Evaluation Protocol Health Promotion Workshop Health And Social Care Essay

This protocol evaluates a wellness publicity workshop ‘clean custodies ‘ on manus rinsing conducted in Nigeria with a position of forestalling diarrhea in the under 5 age group.

Diarrhoea is defined as the unnatural frequent transition of semisolid or unstable fecal matter.1 There are three clinical types of diarrhea: acute watery diarrhea, acute bloody diarrhea and relentless diarrhoea.2 Acute diarrhea is a diarrhoeal episode that lasts fewer than 14 yearss, chronic diarrhea stopping points 14 yearss or longer and dysentery is diarrhoeal stool tinged with Pus, mucous secretion or blood. It is normally a symptom of an infection caused by bacteriums, viruses or parasites.

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Figure exemplifying morbific causes of diarrhoeal3

Globally, there are about two billion instances of diarrheal disease yearly with 1.5 million deceases. 2 It is a taking cause of malnutrition in kids less than 2 old ages and frequently complicated with desiccation. World Health Organisation estimated the under 5 mortality rate ( deceases in kids less than 5 old ages of age ) per 1000 unrecorded births as 1984 in 2003 and diarrheal disease is the 2nd prima cause of decease in this age group.

The path of transmittal of the morbific factors of diarrhea is ‘feaco-oral ‘ . This is largely through unapparent fecal taint of nutrient, H2O and custodies. Diseases transmitted by this path are more common in countries with hapless sewerage disposal and hapless healthful wonts. It is besides seen in countries where there is no pipe borne H2O and the H2O ingested comes in contact with the feaces. The mark age group has a high rate of infection due to the wont of eating without rinsing their custodies after playing outside with sand mixed with fecal matters or after go throughing fecal matters. In the younger age group, less than two old ages the infection can be transmitted from female parents who do n’t rinse their custodies before fixing nutrient for the kids after altering nappies or utilizing the lavatories themselves.

Hand rinsing with soap and H2O significantly decreases the incidence of diarrhea. A survey done in a small town in Bangladesh revealed establishing the pattern of manus rinsing with soap and H2O led to a 2.6 fold lessening in diarrhoeal episode compared to a small town with similar demographics that did non hold the intervention.5Curtiss and Caincoss ( 2003 ) conducted a systematic reappraisal and discovered a 42-44 % lessening in diarrheal disease with improved manus rinsing patterns in the community.6

Similar wellness publicity intercessions implemented have been successful. Pinfold and Heran ( 1996 ) conducted a survey in north east Thailand to mensurate the consequence of a wellness publicity intercession on manus lavation. The intercession was designed to advance manus rinsing, particularly before feeding a babe, cookery, feeding, and after laxation or cleaning a babe ‘s underside, and dish rinsing instantly after eating. A positive consequence demoing improved hygienic patterns ( manus rinsing ) and reduced incidence of diarrheal disease was obtained.7


The overall purpose of this service is to diminish the morbidity and mortality in kids less than 5 old ages in Nyanya community, Abuja Nigeria.


Long term: lessening in morbidity and mortality of kids less than five old ages due to diarrhoea in Nyanya.


Addition in manus rinsing pattern among the citizens of Nyanya

Decrease in incidence of diarrheal disease by 30 % 8

Short term: addition in cognition among participants of the ‘clean custodies ‘ workshop on ground for manus lavation and the relationship between it and diarrheal disease.


The first measure taken when transporting out the rating of this plan is enaging of stakeholders. In this plan the stakeholders are the staff of ‘GAGA ‘ ( the organizers of the workshop ) , the head of Nyanya, the priest or imaum, the representative of the market adult females association, the representative of the husbandmans, the caput of the young person group, the local authorities functionaries, the staff of the wellness ministry, wellness forces working in Nyanya that will give wellness instruction whenever they are go toing to patients at wellness Centres. At the meeting with the stakeholder the aims of the programme will be clarified. There will be community duologue so that everyone ‘s position about the plan will be considered. Besides, the organizers will inquire about the traditional footings for diarrhea used by the community so that the presentation will be given utilizing footings that can be understood. By listening and detecting the other interest holders, the staff of GAGA will be able to orient the plan to run into the distinctive features of the people. By prosecuting the stakeholders, they are more likely to experience ‘ownership ‘ of the plan than if they were non involved. This will better the sustainability. Besides at the meeting, any barriers to the plan will be identified and dealt with if possible.


The plan ‘clean custodies ‘ is a wellness publicity workshop on manus rinsing. It is being organised by GAGA a Non Governmental Organisation for the people of Nyanya community, Abuja, Nigeria. This is a pilot survey that if found to be effectual will be conducted in other parts of the state. Awareness will be created for the workshop by usage of postings, adverts in newspapers, jangles on the wireless and telecasting. The workshop will be conducted for adult females and kids in the community. These groups are targeted because it is the adult females that change nappies, prick and feed the kids and wash the dishes. They besides cater to kids that autumn ailment, either taking them to the infirmary or giving them place redresss. Children will besides be involved to forestall autoinfection and to learn them hygienic patterns at a immature age that they will pattern good into maturity.

