Martin Luther King VS. Malcolm X

The United States is the land of racism. No affair how long it takes and no affair how far the authorities and societal groups try to accomplish equality among the races in the United States, it means nil. Racism has been a major issue among the population in the United States for a long period of clip, and it still occurs today. There are a batch of people with all different types of tegument colourss and cultural groups in the States, which are Native Americans, African Americans, Asiatic Americans, and Mexican Americans. In add-on, the chief widespread job of racism in America is the white bulk against cultural groups, particularly the black people.

It can be said that equality is the construct in which it does non be at all in the land of America. Racism in the United States is the unstoppable job, and it could non work out until in these yearss. It can besides take to many countries of jobs such as instruction, employment, and lodging. There are many policies that try to alter things within the state, but they are failed because they do non look at the existent job and perfectly can non alter people ‘s ideas. These are merely forces for people to wish each other. Furthermore, there are several groups in America that try to give the black people more chance and have a better life in the States. They besides call for racial equality in the society. Two celebrated and of import black leaders that represent themselves and name for the rights for all black Americans are Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

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Their Background

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had a different background of their lives, and they besides grew up in a wholly distinguishable environment. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, America. He came from a comfy middle-class household, had a high instruction, and was raised with the strong values of self-worth ( Degnan-Veness, p.2 ) . Unlike Martin Luther King, Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925 and came from underprivileged place. He was a small educated adult male and rose to the illustriousness on his ain intelligence. In add-on, he was raised with fright, choler, and resentment because his household was demolished. His house was burned by the Klu Klux Klan, a secret organisation of white work forces who hated African Americans, in which this painful state of affairs led to the decease of his male parent. Several old ages after the decease of his male parent, his female parent suffered an emotional dislocation and so his household was separated. Malcolm X had to populate his whole life with the haunted incubus that occurred from this state of affairs, and he became hatred and wanted to take retaliation ( Biography of Malcolm X, 2001 ) . This could likely state that Martin Luther King enjoyed his best life, particularly the love of his parents whereas Malcolm X was a alone adult male who suffered a batch from being separated and confronting the bad state of affairs since when he was immature.

Their attitudes towards the White Americans

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had an tremendous influence on African Americans and became the icons of their civilization. Nevertheless, both of them had a wholly different attitude towards the White Americans. Martin Luther King had a positive idea and focused on the peaceable manner of naming for African Americans rights while the point of position of Malcolm X towards the White Americans was pessimistic, barbarous, and violent including the most desire to acquire back to the universe that was treated him reasonably much below the belt.

Martin Luther King: Social Inclusion

In the past, people in America were treated unevenly. The Blacks had to be separated to the Whites. Some were forced to utilize separate all black schools, shops, eating houses, H2O fountains, entrywaies of infirmary, etc. Furthermore, some parts of the States, the inkinesss had no right or were denied to vote ( Struggle for Equality: Quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. , 2011 ) . Therefore, it made the black people need to hold equality and the rights like the white people. This led to the beginning of civil rights motion, and Martin Luther King was one of all the leaders that made the advancement about this.

Martin Luther King was an idealistic individual and had the attitude in footings of peace and non-violence towards the White Americans. He believed that peaceable statements and presentations would take the African Americans achieve the equality and to be accepted in the society like the White Americans someday. He besides believed that the Blacks and the White persons could be united and lived together in footings of peace. “ King was fundamentally a peaceable leader who urged non-violence to his followings. He travelled about the state giving addresss that inspired black and white hearers to work together for racial harmoniousness. ” ( Patterson, p. 135 ) In add-on, Martin Luther King was a Baptist curate male parent and a school instructor female parent, and so he became the voice of the motion which heard by 1000000s of people around the universe. His civil rights motion in this essay will be divided into early civil rights motion and late civil rights motion.

