Process Intensification In Chemical Engineering Engineering Essay

Procedure Intensification ( PI ) is a construct in chemical technology which foremost defined back in 1970 sparked by the demand to cut down capital cost involved in a peculiar production system This was foremost pioneered by ICI to cut down works volume without giving its production capacity [ 1, Dautzenberg ] ( Dautzenberg, et al. , 2001 ) .

There was a first international conference in 1995, International Conference for Process Intensification in the Chemical Industry. Ramshaw was the early bookman who worked on procedure intensification philosophical foundation, defined PI as “ a scheme for doing dramatic decreases in the size of a chemical works to accomplish a given production aim ” ( Ramshaw, 1995 ) . Process intensification involves dramatic decrease in chemical works equipments by installing or single equipment volume as presented by ( Ramshaw, 1995 ) and ( Stankiewicz, 2003 ) . By adverting dramatic decreases, Ramshaw references of miniaturising volume by the order of 100 to 1000.

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This definition by Ramshaw is rather limited and is cited in Stankiewicz ( Stankiewicz, et al. , 2000 ) as being excessively narrow that it discussed more on size decrease. PI can be defined as intensification on peculiar desired consequence and size decrease is one of many coveted consequences that can be achieved through PI. This definition is widened by Stankiewicz definition of procedure intensification as “ any chemical technology development that leads to a well smaller, cleaner and more energy-efficient engineering is process intensification ” ( Stankiewicz, et al. , 2000 ) .

BHR Group defines procedure intensification as: “ Process intensification is a radical attack to procedure and works design, development and execution. Supplying a chemical procedure with the precise environment it needs to boom consequences in better merchandises, and procedures which are safer, cleaner, smaller, and cheaper. PI does non merely replace old, inefficient works with new, intensified equipment. It can dispute concern theoretical accounts, opening up chances for new patentable merchandises and procedure chemical science and alteration to just-in-time or distributed industry ” ( BHR Group, 2003 ) .

This has been widely accepted ( seek to link mentions ) as definition of procedure intensification in chemical industry.

Procedure intensification can be categorised into two types of attacks which are ; ( 1 ) methodology-based attack and another 1 is ( 2 ) equipment-based attack.

Figure Process intensfication and its constituents ( from Stankiewicz et Al. 2004 ) .

This major classification of two attack in procedure intensification is besides presented and some of the latest bing industrial illustrations are given in an article in The Chemical Engineer diary ( King, et al. , 2010 ) .

Reaction Engineering involves Sizing and bla bla bla…

Chemical reaction applied scientists spend a batch of attempts and inventiveness in heightening reactors public presentation by analyzing and implementing any optimal flight for the reaction system to be operated ( Nicol, et al. , 2001 ) . bla bla bla…

In reaction technology, equipment-driven attack is about reactor betterment of rate of reaction by specific-volume, heat transportation and mass transportation, hence may force chemical procedure or accelerator public presentation to accomplish the best out of their potencies. Nowadays this is done in footings of heightening transition rates and cut downing byproducts formation by accomplishing concentration and temperature profiles [ 4, Multfunct.React. Agar pp. 379-381 ] ( Agar, 2004 ) .

Catalysis is one of illustrations of procedure intensification attack by methodological analysis in general sense, as it serves a map to cut down activation energy required for a reaction to happen. In chemical industry there are two major types of catalytic reactor constellations, being the structured and random reactors. These classs are reviewed subsequently in the following subdivision sing their benefits in reaction technology procedure intensification.

Some applications in chemical industry by process-intensifying equipment attack are incorporating several unit operations or equipments into one multifunctional reactor, planing a new intercrossed separation such as reactive distillment and reactive soaking up [ 2, Trans ] ( Stankiewicz, et al. , 2000 ) .

Integration in between two equipments as illustrations has been reviewed by Stankiewicz ( 2003 ) [ 5 ] Stamicarbon ‘s Urea 200plus engineering. In this paper, the reactor is designed integrated with capacitor and known as “ pool reactor ” . Size comparing shown that in this peculiar instance size of equipment reduced to one-quarter of the conventional equipments ( Stankiewicz, 2003 ) [ 5 ] .

The best reactor design and constellation is identified in a peculiar chemical procedure by cognition available in its reaction chemical science, reaching form in footings of how and when single elements pass through the reactor and reach one another and how long its individuality alterations. Furthermore, critical surveies in reaction overall dynamicss every bit good as its thermodynamics to which elements are exposed along their reaction flight is of import in heightening chemical reactor or in order to incorporate reactor with any other unit operations.

