally moving as a platform for aspiring Hollywood managers. Elsewhere, short movies tend to work as show windows for cameramans and commercial managers. ( Short Film )

A short movie manages to state the same narrative as a full length characteristic movie, but in a shorter continuance of clip. It is characterized by the manager ‘s contemplation of the bing societal, political and economic conditions. A short movie narrative is one which can easy be created by people from all walks of life, it has cosmopolitan pertinence. It enables managers working on a little budget to state their narratives to the universe. The endowment in making a short movie lies in pass oning the message of the movie to the audience in a really limited period of clip. The passages in a short movie are of critical importance. What I find challenging is how any individual imbibes from their bing societal conditions and produce work which is efficaciously catching to most persons.

Another ground to brood into this subject of research is that many childs and amateurs start by doing short movies and utilize it as a way to turn. AsDaniel Wiernicki provinces, “Short movies are frequently popular as first stairss into the movie industry among immature film makers. This is because they are cheaper and easier to do, and besides their length makes trunkss more likely to be watched by fiscal angels and others who want some presentation of a film maker ‘s ability. Many things can be achieved by making a short movie so are an ideal chance to acquire recognized and acquire into the industry.” ( Wiernicki )

Through this thesis, I aim to research the universe of short movies in the context of films which have won the CannesShort Film Palme d’Or ( Gallic: Palme d’Or du tribunal mAA©trage ) , which is the highest award given to ashort movie at theCannes Film Festival. These short movies are a representation of different civilizations, political orientations, people, faith, economic background, and political ideas and history from across the universe that come together on one platform and showcase their art.

“ The film is non an art which films life: the film is something between art and life. Unlike picture and literature, the film both gives to life and takes from it, and I try to render this construct in my movies. Literature and painting both exist as art from the really start ; the film does n’t. ”

– Jean- Luc Godard


Throughout our history, worlds have looked for different signifiers of showing themselves. These looks were in the signifier of poesy, literature, vocals, dramas, dancing, etc. movies are one of the latest signifiers of look that has been adopted by the people around the universe to portray their positions on their milieus, any event, or minute that captivates them and they want to demo it to the universe. The beauty of the movies nowadays is that you can take away from world and present something beyond the human imaginativeness at the same clip one can show the rough worlds of life that some do n’t cognize approximately. Movies as a medium of communications can be used to distribute 1s message or position across the universe.

History of Cinema ( History of Film )

The birth of the movies happened in 1878, when Eadweard Muybridge recorded a Equus caballus running in fast gesture utilizing a series of 24 stereoscopic cameras. With the development of engineering came of the ‘Silent epoch ‘ . Till the 1920s films were soundless, though at times they were accompanied by instrumentalists, sound effects, or even commentary at times.

1940s to 60s- War and Post War Cinema

The wartime saw huge alteration in the film as more focal point was given to propaganda and loyal movies. Movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Citizen Cane were pieces of this period.

The cold war epoch brought films filled with paranoia such as – Invading Armies of Evil Aliens and anti- communist films such as the Manchurian Candidate. The oncoming of telecasting in the station war epoch besides threatened the cinematic industry as a medium of watching movies.

During this Period, Asian Cinema specifically saw a aureate age. Some of the greatest chef-d’oeuvres of the Asiatic film were produced during this period. These include plants like: Yasujiro Ozu’sTokyo Story ( 1953 ) , Satyajit Ray’sThe Apu Trilogy ( 1955-1959 ) andThe Music Room ( 1958 ) , Kenji Mizoguchi’sUgetsu ( 1954 ) andSansho the Bailiff ( 1954 ) , Raj Kapoor’sAwaara ( 1951 ) , Mikio Naruse’sFloating Clouds ( 1955 ) , Guru Dutt’sPyaasa ( 1957 ) andKaagaz Ke Phool ( 1959 ) , and theAkira Kurosawa movies Rashomon ( 1950 ) , Ikiru ( 1952 ) , Seven Samurai ( 1954 ) andThrone of Blood ( 1957 ) .

seventiess: Post-classical film

This term is used to depict the period following the diminution of thestudio systemduring the 1950s and 1960s and the terminal of theproduction codification. During the 1970s, film makers progressively depicted expressed sexual content and showed gunplay and conflict scenes that included in writing images of bloody deceases.

