All full-time pupils are entitled to a lower limit of two one-to-one tutorial Sessionss per semester. These Sessionss form a cardinal portion of all full-time acquisition programmes/courses. The following gives general counsel on the procedure. The paperwork needed to enter the procedure is contained subsequently in this file.

1.2 The bringing and timing

Each pupil should have 4 single advancement reappraisals ( IPRs ) throughout the twelvemonth. Each reappraisal should last 15 proceedingss and be delivered, whenever possible, in a private scene. The IPRs take topographic point either following each group tutorial or at scheduled hebdomads during the twelvemonth in topographic point of the group. These Sessionss can be one or one and half-hours plus half an hr ‘planning clip ‘ .

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1.3 The intent

Individual tutorials can accomplish a scope of intents but for most pupils on most occasions, the one-to-one tutorial offers focused clip to profit their single acquisition. In this sense the intent of the Sessionss are to:

Improve self-awareness ; place strengths and failings

Improve academic public presentation through clear marks and actions

Give the chance to discourse cardinal issues such as public presentation, attending, behavior

Identify barriers and discourse support

Increase self-pride, assurance and personal growing

Promote a committedness to alter where alteration is needed

1.4 The procedure

The procedure needs to:

Encourage personal contemplation to clear up where and how advancement has been made and where and how farther advancement is needed

Recognise and celebrate accomplishments to re-enforce personal assurance and growing

Promote high outlooks that are disputing but non overpowering

Set ends and marks and actions to accomplish them

Supply support and encouragement without taking duty

Help decide conflicting precedences

1.5 The certification

Each coach will hold a paper based IILP and besides separate IPR record sheets.

Before the session pupils should be asked to inquire to reflect on their public presentation over the last hebdomads and to reexamine their strengths and failings and sing marks and actions for betterment. The pupil and coach will hold marks and actions at the IPR, which will be completed by both parties at the session.

1.6 The phases

To accomplish the above, all the undermentioned phases need to be undertaken:


Puting the clime

The duologue

Puting marks


2.0 Monitoring and Improving Performance

2.1 Drumhead

Self-assessment, aim puting and action planning are cardinal elements to the procedure of monitoring and bettering a pupil ‘s public presentation and are a cardinal portion of the tutorial programme. This procedure allows pupils to:

Measure their ain strengths, abilities and barriers to larning

To supervise their ain public presentation and advancement

To place countries for development and how to accomplish them

To seek aid where necessary

To go independent scholars

2.2 Elementss

Target scene and action planning are a cardinal portion of the tutorial programme. There are 5 elements to the procedure:

1. Initial Self-assessment at Induction and on traveling through class

Identify/review strengths and countries for betterment


Set general calling and acquisition purposes

4. Continuous reappraisal of advancement and resetting marks

2. Complete the Initial Individual Learning Plan

3. At ILP Review: puting initial outlooks and action planning

Initial ego appraisal is carried out during initiation

Initiation is besides used to finish nucleus informations of the IILP and to explicate the IPR procedure of mark scene and action planning to supervise and better public presentation

The Individual Learning Plan will enter the pupil ‘s current place and general, calling and acquisition ends and put initial marks

The hebdomad before each IPR session, pupils should reexamine their accomplishments, measure their advancement on their marks and put new 1s.

At each IPR the advancement towards the marks will be discussed, and evaluated and recorded.

2.3 Self Assessment

Good self-assessment is a accomplishment that in itself needs to be developed. Many pupils ( and so coachs ) find the procedure hard. We are fresh to being brooding about what we have done and frequently lack the vocabulary or assurance to make this.

At initiation pupil will be given the chance to self buttocks in three countries:

Skills and Qualities – personal qualities and features

What sort of pupil are you? – attacks to larning

Learning manners penchant

This is the clip to present to pupils the intent and importance of self-assessment. In order to develop and better pupils need to understand themselves as a pupil. This is portion of the acquisition procedure and when done good can better public presentation by recognizing and so concentrating on the things that are forestalling pupils from come oning and making good. This so leads to the scene of clear marks and actions to really make something to turn to these issues and better public presentation.

