Development of Cities in Developing Countries in Relation to Rural Urban Migration

Development of metropoliss in developing states in relation to rural urban migration

Most metropoliss in developing states have grown due to assorted grounds. Some have grown because of industrialisation procedures, development of instruction and agriculture. Most metropoliss are characterized by better installations that cut across all sectors of life. Harmonizing Ezcurra et Al ( 1996 ) , most metropoliss have the best medical installations, the best schools, the best substructure, and the best societal installations among others. This has attracted the bulk of rural population to travel rural to the urban centres with the purpose of looking for occupations, seek better medical and health care installations. Some people besides move to the urban centres in order entree better instruction and societal installations.

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The high degree of migration to the urban countries has assorted impacts both on the population and the authorities. Some of the challenges include ; to get down with, the inflow of people to urban centres has ever led to lodging jobs. Most of the town inhabitants have suffered from deficiency of houses and this has led to the building of low standard lodging units. The consequence of this has been the outgrowth of slums in these metropoliss ( Bartone, 1991 ) .

On the other manus, on the other manus harmonizing to Birhan ( 2010 ) , rural urban migration has led to pollution and hapless sanitation in most of the metropoliss. This is because, migration has ever led to congestion and overcrowding in most metropoliss. Most installations hence can non keep the high population and most people hence find themselves being forced to dump waste in countries that are non designated for disposal of waste. On the other manus, most of the sanitation installations such as toilets and lavatories are ever overwhelmed and they can non provide for the demands of all the population.

Harmonizing to McMichael ( 2000 ) , another job is insecurity. It is of import to observe that in most urban centres, most young persons are idle. In order to supply for themselves and their households, the bulk of the unemployed ever resort to condemnable activities in order to supply for themselves. Most of the unemployed particularly the young person are besides so vulnerable that they find themselves being recruited into assorted groups including those that carry out terrorist act activities.

Another job is the rise of street kids and households populating on the streets. Most urban centres in developing states have really many kids remaining in the streets. The ground behind this is that in their enterprise to supply for themselves, these kids move to the streets to look for nutrient as they do humble occupations. On the other manus, those who are unable to happen houses besides resort to remain in the streets where to them there is equal security.

Most of the metropoliss are besides characterized by dislocation of the societal order and moral criterions. There has been increase in the degree of harlotry and other immoral activities. Most urban centres have besides experienced high degree of commercial sex workers. The chief purpose of making this is to happen money for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours endurance ( Chukwuedozie and forbearance, 1996 ) .

It is besides of import to observe that most of the metropoliss have experienced high rate of drugs and substance maltreatment. This is because ; most of these drugs are easy smuggled into the dumbly populated urban slums. On the other manus, most of the drugs are available in low quality and monetary values thereby doing them easy to afford by the young persons.

Finally, as a consequence of rural urban migration, most of the urban centres have experienced high degree of unemployment. This is because ; most of the population that moves to the urban Centres does travel at that place to look for occupations. However, the occupation chances that are available are so scarce that they can non run into the outlook of the occupation searchers.

Reasons why the hapless are vulnerable to the jeopardies

Most of the jobs that are associated with metropoliss ever affect the hapless. This is due to the undermentioned ground ; to get down with, the job of drug and substance maltreatment ever affect the hapless because in most instances, they have small instruction about the effects of drug maltreatment. Very small sensitisation against drug usage is done to the young persons and hence they consume drugs as any other medical specialty.

On the other manus, the job of lodging affects the young person because most of the lodging units are really expensive. Those who find it hard to lease the expensive lodging installations in towns are hence forced to travel to the slums where the cost of the houses are inexpensive and can be easy to afford ( McMichael, 2000 ) .

In add-on, high degree of unemployment normally affects the hapless because they are normally unable to entree the best instruction. There degrees of instruction are hence excessively low therefore doing it hard for them to get some of the baronial occupations. They are hence subjected to low paying occupations that may non enable them run into all their basic demands.

The hapless are besides vulnerable to the job of societal degeneracy and immorality. Most of the hapless are forced to make commercial sex work in order to supply for themselves. On the other manus, most of the hapless in the metropoliss are ever idle and they therefore find themselves watching adult films, entree literature that are likely to foul their moral criterions as they pass clip ( Ezcurra et al, 1996 ) .

It is besides of import to observe that the job of insecurity normally affect the hapless in two dimensions. To get down with, most of the hapless unrecorded in extremely congested countries that make it easy for condemnable activities to boom. The slum inhabitants are hence normally terrorized by condemnable packs. On the other manus, the bulk hapless ever forced to fall back to condemnable activities in order to supply for themselves. It besides of import to observe that the hapless are besides ever easy to enroll into the condemnable packs and groupings because all that they need is a manner out of poorness ( Birhan, 2010 ) .

Schemes that can be followed to better the criterion of life of the urban hapless

In order to better the life criterions of the hapless particularly in the metropoliss, the followers can be done ; foremost, it is of import to upgrade all the houses in the slums. The authorities should supply financess for the upgrading of these slums and avail them to the hapless at comparatively lower monetary values.

Second, it is of import to transport out sensitisation runs against drug usage in the urban centres. In this respect, the young person demand to be taught against the usage of drugs. Assorted bureaus should besides work towards extinguishing and eliminating the sale and supply of these drugs ( McMichael ( 2000 ) .

It is besides of import to make occupation chances for all the unemployed metropolis inhabitants. This will see into it that everyone is positively engaged in his or her station of work. Jobs that meet 1s educational and professional making would guarantee that everyone is comfy at his topographic point of work and hence non to fall back to condemnable activities.

On the other manus, harmonizing to Bartone ( 2010 ) , it is of import to deter people from traveling to the urban centres and alternatively promote them to utilize assorted chances in the rural topographic points. Through this, people would prosecute in agriculture, angling alongside other economic activities in the rural centres thereby supplying for themselves. It is besides necessary to supply assorted societal and instruction installations in the rural scenes so as to deter people from traveling to the urban centres.

Finally, the authorities and non-governmental organisation should work towards bettering sanitation and sewage installations in the urban centres. There is demand to set in topographic point assorted pollution control measures in order to do most of the metropoliss pollution free. Sewages should be upgraded and sanitation installations decently maintained in order to provide for the sanitation demands of everyone.

In decision, most urban centres ever have assorted jobs that non merely do life intolerable to the urban inhabitants but besides make life expensive. Majority of those who suffer from these jobs are normally the hapless. It is of import for the authorities and all the stakeholders to transport out assorted steps to better the lives of the hapless who are shacking in the urban centres.


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