Through this reactor design construct, the most suited reactor constellation is selected, e.g. , ideal stopper flow, packed-bed and etc.

Overall dynamicss bla.. bla.. bla..

In sing thermodynamics, heat transportation within or across the boundaries of reactor is a important consideration to set up optimised reaction in multifunctional reactor, based on their activation energy needed for natural stuffs to respond. In multifunctional reactor this is the range where energy would be supplied or removed from an endothermal or exothermal chief reaction to keep a forward thrust of chemical reaction. Energy balances are of import at this phase and set uping temperature profile is needed from analysis for intent of chemical reaction intensification. Methods of heat transportation are besides reviewed as there are classs of heat transportation methods known to be efficient in a peculiar reaction.

This is the normal and widely accepted process

Individual reactor design such as inactive sociable reactor, massive reactor, whirling disc reactor and etc, are illustrations of equipment-driven attack in procedure intensification ( Stankiewicz, 2003 ) . This illustrations are really concepts revolves on developing component design and betterment of a peculiar reactor.

Development of

Modeling of procedure intensification.


PI Area of Concern in Reaction Engineering Applications.

Heat exchange in reaction technology

Reactor normally contains high sum of energy viz. heat as reaction is come oning with reactor normally being operated at the highest temperature comparison to other equipment upstream and downstream. This is indispensable to the reactions as thermic energy required for molecular bond to organize or disassociate.

Heat exchange in reaction technology design has been studied extensively as heat transportation plays a important function in all chemical reactions. Agar D.W. ( 2004 ) ( Agar, 2004 ) has categorised heat transportation into four classs, viz. convection, convalescence regeneration and reaction ( Figure? ? ) . This classification helps a batch in supplying the best heat transportation solution in cognizing which the best reactor constellation is in adding or taking heat.

Figure Heat transportations for pull stringsing temperatures and concentration profiles

in chemical reactors ( from Agar, 2004 ) .

Convection is extra or remotion of side-streams which deliberately limits the handiness of one reactant, hence, bettering selectivity, e.g. ; cold-shot reactor. In convalescence heat transportation there is an external heat transportation beginnings and sinks which operates to bring forth temperature differences in between reaction stage and heating medium by taking in or taking heat someplace else, e.g. ; chilling towers, five fan ice chests, heat money changers and etc. Regeneration heat transportation makes usage of the reactor internals, normally beds or waddings as an accretion of heat and mass in order to set up temperature profile and besides concentrations. This temperature could non increase when in steady-state operation ( Agar, 2004 ) . Chemical reaction is a straight-forward combination of chief reaction with compatible auxiliary reaction either thermally or materially, e.g. ; oxyhydrogenation ( Agar, 2004 ) .

Operating temperature is achieved in reactor by one of these heat exchange attacks utilizing assorted sorts of reactors accoutrements in multifunctional reactor such as heat jacket, tubes heat following or less normally by heating spiral.

Mass transportation in reaction technology

Integration of mass transportation and accelerator has been studied ( since, whom, what are achievement so far… . ? ? ? ) and conspicuously applied in reactive distillments which will be reviewed in inside informations below.

Packing forms

Multifunctional reactors development. – e.g ; Pool reactor, reactive distillment column, heat money changer reactor

Multifunctional reactors are reactors that serve many maps of unit operations in individual equipment. These reactors normally combined with centrifuges either distillment or absorber, or with heat transportation equipments such as ice chest, warmer or capacitor. Some of the illustrations are:

Pool reactors ( reactor-condenser )

Reactive distillment columns

Pool reactor were discussed in Stankiewicz 2003 [ 5 ] ( Stankiewicz, 2003 ) , where combination of reactor and capacitor yielded a fresh equipment. World ‘s first pool reactor is known developed by DSM Research back in 1945.

A type of multifunctional reactor in which combined reactor and capacitor was studied in inside informations by Ben Amor et Al ( 1999 ) ( Ben Amor, et al. , 1999 ) took methanol synthesis from its natural stuff, syngas in paradigms as chief range.

( Add a spot of amplification for promotion & A ; accomplishment ) .

This is farther developed and analysed in Haut, et Al ( 2004 ) ( Haut, et al. , 2004 )

Heat money changer reactor is designed by uniting reactor, heat money changer and scrubber by the

PI in multifunctional reactor design.