The 1980s were filled with films let go ofing with subsequences like Star Wars, Jaws, and Indiana Jones. The audience besides started to watch films on their VCR at place during this period.

1990s to show: Contemporary Film

The 1990s saw the development of the independent film with commercial success. Particular effects besides ruled during this period as it was being to a great extent used by the successful films of the period like: Exterminator 2: Judgment Day ( 1991 ) andTitanic ( 1997 ) .

During the 2000s, documental genre of movie devising besides rose as can be seen with the success of films such as March of the Penguins, and Fahrenheit 9/11. Addition in the job of digital distribution due to violation of right of first publications, and buccaneering besides has reached highs during this period.

Cinema as a whole during this decennary has become more planetary with foreign-language movies deriving popularity in English-speaking markets. Movies such as City of Gods ( Portugese ) , Lagaan ( Hindi ) , and the Passion of the Christ ( Aramaic ) .

“Some have described the prevalent manner of the period aspostmodernbecause many modern-day movies are unpolitical, ahistorical, intertextual, and less tied to the conventions of a individual genre or civilization. The multinational circulation and genre hybridity of modern-day movies is exemplified by the increasing planetary popularity of non- English speech production cinema.” ( Film Studies, 2009 )

Major Genres of Movies:

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime & A ; Gangster movies, Drama, Epic/ Historical movies, Horror, Musical, Science fiction, War ( anti- war ) , Western, and Eastern movies.

Theyare wide plenty to suit practically any movie of all time made, although movie classs can ne’er be precise. By insulating the assorted elements in a movie and categorising them in genres, it is possible to easy measure a movie within its genre and let for meaningful comparings and some judgements on illustriousness. Films werenotreally subjected to genre analysis by movie historiographers until the seventiess. All movies have at least one major genre, although there are a figure of movies that are considered hybrids or loanblends with three or four overlapping genre ( orsub-genre ) types that place them. ( Dirks )

History of Short Films

‘Short topic ‘ a name ab initio given to Short Films came into being in the 1910s when the bulk of the characteristic films were being made into loner run-time editions. The name ‘short topic ‘ is an American movie industry term, which was assigned to any movie within 20 proceedingss long or running two reels. Short capable movies could be comedy, animated, or unrecorded action. One of the best known users of short topic was Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin.

In 1930s came the lag of the short topics, fundamentally produced by Warner Bros and Famous studios that owned their ain theaters to showcase the movies. By 1995s, the rise of telecasting led to the choking of the unrecorded action- short and at the same clip the autumn sketch short. Since the 1960s, bulk of the managers of short movies have been particular studio undertakings or independent movie shapers.

Since the 1980s, short movie term was being used for short topic. Short movie as a term describes the non- commercial movie that is much shorter in clip length than a characteristic film/ an analogy that can be drawn for short movie to a characteristic movie is that of a novelette and a novel.

The short film makers to a great extent depend on the short movie festivals and art exhibitions to showcase their short movies. At the same clip, these movie shapers have more freedom to take up more hard subjects than normal feature movies as the hazards are lower. Short movie devising is now a turning as more and more amateurs, pupils, common adult male, and partisans are taking this up because of the affordability of the engineering to do such movies. At the same clip one can showcase his work to the universe by uploading it on web portals and sharing it with others. It is an country where people are turning to as a avocation, as an art, to accomplish their signifier looks. ( Wiernicki )

Festival de Cannes

“ The Festival is an unpolitical no-man’s-land, a microcosm of what the universe would be like if people could reach each other straight and talk the same linguistic communication. ”

– Jean Cocteau

Bing first big international cultural event after the World War II, the Festival de Cannes opened on 20th September, 1946. The Palme d’Or was created in 1955. Palme d’Or became the digesting symbol of the Cannes Film Festival, awarded each and every twelvemonth since to the manager of the Best Feature Film of the Official Competition.

At present, Festival de Cannes invites movie shapers from around the universe to show their work in one topographic point and exchange cultural experiences. The choices for the awards are done from a nomination of movies from all over the universe, from different socio-economic backgrounds, different civilizations, and different historical backgrounds.

Cannes offers an chance to find a peculiar state ‘s image of its film. Festival de Cannes is a runing pot of planetary film and film makers. This is the ground why I have undertaken the survey of the award winning short movies at festival de Cannes.