In order to develop the accomplishment, self appraisal should be a uninterrupted procedure where a pupil is given the chance on a regular footing at the terminal of learning Sessionss to reexamine their advancement to day of the month and to see 3 cardinal issues:

What went good and why? ( strengths/ accomplishments )

What did non travel good and why? ( countries for betterment )

What have I learnt from this that I may necessitate to make otherwise in the hereafter? ( marks and action programs )

This could be delivered in a simpler format. e.g.

What bits of the lesson, assignment, workshop Sessionss did you bask.

What was non so gratifying?

Can you explicate why?

What would you make otherwise?

The ‘why? ‘ is the hardest portion of the inquiry. Supply your pupils with a model that allows them to believe of their strengths and failings in a systematic manner.

A general model is shown at a lower place, as is a templet for self-assessment that can be used in the tutorial Sessionss on self-assessment before each IPR.

2.4 Puting Targets and Actions

The clear scene of marks and action programs can be really motivational for a pupil. They should give the pupil a strong sense of way about what they have to accomplish to better and specifically what action they need to take to accomplish it.

The marks should be straight related to the countries of betterment and strengths identified through the self-assessment procedure. They should associate to the entirety of a pupil ‘s public presentation and cover any facets that may impact on that public presentation.

The marks and action programs should demo:

What needs to be done

How it needs to be done

How much clip it will take

By when

Who or what will be needed to assist them

Below are some illustrations of good and hapless mark puting

Unacceptable targets/action

Complete Module 6

Improve assurance

maintain on top of work

work difficult and complete degree 1

make good at arrangement & A ; complete assignment

practical appraisals and complete unit

All right Targets/actions

bill of exchange my personal statement for my UCAS signifier

make a survey journal

research some calling options

Good targets/actions

Read UCAS signifier counsel, do photocopies of signifier, talk through thoughts for what to include with X, Y, Z, Prepare foremost bill of exchange by October 10th

Spend 15 mins a twenty-four hours for the following 3 hebdomads working on per centums, ratios and volumes from the workbook

Speak to Careers Adviser at Careers Drop In Service, Use Careers information including package programmes in library to place work country, Use this information to research scope of occupations in chosen work country.

3.0 Conducting the Individual Progress Review

Students like “ ..being listened to and respected. ” Research tells us that “ ..the presence of a important grownup makes a difference ” to the acquisition experience. The ILP Review is a valuable chance for you to hear what is traveling to enable the pupil to larn.

Remember that a cardinal index of a successful session is that the pupil does most of the speaking and the coach “ actively listens ” .

3.1. Preparation

Read and reflect on these counsel notes

Explain intent of one-to-one Sessionss during group tutorial at Induction

Ask pupils to finish a self appraisal model in a group tutorial before the IPR

Gather informations on attending, work completion ( subsequent to first reappraisal )

If you need to, fix a set of “ unfastened ” inquiries

There needs to be lucidity about the intent of the Sessionss ( supplying grounds of advancement, reflecting on public presentation, and puting marks for betterment ) . By doing certain that you and the pupil know why the meeting is taking topographic point it will be more productive than a friendly “ how are things traveling? ” confab ( or, still worse, the non so friendly “ Well, things are n’t traveling excessively good, are they? Variety ) Crucially, the centrality of the single reappraisal to the pupil ‘s larning programme demands to be signalled clearly from the beginning ( in Induction ) . If you “ sell ” these Sessionss half-heartedly as “ one of those cross-college procedures we merely have to travel through ” that is what they will go.

3.2 Puting the Climate

Ensure that the room and furniture are arranged to back up a private treatment

Ensure that treatment takes place free from break

If the intent of one-to-one tutorials is to construct self-esteem as a preliminary to bettering public presentation it will be critical to construct the right clime. Part of this is guaranting that the pre-session readying has taken topographic point and so that the session happens in a confidential environment, free from break where the full focal point is on the pupil.