Multifunctional reactor has been a good illustration of procedure intensification by equipment-driven attack. …

Procedure intensification in multifunctional reactors were presented in

Professionals: Examples in adept

Cons: There

“ Several “ maps ” or procedures are designed to happen at the same time in multifunctional reactors ” . One of many illustrations of these reactors is fluidised catalytic cracker ( FCC ) that has two reactions occur in one unit operation viz. checking and another is remotion of coke in hydrocarbon ( Dautzenberg, et al. , 2001 ) .




Chemical reactors frequently used accelerators in its operations as they provide easier way for reaction to go on that the activation energy is lowered with their presence in reaction stage. Two general classs of catalytic reactor constellation are random catalytic reactor and structured catalytic reactor.

Structured accelerators has been paid attending

Random accelerators

Reactive distillment is one of many illustrations of procedure intensification in multifunctional reactor.

One of many good illustrations in procedure intensification by integrating of unit operations is the reactive distillment in which reaction stage is put together with separation stage in individual equipment. This has been call as ‘pool reactor ‘ ( Stankiewicz, 2003 [ 5 ] ) ( Stankiewicz, 2003 ) . Reactive distillments uses column packing which made by the accelerator stuff as the reactants pass through the column will respond and the separation takes topographic point along the column throughout the wadding

This was initiated by the studies.. ? ? ? ? ? ? where column internals which use conventional wadding form with stuffs that could likely be replaced with catalytically compatible stuffs to convey forward reaction equilibrium for more outputs.

An illustration of this ground-breaking new wadding is Ace X-pack ( structured wadding ) designed and manufactiured by Nagaoka International Corp. , able to cut down size of column down to five times smaller comparisons to conventional column and much lower force per unit area bead across the wadding. This dramatic decrease of equipment size was illustrated as comparing to conventional applications by Stankiewicz ( 2003 ) [ 5 ] ( Stankiewicz, 2003 ) as shown in figure ( Figure? ? ) .

Figure Super X-pack – radical wadding for

distillment columns by Nagaoka International Corp.

Sulzer Chemtech developed KATAPAK-S wadding as catalytic wadding and this is packing has been studied in inside informations sing the geometry of flow channel, hydrokineticss and mass transportation public presentation in Behrens et. Al. ( 2006 ) [ 9 ] ( Behrens, et al. , 2006 ) . Modeling of liquid hold-up, force per unit area bead and mass transportation were conducted specifically based on this Sulzer ‘s KATAPAK-S as the chief focal point in this publication. This cognition is important for farther developments and applications. Stankiewicz ( 2003 ) ( Stankiewicz, 2003 ) is besides cited in this paper in footings of uniting reactors and centrifuges.

Future researches on these Super X-pack and Sulzer ‘s KATAPAK-S are possible development of catalytic version of this wadding. From process-intensification point of position this could perchance be the discovery displacement in huge decrease of column size and a cardinal measure up in reactive distillment that will convey a extended benefits in chemical industry.

Parkinson ( 2000 ) , Drip bead in column internals

Applications in Chemical Industry.

Catalytic reactive distillment has been commercially used in chemical industry ( DeGarmo J.L. , 1992 ) [ 8 ] ( DeGarmo, et al. , 1992 ) . One of the illustrations of applications in chemical industries is the Methyl Acetate separative reactor engineering development by Eastman Chemicals. This is presented by Siirola ( 1995 ) [ 12 ] ( Siirola, J. J. ; Eastman Chemical Company, 1996 ) . This has been cited in Stankiewicz ( 2003 ) [ 5 ] to reflect the extended decrease in works size. This monolithic works size of seven undertakings is integrated into individual piece of equipment. Distillation, extractive distillment, reaction, reactive distillment are the distinct undertakings which have been combined into one column. As the consequence, Numberss of equipment are reduced to 3 from conventional works that has 28 equipments. This is shown in figure ( label figure below )

Figure 4 Plant integrating in methyl ethanoate separative reactor procedure by Eastman Chemical

( from Siirola 1996 [ 13 ] ) .

Benefits ( to associate this point of integrating benefits in between [ 5, Stankiewicz ] , [ Ramshaw,1999 ] cost decrease and [ 6, Hendershot ] safety sing incorporate unit operation e.g. ; pool reactor, in reactive distillment )

Cost decrease on the major works point was the primary aim of PI, but other benefits comes along with this decrease of costs such as structural work, earth/civil work for big vas foundations, installings and labor every bit good as less pipe work needed ( Ramshaw, 1999 ) .

