The Works Of Pedro Almodovar Film Studies Essay

Pedro Almodovar, the Spanish film-maker, has ever been considered in Hollywood to be a “ adult female ‘s manager ” ( Maddison 2000 ) . This definition really connoted latent homosexualism and female-identified melodrama. However, this feature of Almodovar ‘s plants seems a small spot otiose, as his movies are best known for the mixture of world and fiction, extraordinary messages and alone secret plans.

Fiction and world go together in the movies by Pedro Almodovar. Sometimes it is following to impossible to distinguish between them, to make up one’s mind what comes from existent life and what was the drama of manager ‘s imaginativeness. One thing is true for certain: all movies by Pedro Almodovar are united by the same cardinal issue: the inquiry of individuality ( Marsh 2006 ) . He engages this issue in many different ways from the earliest work “ Pepi, Luci, Bom y las otras chicas del monton ” ( 1980 ) to his most recent movie “ Volver ( Return ) ” ( 2006 ) . This is a cardinal characteristic of Pedro Almodovar and it is systematically depicted through the motive of authorship. He writes world into being and thereby alterations it through fiction. Therefore, the film-maker interrogates all signifiers of capable formation and subjectiveness. The movies of Pedro Almodovar abound in “ characters who adopt multiple anonym, the perennial images of typewriters, the information transmitted through found notes, the eerie presence of ghostwriters ” ( Marsh 2006 ) .

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The movie “ All About My Mother ” ( “ Todo Sobre Mi Madre ” ( 1999 ) ) is one of the best illustrations of interrelatedness of world and fiction. The topic of the movie is the definition of sexual individuality. This point is a really of import one, as Pedro Almodovar ne’er introduces entirely homosexual or heterosexual characters. On the contrary, the characters of the movie execute their individualities and so it is following to impossible to specify what individuality will be chosen by them at any minute. This point is present non merely in “ All About My Mother ” , but in many other plants of Pedro Almodovar ( such as in his earlier work “ La Ley Deseo ” ( 1986 ) , for illustration ) .

Pedro Almodovar subverts individuality through the human organic structure. The manager rejects the thought that a individual ‘s individuality, his or her kernel is contained in one individual organ, such as bosom, for case. On the contrary, the combination of physical visual aspect alongside with interior content defines a certain gender of any individual. Therefore, Pedro Almodovar introduces a instead dry scene when Agrado, the transsexual character of the movie, delivers a instead amusing and in the same clip blunt confession, giving all the inside informations of the operations with her organic structure that lead to her present feminine gender. Pedro Almodovar instead boldly undermines the Christian acquisition that presents human organic structure as an inviolable and indispensable representation of being. The film-maker goes farther and subverts individuality. He proposes the organic structure as a site of imitation.

Harmonizing to Pedro Almodovar ( 2010 ) the chief subjects of his movie “ All About My Mother ” include adult female ‘s ability to feign, wounded maternity and the self-generated solidarity among adult females ( Almodovar 2010 ) . Although the movie is a fiction, Manuela ‘s world is really inexorable and rough. All her life she has to run off. First, she runs off from Barcelona to Madrid, transporting a boy inside her. She runs off from her boy ‘s ( Esteban ) male parent. Eighteen old ages subsequently Manuela has to run once more in the opposite way. Her boy died and she returns to Barcelona to happen his male parent and to state him about the short life of the boy he ne’er knew about. She wants to go forth Madrid, the metropolis where Esteban ‘s life started and ended so rapidly. Manuela ‘s feelings are in confusion. Barcelona is the metropolis of Esteban ‘s male parent. Madrid is Esteban ‘s metropolis. Manuela ‘s emotions are hard to understand as she can non screen them out herself. For her both these metropoliss are incompatible and unreconcilable. When Esteban asked her about his male parent she ever tried to alter the topic of the conversation. She had a ground, as his male parent decided to take a feminine signifier and everybody called him Lola. Seventeen old ages she kept soundless and at last Manuela promised to state her boy about his male parent on his birthday that happened to be Esteban ‘s last twenty-four hours. Esteban did non cognize his male parent. What appears to be world for Manuela consequences in fiction for Esteban. Manuela runs off one time more. It is Barcelona – Madrid way once more ; besides she is once more with Esteban, a babe whose male parent is besides Lola. It is instead symbolic. Manuela feels something like resurgence. She has a boy to take attention of, his name is Esteban and she is the lone individual left in this universe to give herself to this new life. Manuela realizes that her life is truly extraordinary. She does non even grok herself sometimes what is true and what is non in her life ; she herself can non distinguish the boundaries between world and fiction, because everything is so existent and so unusual in her life. She besides realizes that she could be an actress if she wanted, as she sees in herself the ability to alter and feign.

“ All About My Mother ” implies the thoughts of female designation and present the construct of heterosocial bonds as a manner of understanding the constructions of cognition ( Maddison 2000 ) . In fact, Manuela, the chief character of the movie, pushes herself to organize alternate bonds between herself and other adult females in order to set to the troubles caused by work forces in her life. It seems really clear that “ All About My Mother ” is a movie with which Pedro Almodovar offers and extraordinary grade of female designation. This movie has an emotionally intense, drab quality ( Maddison 2000 ) . The decease of Esteban, Manuela ‘s lone boy, catalyses the narrative of the movie. Besides, it about separates the political and emotional thought of maternity from the public presentation of this function in the household. Almodovar presents female adhering that eliminates work forces ‘s control and influence in the household. So, he points out that “ muliebrity is non the exclusive kingdom of adult females ; nor is gender subjugation the exclusive experience of adult females ” ( Maddison 2000 ) .

The boundaries between existent life and fiction are frequently blurred in the movies by Pedro Almodovar. That is one of the grounds why his movies are so popular, alone and extraordinary. No 1 can challenge this fact however he likes or disfavors Pedro Almodovar ‘s plants. That can be considered one of the distinguishing characteristics of Almodovar ‘s movies. He mentions in one of his interviews ( Almodovar 2006 ) that world and fiction are sometimes perfectly fused in his movies. All movies by Pedro Almodovar can be characterized as a mixture of images and sounds, genres, altering genders and characters, histrions and motives. The manager characterized that with the term “ montage ” ( Rosen 2006 ) . These montages create eternal ironss of reverberations and contemplations between fiction and world.

In his interview about his movie “ Volver ” Pedro Almodovar says: “ The best manner to state a fiction ( at least in my instance ) is to dress it with world. World and fiction come together without confusion ” ( 2010 ) .The film-maker claims that he can so “ keep the direct conversation ” with the movie he is doing. Sometimes it appears to be hard even for the manager to separate between world and fiction. Pedro Almodovar merely accepts the fact that movies are his life. The movies he makes merely come from his life and sometimes it happens frailty versa: his movies give rise to life.

“ All About My Mother ” has both the characteristics of world and fiction. Every image is the consequence of the film-maker ‘s phantasy and imaginativeness. However, this movie is besides a bereavement of Almodovar for his ain female parent. Therefore, the intertextual mentions make fiction and world interpenetrate and it is already impossible to state world from fiction as it is impossible to distinguish between the heartache of the female parent who lost her merely boy and the heartache of a boy who lost his female parent.

The thirteenth movie by Pedro Almodovar “ All About My Mother ” is considered by the critics to be the most complete manager ‘s movie. It is dramatically rich and its emotional dignities truly does function to acknowledge the power and quality of the movie.



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