The Dialogue

Coach and student start work from pupil ‘s self-assessment

Students talk, coachs listen

Use unfastened inquiries

Student and coach identify and celebrate success

Student identifies countries for development

“ Peoples are by and large better persuaded by the grounds which they have themselves discovered, than by those which have come into the heads of others. ”

Effective tutoring is about communicating. The one-to-one session demands to be a duologue where the pupil communicates his/her aspirations, successes, demands, jobs and solutions and the coach communicates involvement, attention, enthusiasm and support. Skills cardinal to this procedure are:

3.4 Listening

Good listening involves:

Looking interested in the scholar

Understating distractions

Bing patient

Keeping up with the pupil ‘s contemplations and thoughts

Avoiding doing early opinions

Using non-verbal marks to promote or hold

Timing silences so that they indicate contemplation but do non ensue in uncertainness

and avoiding:


Giving advice while the pupil is speaking

and retrieving that:

One of the cardinal success indexs for one-to-one Sessionss is that the pupil does most of the speaking.

Opening proceedingss

Initially avoid filling in the signifier and give your full attending to the pupil. Use the first 5 proceedingss to listen and observe any item which “ tells the narrative ” . Possibly get down by inquiring:

“ How have you found your first few hebdomads in college? ”

and so listen to how they feel so far – it will state you a batch about them.

3.6 Using Open Questions

Adept inquiring can assist the coach develop a deeper apprehension of the pupil and assist them to a better apprehension of their acquisition. It is important for coachs to cognize what type of inquiry to inquire and when to inquire them.

Use the pupil ‘s existent words and look into that any summing up you make is accurate. With each of your intercessions wait for the response and see promoting farther item with, for illustration: –

“ State me some more about thataˆ¦.. ”

“ What you say is of import / sounds importantaˆ¦aˆ¦ ”

“ Sounds like you are certain about / non certain aboutaˆ¦aˆ¦. ? ”

“ That sounds good / difficult / interesting / hard

“ We need to observe this down. .We can look into advancement following time.. ”

As coachs, you need to believe carefully about the framing of your inquiries. Just how unfastened and wide the inquiry can be will depend on the single pupil and the phase they are at in their development. For illustration, inquiring a Foundation pupil at the start of their class “ What are your strengths ( or countries for betterment ) ? ” may non work. Think back to your first occupation interview and retrieve the troubles you likely had in replying merely such a inquiry. To enable the pupil to get at this self-assessment will likely take a spot of examining. For illustration, as a start:

Can you state me what you hope to accomplish by coming to college?

What is/was your time-keeping like at work/school?

Can you state me about anything you peculiarly bask ( ed. ) about your school/work/social life?

Can you state me about something that you have done at home/school/work that you feel peculiarly proud of?

How do you experience about the college so far?

These inquiries, for illustration, could ensue in identified strengths such as:

Clear calling purpose ; successful experience of working in a squad ; good clip maintaining ; feels positive about the college and wants to be here.

3.7 Puting marks

Puting long-run and short-run marks can be motivational for pupils. Long-run ends articulate the vision for the hereafter. Short-run marks can promote stretch through mensural explosions of larning activity. Action points stipulate how marks are to be achieved. This is discussed in subdivision below.

3.8 Closing

Check apprehension of marks

Ask if there are any inquiries pupil wants to inquire

Be positive and supportive

Complete paperwork

Set day of the month for following meeting

Thank pupil for go toing

It is indispensable to stop the session in a positive manner so that the pupil is clear about what he or she needs to make and has the assurance to make it. Coachs need to promote pupils to summarize the actions agreed. Many pupils will happen this hard but it is of import that they own the actions. It is better for the coach to motivate the pupils to assist them to summarize instead than to make it all themselves.

Prompts could be:

What did you say you wanted to make about organizing your work clip?

How were you traveling to better your research?

Can I remind you aboutaˆ¦aˆ¦ .

We spoke earlier aboutaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦

Can I suggest thataˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦

3.9 Record maintaining

It is indispensable that the coach and the pupil maintain a record of the session on their IPR and that these are used to fix for the undermentioned session.

4.0 First Review: Initial Individual Learning Plan ( IILP )

4.1 What is an Initial Individual Learning Plan?

The College IILP is a papers, which records an initial appraisal of the pupil ‘s accomplishments, abilities and aspirations from which to supervise and record and reappraisal advancement throughout the twelvemonth. This will include:

Personal inside informations

Previous schools

Qualifications including highest degree achieved

Relevant makings to class

Literacy and Numeracy Initial Assessment and Diagnostic consequences

Identified Learning Support demands

Student support referral

This information should be completed by the terminal of hebdomad 1.

