The Fall of Malacca Empire


The aureate age of Malacca ended in 1511. Empire Malacca who called to an terminal after the Lusitanian onslaught Malacca under the regulation of Sultan Mansur Shah.

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Internal Factors


Weak opinion authorities is the root cause to the autumn of the Malacca Sultanate. They were overdependence on Tun Perak until they can’t happen a capable leader to replace him. After the decease of the Bendahara Tun Perak, Malacca lacked an efficient leader as the replacing of Tun Perak which is Tun Mutahir as a Bendahara was a weak leader because he more concern on his personal public assistance and biased during his disposal. Many of the curates expressed their dissatisfaction with this facet of the manner of his direction manner. As a consequence, there were frequently struggles for power. Besides, Sultan Mahmud who paid merely a small attending to the disposal consider as a weak leader excessively. He enables the officers to move as they pleased. Bribing and calumny were prevailing and necessarily ensue in economic instability and discontent among the people. Corruptness in disposal to derive personal wealth had caused the imposed of high revenue enhancements on citizens and bargainers forced merchandisers to switch their attending to Acheh, the other trading ports. At the same clip, Bendahara Tun Mutahir being accused that he attempted to subvert the male monarch. He evoked the choler of Sultan Mahmud so without farther probe Sultan Mahmud executed Bendahara Tun Mutahir and his household. Raja Ahmad the heir was besides weak and inefficient. When Sultan Mahmud realized he was incorrectly, he handed reign to his boy which was unable to assist him to govern his imperium. Whereas Bendahara Tun Perpatih, the replacement which is besides weak, sick and old.

Son of Sultan Mahmud


Malacca’s weak place caused the disunited of people and slop into cabals. Bendahara Tun Mutahir is and Indian-Muslims. His weak disposal and practiced favouritism had caused the Malays to go hostile towards them and develop into racial tenseness. Bendahara Tun Mutahir been appointed had caused the green-eyed monster among Malays and the evident was when Sultan Mahmud commanded Bendahara Tun Mutahir and Tun Ali to be sentence to decease at the treachery by Raja Mandaliar and Laksamana Khoja Hassan, an Indian indigen. Bendahara Tun Perak’s boy, Tepok been appointed as Bendahara but he was excessively old. All of these factors had causes the disunity among the occupants of Malacca.


Continued misconstruing caused segregation and disunity among the people. The state of affairs became worse and critical when the Portuguese, led by Alfonso d’Albuquerque attacked Malacca. For Malacca soldiers, they are losing of accomplishments because they non involved in war for a long clip. They had been utilizing traditional arms such as creese, arrow and spear during the war with Portuguese. Whereas, Portuguese used modern arms such as cannon that clearly different from Malacca in term of scope and mobility. Lusitanian armed forces have well-equipped arms and good strategic planning with the counsel of Alfonso d’Albuquerque. Before Lusitanian onslaught Malacca, they had conquered Goa India so they have support of ground forces from Goa India. But for Malacca, the materialistic soldiers from Jawa abandoned province during the war.


Due to the political instability, merchandisers who came and remain at Malacca did non believe to the authorities of Malacca. They even backed and supported Portuguese during their onslaught. For Chinese merchandiser, they provided immense flatboats on loan to Portuguese. Tamil merchandiser provided information sing Malacca defence system.

External Factors


It is a naval transition in Southern Africa that discovered by Bartholomew Diaz in 1488. The successful of crossing of the Cape of Good Hope allowed the crewman to sail from the West which is Portugal to the East. While Prince Henry tidal bore to turn up their trading in the East that lead to the encouragement of his people to sail to East with the motto of ‘ Gospel, Gold, Glory ‘ . The enlargement of Portuguese sea geographic expedition was pioneered by Vasco district attorney Gama. He was the first to detect the east seashores of India that aid in the constitution of Portuguese.



Due to the oppressive disposal and the high revenue enhancements, bargainers started to looked for other port such as Acheh and Brunei. They had eventually switched to the other ports where they can be treated reasonably.


Lopez de Sequeira was assigned by Prince Henry to analyse the trade potencies in Malacca. He arrived at Malacca transporting with him a missive offer from the King. His occupation was to set up trade with Malacca. Bendahara Tun Mutahir and the officer who were powerful in the tribunal were hostile towards the Christian. The merchandisers from Gujarat, who got the intelligence the Portuguese planned to prophesy a holy war against those Muslims heathens. Unfortunately, because of the statement between Bendahara Tun Mutahir and Sultan Mahmud Shah, de Sequeira managed to acquire known a secret plan was planned to kill him and his is managed to get away from Malacca with his fleet, go forthing behind several of his helpers as prisoners.


From the research we had make, we conclude that Malacca Sultanate Empire had gone through three epochs which are the beginning and the rise, the center and the autumn of the imperium at the same clip it contributes a particular slots in Malayan history, because it is said to be the beginning of the present sultanate of Malaysia. From the procedure that Malacca gone through we summarize that effectual and systematic disposal had lead Malacca to the best result. The leader himself must be a function theoretical account to do the imperium grow and unify the citizen. Citizens’ power can’t be neglected because it influenced the development of any imperium in the universe including ware and bargainers. We are reminded that in whatever clip and topographic point unwise leading, corruptness, disunity and weak defence must be avoided or otherwise turmoil history happens once more.


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