The Life Of Charlie Chaplin Film Studies Essay

Charlie Chaplin was born April the 16 in the twelvemonth 1889.His full name is Charlie Spancer Chaplin. He was born in London. ( United Kingdom. ) Charlie was an movie manager and an English amusing histrion. His parents are A Charles Chaplin and Hannah Harriette Hillin. But Charlie wrote in his book that he truly ne’er knew his male parent. They work in the theatre. His female parent creative person name was Lily Harley. When Charlie was born his parents got a divorce . When Charlie was twelve his male parent died, he was an alcoholic.Charlie has two half- brothers, their names are Sidney and Wheeler. Charlie grew up with Sydney, hence Charlie knew him as the best. Sidney was born in 1885, after the matrimony. Spencer became besides celebrated as drummer for Jefferson Airplane, that was the best set in the old ages. Charlie was to immature to cognize was traveling on and would non to the full cognize about his stepbrother, ‘ Wheeler Dryden ‘ His household was really hapless. His female parent Hannah sold valuable material to remain alive. But after all they have adequate nutrient. Because his household had so small money. Therefore Charlie went to a play. Hannah was ill, when Charlie ‘s und Sydney ‘s childhood. Charlie and Sidney lived in more places illustration, school and workhouses and his ain house.The brothers meet once more in 1920. Spencer is died from malignant neoplastic disease in January 10, 2005. Sydney died on Charlie ‘s birthday, april 16,1965. Wheeler died in September 30, 1957. On the image see you his household.

Charlie Chaplin has been married to four times, he has 11 kids. His first married woman was Mildred Harris, they got married on October 23, 1918.They got one kid, but after three yearss the kid died. They got divorced on April 4, 1921. His 2nd married woman called Lita Grey, they got married on November 26, 1924, together they had two boies, Charlie and Lita divorced on August 25, 1927. His 3rd married woman called Paulette Goddard, they met when they are on a holliday, Charlie and Paulette divorced in June in the twelvemonth 1942, she was the stepmother of Sidney and Charlie Jr. His 4th married woman was Oona O’Neill with whom he had eight kids, Charlie and Oona got married on June 16, 1943.

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His Children.

His first kid, Norman Spencer Chaplin, he was born on July 7, 1919. His 2nd kid, Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr. , he was born on May 5, 1925, he has appeared in a movie together with his male parent ( Charlie Chaplin ) . His 3rd kid, Sydney Earle Chaplin, he was born on March 30, 1926, he has besides worked with his male parent ( Charlie Chaplin ) in one film. His 4th kid, Geraldine Chaplin Leigh, she was born on August 1, 1944, she is besides known in many films. His 5th kid, Michael John Chaplin, he was born on March 7, 1946. His 6th kid, Josephine Hannah Chaplin, she was born on March 28, 1949. His 7th kid, Victoria Chaplin, she was born on May 19, 1951. His 8th kid was Eugene Anthony Chaplin, he was born on August 23, 1953. His 9th kid, Jane Cecil Chaplin, she was born on May 23, 1957. His 10th kid, Annette Emily Chaplin who was born on December 3, 1959. His last kid, Christopher James Chaplin, he was born on July 9, 1962.

Silent Films.

In 1895 came the first moving images that you could frequently see at the carnival. You can see terpsichoreans in butterfly frocks and work forces packaging. After a clip came the silend movies. At the Begin there were merely short movies, but because people liked that, The movies were longer with more topics. In a soundless movie the histrions do n’t talk. These movies were made around 1900. At that clip they ca n’t do a movie with a sound. a stupid movie in the film there was a church organ for music. Subsequently came a existent organ. In the twelvemonth 1927 was it possible to do movies with sound. Celebrated people who played in soundless movies were: Laurel & A ; Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. Person who accompanied a soundless movie called a Wurlitzer. At that clip there were no sibtitles, they used a batch of material to do a noice: When in a film a motor was traveling on another individual make a noice of the motor, when a electrical storm was struck they make a noice with a pot. So there were films with sound, a batch of histrions do n’t wish that because they actors making more with their oral cavities and custodies. These histrions frequently went to the theatre scene at that place to work at that place. In the movie was person who told the narrative of the film. The soundless movies had ever had a good concluding, they called a Hollywood terminal. And for the Europeans a dramatic end..

