Art Essay

* Art is a term that describes a diverse scope of human activities and the merchandises of those activities. but here refers to the ocular humanistic disciplines. which cover the creative activity of images or objects in Fieldss including pictures. sculpture. printmaking. picture taking. and other ocular media. They are two pictures that have been drawn by Dmitry Levitzky in 1773 and by Millais in 1871. The first portrayal by Dmitry levitzky is called Nelidova. Ekaterina Ivanovna who she is the girl of Lieutenant Ivan Dmitrievich Nelidov.

She was raised in the Smolny Institute for Young Ladies and was noticed at that place by Empress Catherine II. who made her a amah of award to the Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna. subsequently Empress. whose hubby Emperor Pavel I. She was unfeignedly attached to him. although their dealingss were ne’er confidant. She was able to act upon Pavel I. forestalling some of his unwise determinations and fits. She was besides a close friend of the Empress Maria Feodorovna.

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The 2nd portrayal by John Everett Millais is called The Martyr of Solway the “Margaret” depicted by Millais was Margaret Wilson. who was born in 1667 in Glenvernoch in Wigtownshire. She was a immature and god-fearing Presbyterian who was a member of the Covenanters. a Scots Presbyterian motion of the seventeenth century in Scotland who signed the National Covenant in 1638 to corroborate their resistance to the intervention by the Stuart male monarchs in the personal businesss of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The Stuart male monarchs embraced the belief of the Divine Right of the Monarch.

However. non merely did they believe that God wished them to be the infallible swayers of their land – they besides believed that they were the religious caputs of the Church of Scotland. This latter belief was anathema to the Scots. Their belief was rather simple – no adult male. non even a male monarch. could be religious caput of their church. The following piece will show the differences and similarities between the two images in a comparison and a contrast mode. Analyze the cardinal differences. Indicate out the major common points.



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