A log frame matrix was drawn up to elaborate the theory of alteration ( appendix a ) . Studies show that wellness publicity lead to attitudinal alteration which can be measured as a wellness outcome.9Health publicity intercessions on manus rinsing have been shown to take to a lessening of 30 % in incidence of diarrhoeal diseases.8 This in bend leads to a lessening mortality from diarrheoa.6

The plan will run for four yearss, from 10 am to 3pm. Tea and tiffin will be served. Different events will be directed to different participants. The female parents will be given talks on the utility of manus rinsing. They will besides be taught how to make it right. The adult females will be taught how to do soap utilizing common family stuffs or how to utilize ash and clay to rinse their custodies when soap is non available. Surveies have shown utilizing ash and clay may non be every bit effectual as utilizing soap but more effectual than utilizing H2O only.10 There will be drama Sessionss and function playing. There will be quizzes intermittently and awards awarded for victors. The kids ‘s plan will be more synergistic. There will be film observation, games, picture and drawing Sessionss. The Sessionss will be shorter with more interruptions than the adult females.


This will be evaluated utilizing a type 3 ‘before and after ‘ model.11 The short term result is increase in cognition of the relevancy of manus rinsing. It will be evaluated qualitatively.

The cognition of the people will be determined before the start of the programme and at the terminal of the plan. This will be done by anon. ego administered questionnaires of the grownups. Questions asked will include:

What is diarrhoea?

What are the causes of diarrhea?

How is it prevented?

What is their position on manus rinsing with soap?

When should hands be washed?

What is/are intervention for diarrhea?

Questionnaires are used because they are inexpensive to build and administrate and can be used to roll up a batch of information at the same time.12 A pilot survey will be conducted before disposal to measure the adequateness of the questionnaire.

Some participants will be indiscriminately selected and one-on-one interviews conducted. This will be a mixture of closed and open-ended inquiries. This will be particularly utile in acquiring the sentiment of the people that can non read and compose. Interviews besides explain single differences between participants and their results. Furthermore, it allows interviewers to examine for more inside informations doing certain the participants are construing the inquiries as intended.13

Focused group treatment will be done with 10 members of the community who will stand for the cardinal members in the community.11This will arouse elaborate information about feelings, perceptual experiences and sentiments. Interviewiees should be informed of the treatment before clip so they can acquire ready. Allowances should be made for non attending at the treatment. Therefore more people than are needed should be invited. Discussions will be recorded and transcribed. Thematic analysis will be done in which form of experiences will be identified.14 All informations that relate to the forms will be collected, grouped into the form they fall and developed.

The kids will be given sheets of documents that have drawings picturing the right and incorrect manner to rinse the custodies and will be told to take one. It will besides demo different scenarios like people coming out of the lavatory, eating, playing and they will be asked when a individual should rinse his manus. The adult females and kids will be told to show proper manus lavation and will be observed.

Incidence of Incidence of diarrhea after

diarrhea before length of clip of intercession intercession


Figure 2 screening type 3 ‘before and after intervention’11

The intermediate result is decrease in incidence of diarrhea by 30 % . This will be evaluated quantitatively by comparing the incidence of diarrheal disease 6 months before and 6 months after the plan. This will be obtained from infirmary informations. Poor record maintaining is likely to present prejudice. Hospital workers will be told to utilize local words for diarrhea to track morbidity. Trials for statistical analysis will be carried out on collected information. However, instances seen in the infirmary will merely be a little proportion of what is traveling on in the community-iceberg phenomenon.15 A big proportion of kids will be given place redresss foremost or taken to traditional therapist.


The plan will be evaluated utilizing the RE-AIM MODEL.16 this is a theoretical account that analyses the range, efficaciousness, acceptance, execution and care of public wellness or community based intercessions. The constituents: range and efficiency are measured on single degree ; puting and execution on organizational degree and care on both single and organizational degree.

The range is a step of possible impact of a plan. It is defined as “ the absolute figure, proportion, and representativeness of persons who are willing to take part in a given enterprise ” .17 It measures per centum and hazard features of individuals who benefit from the intercession. By measuring the range of the plan, it can be determined if the plan reaches the most destitute in the community. In this case, people from lower socio economic category will profit more from the workshop, if they are non present nevertheless, the impact of the plan will diminish. The range will be determined by inquiring all participants to compose their references. This will so be compared with the nose count distribution of Nyanya. The territory that is underrepresented will be easy to place. To better the range, engagement barriers should be identified and reduced.17 Multiple methods of enlisting should besides be used. This includes advertizements and acquiring influential members of the community like the traditional leader and spiritual leaders to speak about the importance of the plan.