Early on Civil Rights Movement

The first measure of the alteration between the Black Americans and the White Americans by Martin Luther King began in December 1955 in Montgomery. At that clip, there was segregation on metropolis coachs in which the Blacks had to give seats to the Whites, and they could non sit in the same row. Many black people were angry and did non satisfied, but they could make nil. Furthermore, they wanted to get down a boycott in Montgomery. Rosa Parks, a forty-year-old black adult female, made Martin Luther King see the civil rights motion come into action. She was forced to give the place to the white rider by the driver, nevertheless, she refused it. Therefore, the driver called the constabulary, and she was arrested by them. Subsequently, Martin Luther King took charge of this state of affairs to name for African Americans rights cooperated by Nixon, the NAACP worker, Abernathy, and Rosa Parks and led to the boycott of the Montgomery metropolis coachs ( Cozzens, 1997 ) . On December 5, 50,000 boycotters spoke with their pess “ We will non sit on unintegrated coachs once more! ” ( Degnan-Veness, p.10 ) This made the Bus Company and white politicians angry and wanted to destruct the boycott because they lost money. However, the Marches still continued. Martin Luther King became the leader of this civil rights run, and he and his followings would non contend back to the Whites even though they tried so difficult to contend them with force. For illustration, the Klu Klux Klan bombed Martin Luther King ‘s place. This made a batch of black people in forepart of his house mad and wanted to assail the Whites, but Martin Luther King courageously told them “ I want you to travel place. We must love our white brothersaˆ¦ We must run into hatred with love. ” ( Degnan-Veness, p.13 ) This can turn out that Martin Luther King resisted on his ain peaceable manner against the Whites. This protest took approximately 382 yearss to get the better of, and the US authorities passed a new jurisprudence in which the segregation on coachs in all provinces was illegal. After this Montgomery Bus Boycott ended, Martin Luther King gave addresss all over the state, and he was ready for another battle which was voting rights for all African Americans in which the thoughts of protest was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. He wanted President Eisenhower to assist African Americans in the South because they were segregated and had no rights to vote by inquiring the aid from Richard Nixon, the cupboard adult male to the President. However, it changed nil. Therefore, in 1957, he organized SCLC ( Southern Christian Leadership Conference ) with 115 black leaders in Montgomery to assist African Americans get the rights to vote. Martin Luther King besides said “ The SCLC is church-orientated because of the very construction of the Negro community in the South. ” ( Trueman, 2000 ) This besides led to the black pupils protest who were prohibited from public topographic points such as eating house, saloon, and swimming pool. Martin Luther King joined with them and was arrested. However, he was helped by John F. Kennedy to be free.

Late Civil Rights Movement

After all state of affairss from above, these became another pupil protest in 1961 which was called “ Freedom Rides ” . Dissenters were non the Blacks merely but besides some of the Whites, and they were hurt severely from the violent actions of the Klu Klux Klan. Martin Luther King was worried about it and asked the aid from JFK ‘s brother, Robert Kennedy. Finally, the dissenters reached their end, and segregation in coach Stationss in the South ended by the petition of Robert Kennedy at Interstate Commerce Commission ( Cozzens, 1997 ) . Following, Martin Luther King wanted to take his run in Birmingham, Alabama where governing black population by fright. He was the large enemy to the metropolis ‘s constabulary head, Eugene “ Bull ” Connor, who hated black people and their civil rights run. When people, including kids, marched for integrating demand, Connor took all of them in gaol with violent method such as Canis familiariss and H2O ( A Conflict in Black and White, 2011 ) . Subsequently, because of the Alabama province tribunal sent a missive to Martin Luther King in 1963 that black presentation was illegal ; he was arrested once more after he announced in public “ The tribunal will non halt me ” ( Degnan-Veness, p.23 ) . Therefore, he decided to compose a missive from Birmingham gaol, and this missive made metropolis leaders agreed to unify bathrooms, imbibing H2O machines, tiffin bars, and employed more black people. This Birmingham protest changed the state by President John F. Kennedy proposed a measure that outlawed racial favoritism. Peoples, black Americans and white Americans, marched together to Washington in 1963 to back up this measure of rights and call for occupations and freedom. Martin Luther King besides gave a address “ I have a dream ” , and it was about for all Americans to be equal no affair what colour tegument they have merely a bosom and head of individual were of import. He was one of history ‘s public talker, of import icon of civil rights motion, and got the Nobel Prize in 1964 for his non-violent protest to stop racial favoritism and bias ( Martin Luther King and the Movement, 2000 ) .