A brace of Charlie ‘s movies. ( the great dictator, circus, modern times. )

At the film ‘the great dictator ‘ they make merriment of Hitler. The great dictator is Charlie ‘s celebrated movie, he writes the film and directed the film. Charlie plays two axial rotations in the film. One is a jewisch Barber and a dictator. This film is the first that Charlie speaks, he was really afraid for the reactions of the people In the terminal of the old ages thirty Charlie worked at this film but it appeared in 1940 in the theatres. In that clip Hitler conquered big parts of Europe. The film came popular around the twelvemonth 1941. , the great dictator good be used against the war. researchA showedA thatA HitlerA sawA thatA movieA twice. Cipher knows what Hitler idea of that film. They think that he thought that the film was n’t amusing, because Charlie was playing a jewisch adult male. Charlie has at true when he knows what Hitler has don that clip he does n’t to do this movie.

The Circus.

For this film charlie got an academy award. If he truly got this award earned, a batch of people discuss over that. He had a difficuld clip so because he and his 2nd married woman lita got in a devorce. Lita was tried to stop the cariere of charlie Chaplin. This film base on the topographic point figure 7 for the highest income of the silend movies. In the twelvemonth 1928 brought the film $ 3.800.000.

Modern Times.

This film came in the twelvemonth 1933 boulder clay 1936. The film go on premiere on February 6, 1936. Charlie plays in this film a hobo, he goes together with a unemployed miss from the town and A they’reA sureA everyoneA getsA work. He spends a batch of clip with another miss. He and the miss happen a occupation and felicity. This film brought up $ 1.500.000.


A brace of Charlie ‘s movies. ( City visible radiations, spotlight, Making a living. )

City visible radiations.

City visible radiations came out in the twelvemonth 1931. For this film acquire Charlie $ 1.500.000. In this film is charlie a hobo, but he met a miss. He says to that miss, : I ‘m a millionair. ‘ But later she happen out that he is n’t a millionair.


Limelight is a film were many kids of Charlie Chaplin in dramas. In 1952 begon Charlie to compose that narrative. Charlie write all his films and directed them.

Making a life.

Charlie ‘s first film was Making a Life and got in premiere on February 1914. This film took about a one-fourth. Charlie knew small from the films. He has a batch of wit. He thought that the manager was nothingaˆ¦ He did n’t nil good. He was really defeated of the concluding consequences. Everything he was trusting to see in the film, the manager has got everything out. But the public liked the film and recognized Charlie as ‘ a truly good comedian ‘

A countess from Hong kong.

This was charlies last movie, the film was traveling out on January 5, 1967. Charlie got with this film. $ 3,500,000.

His last old ages aˆ¦

Charlie lived the last old ages of his life in Switzerland.. In 1972 Charlie Chaplin got a Academy Award for his whole life. That Oscar called they a academy honari award. He got the longest hand clapping in history from the Academy Awards. , in 1975 charlie Chaplin got knighted by queen Elizabeth. So he got a new name: ‘ sir Charles Chaplin ‘ . And his married woman became Lady Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin died in 1977, during the first Christmas dark. He died of a cardiacA apprehension he was 88 old ages old when he died. On March 8, 1978 his organic structure was stolen. The people who has stolen the organic structure was tring to acquire ransom from Charlie ‘s married woman, but the program was failed. The organic structure was found 11 hebdomads subsequently by the leg of Geneve and subsequently they buried Charlie under 180 cm concrete.

How acquire charlie so celebrated?

Charlie Chaplin had ever a bowler hat on, that bowler hat was to tight and he had places on they were to big, he ever walked with a walking stick. So came Charlie on phase. He did n’t believe he got so celebrated. But he knows that he was a hobo, that he was n’t so lucky. Subsequently he told what the goosepas meant. , he had stolen that from a dronken adult male, he walked besides like a goose with his pess traveling outdoors. If you think of the name ‘ Charlie Chaplin ‘ , the most people knows him from the film: ‘ The small hobo ‘ Whole the universe loved him! Everybody knows the sad face of him and his wit. And so he did n’t talk the people could understand him. Because the whole universe likes him and so became really celebrated. He has make many films, and became there awards for. So there are many quotation marks Charlie Chaplin said and we are still utilizing so. As: A twenty-four hours without laughter is a twenty-four hours wasted, In the terminal, everything is a joke and We think excessively much and experience excessively small.

The Beginning!

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The terminal!



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