The efficaciousness of the plan is defined as the “ impact of an intercession on of import results, including possible negative effects, quality of life, and economic results ” .16 The positive result is the cognition gained. This will be evaluated by the before-and-after design that was used in this plan. Negative result of the plan include the money that participants would hold made had they gone to the market or the farm as they usually would if they did non hold to go to the workshop. The plan is effectual if positive result outweighs negative outcome.16 Economic impact is comparing the cost of go toing the plan to what would hold been used to handle the ill kid. Impact of the plan on quality of life should besides be determined. The efficaciousness can be improved by reenforcing wellness instruction messages via repeat and societal support.

Adoption refers to “ absolute figure, proportion, and representativeness of scenes and intercession agents who are willing to originate a plan ” .17 This will be determined by direct observation, studies and interviews. Execution is determined by measuring how the talks are delivered. This should be by usage of simple footings the people will understand and besides utilizing common things that can easy be found in Nyanya. Using respected members of the society like spiritual caputs or instructors in the country to present some of the talks will besides better the rate at which the plan will be implemented. Asking the participants to tell what was said in their ain words can be used to mensurate this. Care can merely be determined if the community is evaluated once more after a period of clip, like 2 old ages. A study can be done and the people practising manus rinsing so will be compared with those making it after the plan.

Each constituent is graded from 0-1 or 1 – 100 % .The different constituents of RE-AIM will be combined to give the public wellness impact mark.


This will be evaluated by utilizing Maxwell ‘s quality assessment.18 This will be assessed by utilizing questionnaire and interviews. Access to services will be determined by inquiring participants how easy it was for them to go to the workshop and the manner of transit they used. There is hapless public conveyance system in Nyanya and this might be the ground for hapless attending particularly among the hapless people who need the service the most. Another ground might be high cost of conveyance. Arranging a meeting point where a vehicle can pick up people in the distant countries is likely to increase the entree but besides the cost. The staff of GAGA will besides be interviewed to acquire their end product on how accessible the locale for the workshop is.

Relevance to necessitate due to the high rate of diarrheal disease in this country, this plan will be relevant to them. However, it will be incorrect to establish this on statistics ; therefore the initial meeting with the stakeholder will uncover the community ‘s perceptual experience of this issue ‘s relevancy. Effectiveness will be achieved if there is a lessening in incidence by 30 % or more 6 months after execution of the plan. Equity the plan will be provided for everyone at no cost.

Social acceptableness manus rinsing with H2O is portion of the civilization and faith of this community and soap is available in most families. It is non presenting something foreign to the people. To measure Efficiency and economic system comparings of cost per participant with other wellness publicity workshop performed in a community with similar demographics will be compared.


This is done from the wellness system position that is be aftering to implement the plan countrywide. A cost effectivity analysis will be done. This is a full economic analysis that will be used to analyze the cost and effects of this plan. It is inexpensive and aids determination doing utilizing natural unit as result. In this instance, ‘incidence rate of diarrhea ‘ will be taken as result.

Cost will be divided as direct and indirect.

Direct cost includes: cost of locale, cost of advertizements, letter paper, printing questionnaires, staff preparation, administrative costs and eating of participants and staff.

Indirect cost includes cost of intervention of patients, hours lost from work due to illness, bed twenty-four hours cost, audience cost, money that would hold been earned by participants if they were non at the workshop.

This will be compared against costs of intervention that will be incurred in a community of similar demographics that has non had the same workshop.

The Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio ( ICER ) will besides be determined by ciphering the ratio of difference between cost of the plan and making nil to difference between incidence rate of diarrhea ( IRD ) in the community that instituted the plan and another community that did nil. Lower ICERs are obtained with efficient intercessions.

Cost of plan – cost of making nil


IRD in community that had workshop – IRD in community without w/shop


The tools that will be used for ratings could show some jobs which might impact the whole procedure. Respondents may reply questionnaires superficially particularly if there are a batch of inquiries asked. They may besides non reply truthfully or wholly. Interviews can take a long clip and might be hard to analyze. Bias can be introduced if the interviewees are non true. Interviewers have to be trained which makes interviews more expensive.13Focused Group Discussion can be difficult to command and pull off and tricky to analyze. Direct observations can be intrusive and act upon the behavior with the participants seting a ‘show ‘ for the perceivers.

After garnering the grounds and doing decisions, feedback must be given to the stakeholders.


This protocol evaluates a wellness publicity workshop on manus lavation conducted for the people of Nyanya District, Abuja Nigeria. The rating is to the full participatory prosecuting the stakeholders at the beginning and giving them feedback at the terminal of the procedure. Combinations of both qualitative and quantitative methods were used for the rating. The impact, quality and economic appraisals were besides done.



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