While looking into process intensification from safety point of position this equipment integrating… .. ( Hendershot, 2004 )

This can cut down the hazard of reaction phase while in operation as cut downing the size of the works means understating risky stuff use construct proposed by Kletz ( Kletz, 1996 ) . The possible chance for chemical runaway through pipe connexion in between unit operations is besides eliminated as ‘what you do n’t hold cant leak ‘ ( Kletz, 1978 ) . This simpler works is the consequence one looking for in accomplishing the aim in procedure intensification. Smaller works is one of the aims in procedure intensification and analogue with the construct of mentioned above in debut ( Stankiewicz, et al. , 2000 ) .

Potentials of farther development of reactive distillment:

Pool reactor was started as R & A ; D plan by DSM Research back in 1945 and after 51 old ages, the engineering was established and patented in 1996 in urea production known as Urea 2000plusa„? engineering. The first commercial works was commissioned in 1998 when start-up of first Urea 2000plusa„? pool reactor works.

Stamicarbon ‘s Urea 2000plusa„? engineering reduced the size of installed equipments from early constitution at entire tallness of 78 meters… .. ( Bakker, 2004 ) .





Pool Condenser

Pool Reactor

Urea 2000plusa„? engineering

Conventional urea engineering

Degree centigrades: UsersdynaPicturesMP Navigator EX2010_10_03Urea 2000Plus Pool Reactor2.jpg

Figure 5 Decrease of size by integrating of reactor, capacitor and scrubber featured in Stamicarbon ‘s

Urea 2000plusa„? engineering ( from Bakker, 2004 ) .

MAIN PARTS degree Celsius

Modeling of procedure intensification.


Modeling of Krishna & A ; Taylor ( 2000 )

MAIN PARTS vitamin D

Process intensification for safety.

In set uping a chemical works nowadays, there are monolithic lists of safety statute laws need to be adhered. One of the best patterns in chemical industry is to build a works with elements of built-in safety. Built-in safety and intrinsic safety mean the same and would be used interchangeably from this point onwards. Process intensification is an of import facet that needs to be implemented in accomplishing an inherently safer chemical procedure and works.

Process intensification for built-in safety construct has long been set up has been

Intrinsic safety in reactor constellation and operation is a important component since reactor is a bosom of a chemical fabrication works. Bing the Centre of a procedure incorporating assorted constituents of chemicals as natural stuffs are introduced and as reactions took topographic point there would be mixture of merchandises and usually more than two byproducts. Reactor besides traditionally contains high sum of energy viz. heat as operating with normally being operated at the highest temperature comparison to other equipment upstream and downstream. This is where energy would be supplied or removed as stated before in the debut.

From the point of equipment integrating reviewed before, reactor combination with other unit operations such as distillment, capacitor, scrubber or heat money changer is another attack in procedure intensification, i.e ; equipment-driven attack ( King et. Al. 2010 ) [ 10 ] .

MAIN PARTS vitamin E

Barriers and possible chances of procedure intensification in reaction technology.

Besides wide-ranging promotion in PI in reaction technology, there are several troubles known in keeping back the research and execution of engineerings. This occurs particularly in upscaling from lab or pilot graduated table to commercial graduated table.

In 1998 AIChE ‘s Center for Waste Reduction Technologies organised two workshops that has recognised barriers for reactive/hybrid separations and as agreed there were three classs of proficient and untechnical troubles which are:

Technical spreads, such as deficiency of simulation and scale-up capableness, deficiency of validated thermodynamics and kinetic informations, deficiency of stuffs ( compatible stuffs, e.g. , incorporate catalysts/sorbents, membrane stuffs ) as these stuffs have to be developed specifically for the intent of new procedure chemical science, and deficiency of high-ranking procedure synthesis methodological analysis.

Technology transportation barriers, deficiency of experts in multidisciplinary squad in procedure integrating attack, deficiency of communality of jobs ( each application has alone engineering ) and deficiency of models/prototypes on a sensible graduated table ( most of the surveies still regarded as scientific discipline which involves small-scale researches ) .

General barriers, such as higher criterions, to necessitate execution of new engineerings, as opposed to conventional engineerings, deficiency of procedure economic sciences ( as new engineerings have non been proved to be executable as there is no commercial theoretical account available ) and fright of hazard in runing new engineerings.

Besides those troubles, future chances


The executions of procedure intensifications transform conventional chemical technology unit operations into a radical procedure engineering whether by integrating of several unit operations or by changing intrinsic chemical procedure elements to extinguish unneeded procedure constrictions. Changes normally measured by the well cost betterment, advancement delivery/process clip, – [ 3, Re-Engineering chem ]



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