The importance of the hundred years war

The Hundred Years War was the last great mediaeval war. The Hundred Years War was really of import because it was small wars, 100s of conflicts, and besiegings that went on for over a century during the 1337-1453. This war is of import to history because while neither side won in any existent sense, the terminal consequence was that while there were two lands at the beginning of the war, there were two states at the terminal of it.

The existent cause that precipitated the eruption of the Hundred Years War was a difference between France and England over the inheritor of the Gallic land. After the decease of France ‘s Charles IV, both France and England claimed the Crown because Charles had left no direct replacement. England ‘s Edward III declared himself the rightful swayer because he was Charles IV female parent ‘s boy. But the Gallic refused to accept an English King and in 1228 they placed Philip VI, a cousin of Charles IV, on the throne. Relationss between the two states finally degenerated into war. The naval conflict of Sluys in 1340 for control of the English Channel proved the first of many conflicts that would result in the long war. England emerged winning in this case and succeeded in set uping a sea-dominance that lasted throughout the undermentioned old ages. The following major conflict occurred in 1346 at Crecy. In this conflict, the differences between the English ground forces and Gallic ground forces became clearly seeable. In 1347, England won the metropolis of Calais, “ the door into France, ” after a year-long besieging. From 1348 to 1354 the eruption of the Black Plague in England, a disease which decimated a immense part of the population. In 1356, the Gallic incurred yet another awful licking, the loss of the metropolis of Poitiers. And this was worsened by the gaining control of their male monarch, King John II. The difference between the states ‘ ground forcess were one of the greatest contrasts between France and England and besides proved a forceful contributing factor in France ‘s drive off from feudal system. It was at this point that John II boy, Charles, took over the Gallic throne. Estates General met and created several new Torahs, entitled the Great Ordinance, without the permission or blessing of the male monarch. This incident proved cardinal in the constitution of a strong monarchy in France and besides a cardinal turning point in the Hundred Year War because the force and confusion caused the common mans to abandon the thought of constitutional authorities. When Charles ‘ decease in 1380, merely the metropoliss of Calais and Bordeaux were still in English custodies.

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In 1381, England experienced a really similar state of affairs within their state. Like the Gallic, the English provincials were tired of the revenue enhancements imposed on them because of the war and were frustrated by the nobility curtailing their chances. The provincials began a rebellion led by Wat Tyler, but when Wat Tyler, the leader, was killed, the rebellion was disbanded and the people ‘s demands ignored. One advantage for the French was the decease of England ‘s king Edward III in 1377. His replacement, Richard III focused small attending on the personal businesss in France during his reign, but alternatively attempted to weaken the authorization of the English nobility. In response to this, in 1399 Parliament dethroned Richard and appointed Henry IV in his topographic point. Henry the IV was preoccupied with certain state of affairss in England, France was able to recover more district in their ain state. It was besides near this clip, by 1384, that Wycliffe completed his interlingual rendition of the Latin Vulgate scriptures into English. This helped fix the manner for the reformation and besides allowed for the printing of the Bible in English when the imperativeness was invented by Gutenberg merely two old ages after the terminal of the Hundred Year War.

France experienced problem one time once more upon the decease of their male monarch, Charles V. The tensenesss within the state between different houses allowed England ‘s King Henry V to get down recovering lost land. The Gallic loss at Agincourt was due to similar tactics that brought about their devastation by the English in the conflicts of Crecy and Poitiers. The English were far outnumbered, they wrought a startling licking over the Gallic. Their licking caused Charles VI to subscribe the Treaty of Troyes with the English in 1420. It ensured that upon his decease, the regulation of France would be handed over to Henry V. Joan of Arc was besides of import individual he inspired the Gallic and stirred in them a feeling of patriotism. This rise in patriotism besides contributed to the strengthening of the cardinal monarchy in France. In July of 1453 the last conflict of the Hundred Years War took topographic point at Castillon, the same twelvemonth that Constantinople eventually fell to the Ottomans and the Byzantine Empire ended. England no longer held sway of any Gallic district except in the port town of Calais.

The war brought about dissimilar consequences for the Gallic and the English. While both states saw an increased effectivity in their monarchial regulation, it was due to different grounds. England ‘s retentions in France were excessively great of a load to transport and still efficaciously regulation. With its lands in France taken, the land was much more manageable. Unlike France, over the class of the war England besides experienced a strengthening of the parliament. France, on the other manus, witnessed an addition in monarchial authorization due to the people ‘s acknowledgment and ailment of the feudal system ‘s defects, including its restrictions in combat and in protection of the helot. The eventual ejection of the English and the consolidation of the land made France one of the greatest states during this clip period. But the Hundred Years War was at least partly responsible for more than merely the lessening of feudal system and addition of centralised monarchy. The fourteenth and 15th centuries proved highly hard for the peoples of France and England. The Black Plague, war, dearth, and decease had ravaged the states. Peoples began seeking for an account, and the current church could offer none. The Hundred Years War was a portion of a series of events that shifted people ‘s thought and paved the manner for the period of Reformation that would follow.



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