Malcolm Ten: Social Exclusion

Unlike Martin Luther King, Malcolm X had a strongly negative towards the White Americans because his life and his household were treated below the belt and viciously. From holding a hopeless life, he wanted to alter and contend back for all African Americans by utilizing violent method towards the Whites. He believed that merely though revolution and force that could do black people get the right topographic point, and he would make any necessary agencies to accomplish equality. For illustration, he encouraged his followings by giving addresss to do them lift up and fight against their white enemies. This could be said that his addresss came from and based on his barbarous life that had a negative though towards the White persons since he was immature. The motion of Malcolm X will be divided into three parts which are Pre-Nation of Islam period, Nation of Islam period, and Post-Nation of Islam period.

Pre-Nation of Islam

Malcolm X was brought up in a violent atmosphere. He was suffered non merely from maltreatment by the White persons, but besides from domestic force. His male parent abused his female parent, and both of them abused their kids, including him. He could non woolgather, travel to school with the White persons, and was looking down by the Whites. After his household was split up from the combustion house by the Klu Klux Klan, he turned from a good male child to a bad adult male. His dream was to be a attorney, but he was told from his instructor that it was no realistic end for a nigga. Therefore, he dropped out from school and lived his life with no finish. He besides lived his life with no fright and used every sort of drugs. He worked several uneven occupations to gain money by himself in Boston, Massachusetts, and so moved to Harlem, New York where he committed offenses. For illustration, he formed a house of robbing pack and gaming rings. This led him travel to imprison for seven old ages ( Biography of Malcolm X, 2001 ) .

State of Islam

For seven old ages in the prison, he used this chance to alter himself to a new adult male. He gained the cognition and educated himself. In add-on, during in the prison, he was bias to Christian because he thought that Christian was a tool of the White Americans to maintain the Blacks down. Therefore, this led him desire to happen the suited faith for black people and so he joined the State of Islam, the Black Muslim Movement. The belief of Islam was the Black Pride and Black Nationalism. Subsequently, he adopted the name of Malcolm X. Within a short period of clip, Malcolm X became the chief interpreter for the leader which was Elijah Muhammad ( Smith, 2005 ) . The end of Nation of Islam was non integrating, and it wanted the Blacks to set up their ain schools, churches, and support web ( Malcolm X and the State of Islam, 2008 ) . In add-on, he promoted that he was so proud of being black. His personal committedness made the Nation of Islam worldwide. He devoted himself in the State of Islam for 12 old ages. He preached that the white adult male was the Satan and the “ Honest Elijah Muhammad ” was God ‘s courier. As a consequence, “ Malcolm X recommended a separationist and nationalist scheme for black endurance, ” ( Clarke, p. 57 ) Furthermore, he gave the address, “ Definition of a Revolution ” , in 1963 which openly justified force as a manner to derive equality. “ And if it is right for America to outline us and learn us how to be violent in defence of the state, so is n’t it right for you and me to make whatever is necessary to support our ain people right here in this state, ” ( Clarke, p. 253 ) . He strongly rose up the African Americans to contend against the White Americans though revolution. “ Revolution is bloody, revolution is hostile, revolution knows no via media, revolution upsets and destroys everything that gets in its manner, ” ( Clarke, p. 255 ) Malcolm X became really popular, and the covetous clip became while he was the member of Nation of Islam. He heard the rumour that Elijah Muhammad had kids with adult females in the organisation, so in 1964 he announced that he was go forthing the State of Islam ( Nosotro, 2003 ) .

Post-Nation of Islam

After he left the State of Islam, he realized that he was taught in incorrect manner. He set up a new organisation by himself, and this was called the Muslim Mosque. He besides made a pilgrim’s journey to Mecca. He found African-american Unity, including all people of African descent in the Western hemisphere. It made the tensenesss between himself and the State of Islam increased farther, to the point where the State of Islam leading were asserted to hold straight ordered the blackwash of Malcolm and his household. This group made a farther measure of force and served as a political effort to unite black cause in America, built ties to African community, and needed to unify with civil rights motion to progress the Blacks in America to an international degree ( Malcolm X Biography, n.d. ) . Unfortunately, he was murdered, so this bequest did non acquire much attending.


Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were different in many things ; nevertheless, they had the same end in their head, which was to accomplish equality between all races. Both of them were the great leaders who fought for a difference and alteration in the Black Americans.



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