4.2 IILP Discussion

This provides a opportunity to guarantee the pupil is cognizant of their ain acquisition profile e.g. larning support, larning manners and to discourse what this means and how it will impact on their acquisition. Invite the pupil to mention to their self-assessment procedure. Talk to pupils about their Diagnostic consequences particularly in the context of IELTS consequences. Explain the of import of literacy and numeracy accomplishments and how these will be developed in their class and for some pupils, through extra acquisition support

This is besides the clip to look into with pupils about their longer term programs, set outlooks of public presentation and behavior and to hold some initial marks including class purposes


The coach to larn more about those things in the pupil ‘s life which could impact on their acquisition

The pupil to joint acquisition and calling purposes

The pupil to place their ain countries of strengths and those for betterment from the self appraisal procedure

to place any barriers and together explore ways of overcoming any possible obstructions

Puting of initial outlooks ( see below )

Check on suitableness of programme and arrange transportation if necessary


Students will hold completed self-assessment questionnaires in initiation

Coachs already complete first page of the IILP

Coach to finish 2nd subdivision of signifier with pupil.

Student to take a transcript of both

5.0 The Individual Progress Reviews

5.1 Drumhead


Student to go on to develop self-assessment accomplishments

To look at advancement statistically in footings of attending, work completed and classs

To construct on work of IILP Review and follow up where appropriate

To reexamine advancement against initial marks and put new marks as appropriate

Identify accomplishments and barriers to success


Student to convey completed self-assessment and new marks

Coach and pupil to each have their transcript of any old IPR paperss

Note attending informations is indispensable for this meeting

Student Preparation

Where possible you should finish a group tutorial on self-assessment. In this session pupils will hold:

Further reviewed their ain strengths, failings, qualities and accomplishments and their advancement on the class

Completed self appraisal model

Reviewed their initial marks and provisionally put new 1s

5.2 Sections on Form

5.2.1 What do I desire to make next? Career Aim

Check with the pupil that their purpose is relevant and realistic. Associate their purpose to the makings they will necessitate to accomplish it. Amend if necessary. Make certain the calling purpose is every bit specific as possible Internet Explorer non something in finance but what type, what type of concern, where

5.2.2 Attendance

Focus on the importance of attending ; retrieve the purpose is 100 % and this should ever be the mark. If attending is below this it must be steadfastly addressed and if appropriate usage the disciplinary procedure to publish verbal or other warnings and agree actions for alteration. It is utile to do attending betterments a mark and can be portion of the countries for betterment.

Where pupils are fighting to recognize their accomplishments offer your feedback – “ I can see that your attending is satisfactory/that you are determined ” ( if true! ) As coach consider mentioning for reding support if you think there may be an emotional content to the battle.

5.2.3 Strengths/ Areas for Improvement

Strengths – What has the pupil achieved since get downing the class?

Students are more likely to stay motivated if their work is recognised by you and you demonstrate that you have heard what their self-assessment is: –

“ I can see that you have done good here. ”

“ Its good that you can state me how you are assisting yourself win ”

If the pupil is hesitating start by offering one such as:

“ Well I can see from what you have told me that you are committed / interested / acute / know yourself / have prepared really good ”

Focus on accomplishments and be generous with congratulations. Try to guarantee the accomplishments are non merely class related but besides use to behaviour, attitude, survey accomplishments etc.

Troubles ( Areas for Improvements ) – possibly state

“ Can you state me about one country which you think you are traveling to necessitate to work on ”

Highlight countries of concern that you have: be steadfast and clear about what you are non happy with and why particularly in footings of impact on their ain accomplishment or of others.

Identify barriers eg Outside committednesss affect college work –

“ and is at that place anything that will halt you acquiring through college? ”

“ how are you be aftering to pull off? ”

Avoid overpowering the pupil and listen to their thoughts and programs

Promote the pupil to work out what is acquiring in the manner

Help the pupil place what needs to go on to do that betterment

Prioritise actions

5.2.4 Puting Expectations

There are 4 standards, which have been identified as critical factors in both predicting and influencing success for a pupil. Each of these ( as shown below ) should be given a class 1 to 10 ( where 10 is high ) to bespeak the existent and expected degree of public presentation for the first term of the class. You should besides foretell an expected class grade or degree.