( Festival History )


Looking at the current literature reappraisal, we see that there is a cognition spread sing the survey of Short Films in the modern-day film as a communicating medium. This topic requires an in-depth analysis and more research to come up with some positions in this country.


  1. To take selected plants of Short Films of modern-day film, last ten old ages victor of Cannes Palme d’Or du tribunal mAA©trage ( 1999-2009 ) , and analyse the context and signifier of Short movies.
  2. Content of the victors of the Cannes Short Film awards ( 1999-2009 ) in context of political, sociological, economical, and historical backgrounds.
  3. To analyze the narrative codifications in the movies to get at a deeper apprehension of the short movies.


The Qualitative research methodological analysis is used in this survey. The method would affect content analysis ( Roland Barthes ) , text/narrative analysis and semiotic analysis of the films.

The Sample:

The Short Film award victors of Palme d’Or du tribunal mAA©trage ( Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or ) in Festival de Cannes in the last 10 old ages ( 1999-2009 ) . The undermentioned Short Films have been selected for the survey:

  1. Sphere
  2. Megatron
  3. Ver Llover
  4. Sniffer
  5. Podorozhni
  6. Trafic
  7. Cracker Bag
  8. Eso Utan
  9. Bean Cake
  10. Anino

Why the above Sample?

The above following sample has been chosen for the ground being that theFestival de Cannes ( le Festival de Cannes ) , founded in 1946, is one of the universe ‘s oldest, finest and most prestigiousfilm festivals which has a really good representation of managers from across the universe from different cultural, political, historical, spiritual, economical, and sociological backgrounds. This provides us with a assortment of content for our survey. The above films are selected besides on the footing of them being a portion of modern-day film.

How to Study Short Films

Some of the salient points/ inquiries that will be used to make this survey of short movies are as follows:

1. Who is stating the narrative? Why is it being told? Does it look to hold a intent?
( media bureaus, auctorial voice, authors and ‘auteurs ‘ , selling, economic sciences, political orientation )

2. How is it experient? Who ‘consumes ‘ it, where and in what manner?
( readers and media audiences- private and public experience, narrative constructions )

3. How is it made?
( movie engineering, publication and episodic publishing-the differences they make to the production procedure every bit good as to the finished merchandise )

4. How does it build significance?
( movie linguistic communication and written language-expectations of audiences and readers, codifications and conventions, narrative constructions )

5. How does it stand for its subject- particularly with mention to period?
( representation, usage of stereotypes, representation of the yesteryear )



Three Wayss of Thinking & A ; Talking About Films ( Wilder, 1997 )

Literary Aspects

Dramatic Aspects

Cinematic Aspects

Who are the characters in the movie?

Did the histrions make you forget they were moving? How?

What vivid ocular images did you observe? What did they make you feel or think about?

What is the movie ‘s scene?

Were costumes, makeup, and set every bit of import to the success of the movie?

What sounds or music do you retrieve? What did they make you feel or think about?

What are the chief secret plan elements?

In what scene was an histrion ‘s voice ( pitch, volume, look ) peculiarly effectual?

What scenes can you understand even without duologue? Why?

From whose point of position is the narrative told?

Choose a scene that must hold been hard to move. How did the histrion do his or her organic structure motions appropriate and convincing?

What scene has really effectual or unusual redaction?

What is the subject of the movie?

Describe a scene in which facial look was of import. What feelings were developed? Were words necessary?

If the movie uses particular effects, do they add to or take away from your enjoyment of the movie?

What is the temper of the movie?

Did the histrions set up their characters more through duologue or through motion and facial looks?

What symbols did you detect?

How is this movie like or unlike other movies by the manager? Does this manager have a recognizable “ manner ” ?

Was there anything about the playing, set, or costumes that bothered you or interfered with your observation of the movie?


Given that the art of doing Short Films is on the upward tendency it is necessary to analyse the current tendencies, narrations, and the context of the Short Films genre in our modern-day film. We have adequate cognition on characteristic length films but we lack information on the Short Films of our age. The survey of this medium is of import as Short movies are a extremely effectual medium of communicating and will derive importance traveling frontward. As more and more people are turning towards Short Film doing due to handiness to engineering, it is one field that needs attending in our universe of film. A survey of its content will give us a better apprehension of the Short Films and universe around us through their camera range is imperative.



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