Olive Garden

Geting off the coach, the cats go over to the side to speak amongst each other. While the misss go in forepart and delay for a cat to escort them indoors. Waiting for a cat from our cross state squad to escort me seeing all the cats choose a miss and escort them inside the eating house, I ‘m get downing to acquire nervous on who is traveling to take me and non cognize if I will be the miss left out. Soon Kyle comes up to me and asks, “Do you have an bodyguard yet for the dark? ” I had replied no. He took my arm and started to walk towards the eating house together. Awkward as it may look non cognizing what to speak about I merely was walking with him. Thankfully he starts the conversation with, “I have ne’er really been to Olive Garden before.” Coaches are giving the squad waies in what we need to make inside the eating house, and explaing that we will likely hold to wait to be seated since there are 50 of us. We got to the entryway and it is like a heard of cowss seeking to acquire through the gate to be loaded for something or traveling them from one topographic point to another.

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Kyle, Brianna, Jonathan, and I all sat down at a tabular array together. Making certain that my white sparkling frock is tucked under my legs and that I am really lady like ; Brianna making the same thing with her really nice brown skirt. Jonathan and Kyle articulately following the saluter demoing us our booth steering us to our seats. Mirrors covering the wall next to our tabular array and being able to see everyone sitting at the tabular array across the room or when I turn to look at Kyle, he could besides see me ; doing me experience even more self scruples usually I am non the type of individual who would have on a fancy frock and high heals. Recognizing I do n’t hold my camera with me, I am believing now how will I portion my experience with others who are n’t here to bask this fantastic dark. Since I do n’t hold my bag with me because, I did n’t hold one to fit my white frock Brianna carried my money for me. However since I do n’t hold my bag that besides means that their is no where for me to set my phone so I do n’t hold my phone either.

Random narratives with each other

The four of us merely get down discoursing with each other and holding a great clip sharing random narratives with each other. Jonathan is the quiet one out of the clump he ‘s non truly stating much, but could state is holding a great dark. The waitress comes up to us inquiring us “What would you ridicule like to imbibe? ” We all respond H2O please, although Brianna besides orders a milk shake. If expressions could kill we would wholly be dead that that minute. Then our waitress tells us if any other waitress or server comes up to your tabular array state them that Darcy has taken attention of you already. We go back to conversing and all of a sudden our full tabular array is express joying and we ca n’t halt. With the narratives from each other we are merely express joying and holding a great clip together. The four of us are burying about the battles and day-to-day activities that we have to make and merely basking our dark together.

A different waitress and server came up to are country one keeping the base and the other with two bowls of salad, and the server came with more salad. They are puting down the bowls of salad while go throughing them out to the many tabular arraies of our group. Not holding seen our waitress yet since she has taken our drinks. We are seeing more and more waitresses and servers with many spectacless of H2O administering them to their tabular arraies they are taking attention of. We still are waiting paitently, holding a great clip sharing narratives and making new 1s. Kyle tries to take out a piece of ice in his H2O with a fork because, they do n’t give us spoons in our serviette and he truly wanted to eat a piece of ice. It is truly amusing watching him catch the piece of ice with his fork. When we eventually receive some salad and bread-sticks we are highly hungry. We are able to order our repast and fulfill our hungriness by eating salad and bread-sticks. Darcy eventually coming back took out her note tablet and took our orders. Since I do n’t desire to hold anything excessively mussy for my white frock or something that would truly detect so I ‘m taking to hold whole wheat linguine noodles and Alfred sauce that manner if I do acquire it on my white frock it wo n’t be as noticeable.

When we receive our nutrient that we have ordered I got regular linguine noodles but, did n’t do a large trade about it nevertheless, Brianna said no that ‘s non right you should acquire what you ordered and it ‘s non your mistake she messed up. So Brianna is naming her over to our tabular array to state her, dumb she looks at me and says all right “I will travel right their and hold them acquire you a new bowl with the right noodles I ‘m sorry.” Its all right I can merely eat this it does n’t truly count.
Darcy walking off to travel to the following tabular array, we all start eating what we ordered. My head distracted believing about the race that is puting in front of us tomorrow. I was chew overing in my head where to billow and where to decelerate down after walking the cross state class today non certain what to make ; even though have run it twice before I ‘m get downing to acquire truly nervous on whom traveling to go through me. Kyle interrupts my head by stating
“How has your trip been so far? ”
“Ok the coach drive was long.”
“Ya that is true.”
“But mentally I ‘m seeking to maintain myself positive and stating that we will all make great and that I wo n’t fall in once more, because have collapsed after about every race.”
“Really? Wow that ‘s non good.”
“No non truly, but it ‘s ok.”
Another waiter coming by Jonathon is ready for another pasta bowl refill, so he asks her for one, she responds
“Ok I will set that one in”
Jonathan thanks her, as she is walking off we all look at each other and get down to inquire where my refill is along with Darcy because, have seen many refills come out since have seen her. Not long after, we see Jonathan ‘s pasta coming out ; he starts to indulge in his pasta bowl. Not long after we see Darcy come out empty handed, and I tell my friends well that ‘s interesting because, I ordered mine long earlier Jonathan and he already has his. We start to name Darcy over and Brianna starts to inquire
“You are working on her pasta right? ”
“Ya I ‘m non certain where it is”
“Well he ordered his from a different waiter and already has his and Alyssa ordered hers a long clip ago and still does n’t hold it.”
“I will travel look into on it right now.”
Darcy walking off we all merely looking at each other so, one time she is out of hearing sight start express joying approximately random things. Not certain what is traveling on but doing the best out of our state of affairs we sit their and bask our dark.
Finally when we are all done with eating dinner we get our tickets and paying for our nutrient. Then it ‘s clip to travel out to the coach to go forth for the hotel room once more. So we can acquire some slumber to vie in our race tomorrow in Yakima.



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