Behaviour/ Motivation

Course Performance/ Meeting Deadlines

Study Skills/ Approach to Learning

5.2.5 Puting Targets and Actions

These ‘targets ‘ will organize the footing for measuring public presentation at the following IPR. The mark is the country in which they need to work ; the actions are what they need to make to better on these countries eg ;

Target: Punctuality: arrive 5 proceedingss before the start of all categories for the following 3 hebdomads

Actions: Look up the coach timetables, lucifer to college timetable, let an excess 10 mins each twenty-four hours to get, set up that you wake up at a set clip.

They should be specific and elaborate. Ask yourself if, when the pupil leaves the Sessionss, they have a clear and strong sense of what they personally need to make to better their public presentation. The marks or actions should be linked to the countries for betterments antecedently identified.

At this phase pupils are still likely to be ill-defined what targets to put and will necessitate aid and counsel from you to put meaningful marks. Seeking and inquiring for aid is an of import portion of the accomplishment of independent acquisition. Promote pupils to place who can assist and the function they played.

If there are external issues impacting the pupil ‘s public presentation guarantee an appropriate referral to student support is made.

Discuss the pupils Learning Literacy Numeracy demands and advancement. Mention to their diagnostic consequences.

Did the pupil achieve their marks? If non why non?

Measure the public presentation of the pupil on the cardinal mark standards to day of the month. See how this varies from the 1s set. Discuss grounds for non falling below the outlooks and praise the meeting or exceeding of the marks where possible linked to specific actions that the pupil has done that has helped them to accomplish this. Eg “ You have been puting aside half an hr a twenty-four hours to reexamine your notes and that is truly assisting your class public presentation ”

It is most helpful to acquire the pupils to place their ain advancement. However, give feedback where you can see something that they are non recognizing. Promote them to work out precisely what helped them to accomplish their mark as this will assist with future action programs.

You truly persevered and did non give up. Excellent!

Are you stating that be aftering your clip made a difference?

It is of import to acquire the pupil to: –

Celebrate their accomplishments and recognize how they succeeded, and/or

Identify what still needs making / what has non worked to accomplish their SMART Targets and why this has non worked. This procedure can to take to a revised action program, turn toing old obstructions therefore enabling the original mark to be amended and achieved.

Agree with the pupils the marks for the following period. This should be in treatment and dialogue about what is realistic whilst still being disputing.

5.2.6 On Path to Achieve

At the IPR you need to place if the pupil is on path to accomplish their making with a mark class where relevant. The object is to clearly place those who are executing ill and who may be improbable to accomplish.

This must be discussed with your Course Team Leader and an action program devised support any pupils at hazard of non accomplishing.

6.0 Career Planning Agreement ( CPA )

6.1 Purpose

Career Planning: To guarantee that the pupil has made agreements for the following measure e.g. patterned advance to the following twelvemonth of the class, employment or further/higher instruction and to enter those agreements

The concluding phase of the IPR procedure is a Career Planning understanding papers. This will let you to enter, through treatment with the pupil their calling programs. There are four options:

Continuing in FE

Continuing in HE

Traveling to Employment

Not yet certain

Plus referral subdivision

6.2 Completing the signifier

With the pupil finish the relevant subdivision. Make certain that you believe the calling program is realistic and relevant and that the pupil has taken the necessary stairss towards accomplishing it e.g. completed an application signifier for the following degree class. If the pupil is non certain, discuss options that are available and what needs to be done to travel on.

Use the IPR as the chance to guarantee that the pupil is clear about their following measure and has made agreements to acquire at that place. For illustration, if the pupil wishes to take another class at the college ensures that they have researched chances ( prospectus, class information sheet, and interview with the Careers Manager ) and completed and submitted an application signifier.

B TutoriaL – Group SESSIONS

A Tutorial – ONE to ONE SESSIONS 2


1.1 Introduction 3

1.2 The bringing and timing 3

1.3 The intent 3

1.4 The procedure 3

1.5 The certification 3

1.6 The phases 4

2.0 Monitoring and Improving Performance 4

2.1 Drumhead 4

2.2 Elementss 4

2.3 Self Assessment 5

2.4 Puting Targets and Actions 5

3.0 Conducting the Individual Progress Review 6

3.1. Preparation 6

3.2 Puting the Climate 7

3.1The Dialogue 7

3.4 Listening 7

3.5Opening proceedingss 8

3.6 Using Open Questions 8

3.7 Puting marks 9

3.8 Closing 9

3.9 Record maintaining 9

4.1 What is an Initial Individual Learning Plan? 9

5.0 The Individual Progress Reviews 10

5.1 Drumhead 10

5.2 Sections on Form 11

6.0 Career Planning Agreement ( CPA ) 13

B TutoriaL – Group SESSIONS 15


1.0 Group Tutorial Programme 17

1.1 Drumhead 17

1.3 Elementss of the programme 17

1.4 Learning Outcomes for Group Tutorials 17

1.5 Materials 18

2.0 Tutorial Programmes 18

2.1 Entitlement 18

2.2 Modifying your Program 18

2.3 Constructing Your Own Tutorial Programme 18

3.0 Group Tutorial Sessions 19

Course 20

Electronic mail 20

Mobile 20

Overall attending to day of the month 20

What have been my chief accomplishments, where have I made important advancement? 20

College of Banking and Financial Studies Appendix 2 21

Advancement on Course 21

1.0 Group Tutorial Programme

1.1 Drumhead

45 min or 1 hr session delivered over the class of the twelvemonth

Scope of options grouped into 5 chief subjects

Program to be built harmonizing to the demands and degrees of the pupils

The group tutorial programme is made up of a series of 45 infinitesimal – one-hour Sessionss scheduled throughout the twelvemonth. The figure of group tutorial Sessionss varies from 10 to 20./25


The group tutorial programme is the clip for pupils to develop a wider scope of accomplishments that will assist them non merely in their chief class of survey but besides in development as an person and in readying for the their following stairss into farther survey or work.

The Sessionss should be structured, planned lessons that fulfil a particular and stated larning purpose.

These tutorials are a mandatory portion of a pupil ‘s acquisition programme and must be taken earnestly by the coach and the benefits clearly explained to the pupils.

The Sessionss besides allow the pupils to develop accomplishments, cognition and information outside their chief class of survey such as, healthy feeding and personal safety. It is besides the clip to let group treatment and argument on cardinal issues related to the pupil experience at college and that will feed into the Student Servicess

1.3 Elementss of the programme

The programme must hold:

A scope of elements during the twelvemonth covering the chief subjects

infinite for at least 3 IPR ‘s,

Sessionss on either career/progression planning and for Level 3 groups, HE options and UCAS readying

Time for pupil voice work ; readying for pupil council or course of study feedback Sessionss and feedback from these events

For the staying Sessionss you can:

follow the set programme for each degree with given Sessionss for each hebdomad

modify the set programme with alternate Sessionss appropriate to your pupils

construct a individualized programme by choosing from the options in dialogue with your pupils

1.4 Learning Outcomes for Group Tutorials

Like any lesson, a group tutorial session demands to hold a clear acquisition result that can be communicated and explained to pupils and which allows you to measure if the lesson has achieved its purposes. Without outcomes the programme can stagger in the ‘why are we making this – what ‘s the point ‘ issue so normally heard from pupils. This leads to de-motivation and detachment from the procedure. Yet tutorials really clearly function a intent ; the job is that the purposes are frequently non explicit to either pupils or staff.

To get the better of this, the tutorial programme is to be built on the undermentioned subjects:

Analyzing for Success

acquisition manners, survey wonts, survey accomplishments, note pickings, composing accomplishments, self appraisal, giving and having feedback, debating accomplishments, mark scene, research methods, clip direction

Personal Skills 1

hearing, squad work, communicating accomplishments, struggle direction, assertiveness

Personal accomplishments 2

personal safety, healthy feeding, stress direction, fiscal direction

Traveling on/ Work Readiness

Career picks, options, CVs, HE choices, fixing UCAS applications, work preparedness, wage, employment rights, fiscal direction, employer outlooks

Equality and Diverseness

Anti intimidation, individualities, cultural consciousness, disablement consciousness


rights and duties, community work

Any tutorial session, group or person may accomplish one or more of these results depending on how it is delivered and these should be clearly stated within the lesson programs.

1.5 Materials

The lesson lineations can be used as the footing for single lessons but should ever be adapted into specific lesson programs appropriate and relevant to the pupils, i.e. related straight to the course of study.

2.0 Tutorial Programs

This subdivision contains tutorial programmes for English Language Foundation Programme pupils and Professional Study groups. This is the college ‘s default programme and is what you will be expected to present unless you have understanding to modify the programme.

2.1 Entitlement

All full-time pupils are entitled to have a lower limit of 12 hours of group tutorial Sessionss in the twelvemonth. They will besides have a 15 minute one-to-one Individual Progress Reviews. A tutorial strategy of work must be included in your class enchiridion and discussed with your pupils at initiation.

2.2 Modifying your Program

The Tutorial programmes are an lineation. Within this model alterations can, and in many instances should, be made harmonizing to the demands of your group. For illustration, professional Study groups will likely necessitate to pass several Sessionss on HE Research or survey accomplishments. The group tutorial strategy of work should be agreed with your Course Manager.

2.3 Constructing Your Own Tutorial Programme

If you choose to construct your ain tutorial programme you need to make the followers.

Work with your squad or pupils to make up one’s mind on the group tutorial Sessionss you would wish to present

Produce a tutorial strategy of work. Include the mandatory Sessionss for IPRs

Add the Sessionss you wish to present throughout the twelvemonth to make a new tutorial strategy of work

Agree with your class director

The programme should hold a mix of larning results that will let the pupils to be exposed to a scope of experiences. You will necessitate to choose those most relevant to the demands of the group and the degree at the appropriate clip.

3.0 Group Tutorial Sessions

The programme at each degree is built around 6 subjects or faculties. The set tutorial programme gives a usher of what can be covered in each of these countries but you can make up one’s mind to present your ain elements or include external visits or guest talkers.

The six faculties are:

Faculty 1: Analyzing for Success

Faculty 2: Personal Skills 1

Faculty 3: Personal Skills: 2

Faculty 4: Traveling on/Work Readiness or Progression to HE/What following?

Faculty 5: Equality and Diverseness

Module 6 Citizenship ; rights and duties, community work

College of Banking and Financial Studies Appendix 1

Monitoring Student Advancement: Individual Progress Review Career Planning Agreement

Student Name:


Contact inside informations

Electronic mail


Overall attending to day of the month


Remarks on attending:

What have been my chief accomplishments, where have I made important advancement?


what do I still

demand to work

on? Areas for


Career Planning Agreement: Please finish the appropriate subdivision 1,2, 3 or 4

Confirm Career Aim

1. Staying in Education: Iron

Staying at CBFS

Traveling to a new college

Traveling to:

Year 2

Following degree in this topic

A new topic

2. remaining in Education: Helium

Already applied



Name of college /university

Name of class:

Plan if you do non acquire required


3. traveling to Employment

Already got a occupation arranged



Name of Employer:

Job Title/Nature of work:

Related to class

Appropriate degree

Necessitate further preparation

Related to Career Plan ( from old IPR )



4. Not certain of Following Measure: Referral to Careers / Student Services

I would wish to speak to Careers/Student Service staff about my calling program



Contact Detailss

E mail:

Mobile Phone No.

College of Banking and Financial Studies Appendix 2

Monitoring Student Advancement: Individual Progress Review ( IPR )



Full Name

Student Number

Personal Coach:

Course Title

Course Code:

Career Aim


Attendance: Expected Course Target




If below 85 % discuss specific actions to better

For the chief countries below discuss with the pupil their Strengths – what have they done good? What countries have they improved on since their last reappraisal? and Areas for betterment – what do they still need to work on? Are at that place any barriers?

Then put agreed mark ( s ) and specific actions that will assist the pupil reach their marks.

For each of the standards, grade on a graduated table of 1 – 10 where you think you presently are and where you would wish to be ( 10 is the highest )

Attendance/ Punctuality

Motivation and Effort


Meeting Deadlines

Advancement on Course











Advancement on Course

Skills for Life: Literacy, Language or Numeracy

Other Aspects: attending, attitudes to larning ; survey accomplishments, behavior


Actions: What do I necessitate to make to run into my mark and to better and come on? By when?

Be specific and elaborate.

Likely achieve class mark: Yes/ No/ Maybe

Student support Referral? To:



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