Cleopatra A Great Ending History Essay

In malice of her great stoping, Cleopatra was an unscrupulous subsister with a genius for scoring those who could go to to her demands. Often, Cleopatra is remembered as the lover of the two consuls, Mark Antony and Julius Caesar, therefore, associating the Egyptian empress to Rome ‘s history. The narratives of her dealingss with these two really powerful work forces do non ever lead to a sweet image of Cleopatra being painted, as her alleged promiscuousness and presumption give her a more than vivacious repute.

Cleopatra VII Philopator, referred to by most as Cleopatra was born around 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt and died August 12th, 30 BC. By birth, she was considered Egyptian ; nevertheless, by lineage she was considered Greek, as she had non the slightest bead of Egyptian blood running through her. Cleopatra was the 3rd in line to her male parent, Ptolemy XII, and was the last participant of the Ptolemaic dynasty to govern the great land of Egypt. Not much is known about Cleopatra ‘s female parent, nevertheless, Cleopatra V is said to keep this rubric, as she is the merely confirmed married woman of Ptolemy XII. Despite the fact that Cleopatra ‘s male parent, when talking in relation to his personal character, was seen as the most corrupt and maculate swayers in the dynasty, this did non halt him from holding a enormous influence on his girl, Cleopatra ; who on assorted occasions referred to herself as Cleopatra Thea Philprator, which basically translates to “ Goddess who loves her male parent ” .

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Much of Cleopatra ‘s success is said to hold been the consequence of her beauty and gender, nevertheless, multiple beginnings lead us to believe otherwise ensuing in much contention environing Cleopatra ‘s supposed beauty. Harmonizing to Clare Pickersgill, the adjunct manager of the archaeological museum at Newcastle University, the portrayals we see today, meant to resemble Cleopatra, come from a Ag coin that traveled with her lover, Marc Anthony. The unsympathetic images seen on the coin, suggest that Hollywood movies exaggerated her beauty while in fact, this Ag coin shows that Cleopatra had a shallow brow, drawn-out nose, thin lips and a pointy chin-a much different representation than most would hold pictured. Last, ancient Roman beginnings highlight her high degree of mind and compelling personality along with her really ‘seductive ‘ voice, but non one time do they advert her physical visual aspect. Presumably, Cleopatra spoke eight linguistic communications, wrote books about legion subjects ( i.e. thaumaturgy, cosmetics etc. ) taking to the premise that she, like her posterities received a fin instruction. Cleopatra ‘s image on the coin

[ Plutarch ] “ For her existent beauty, it is said, was non in itself so singular that none could be compared with her, or that no 1 could see her without being struck by it, but the contact of her presence, if you lived with her, was resistless ; the attractive force of her individual, fall ining with the appeal of her conversation, and the character that attended all she said or did, was something bewitching. It was a pleasance simply to hear the sound of her voice, with which, like an instrument of many strings, she could go through from one linguistic communication to another ; so that there were few of the barbaric states that she answered by an translator. ”

Cleopatra rose to the throne in 51 BC when her male parent passed off go forthing her with a colossal sum of power to utilize at her discretion at the immature age of 19. Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra ‘s male parent left his state to his girl on the exclusive status that she co-rule and take her twelve-year-old brother ‘s, Ptolemy XII manus in matrimony, a common tradition at the clip. However, non long after, it became impeccably clear that Cleopatra was determined on haling her exclusive influence upon the great land of Egypt as her brother remained in the dark whilst she ruled entirely for a period of three old ages. However, Ptolemy was determined to alter this, and in 48 BC, challenged his sister, and imposed married woman who was forced to fly Alexandria, Egypt and travel into expatriate. Bing the strong-willed and relentless adult female Cleopatra was, she refused to give up and was determined to retrieve her throne by constructing her really ain ground forces on Egypt ‘s boundary line.

Cleopatra and Julius Caesar

In the intervening clip in Rome was a civil war held between Julius Caesar and Pompey, a military leader over who was to take charge of the Roman Empire. Overcome, Pompey headed to Alexandria, trusting to happen protection with Ptolemy XIII. All went incorrect, as Julius Caesar made certain to follow him to Egypt, putting to death and behead him. Cleopatra, utilizing her resistless appeal and entreaty seduced Julius Caesar while enticing him into an confederation in an effort to recover the throne. The widespread fable provinces that she was smuggled in a rug by her work forces and carried into Julius Caesar ‘s royal castle in order to avoid exposure by Ptolemy XIII and his work forces. Harmonizing to Plutarch, a Grecian historiographer, when the rug Cleopatra ballad in was unraveled, one of history ‘s greatest love narratives began. It did non take long for Ptolemy XIII to gain what was go oning between the two as he allied himself with his sister, Arsenois and led a rebellion against his sister-wife Cleopatra. During this war, Julius Caesar chased immature Ptolemy XIII who purportedly drowned in the Nile in an effort to get away.

It was the summer of 47 BC when Cleopatra and Julius Caesar embarked on a two-month ocean trip along the Nile where they became lovers after she was crowned queen of Egypt alongside her youngest brother, Ptolemy XIV. It was during this clip that Cleopatra gave birth to Caesarian, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar ‘s first kid, despite being married three times. In 45 BC, Cleopatra and her boy, Cesarean left Egypt in order to pay a visit to Rome where she so stayed in a castle built by her lover, Julius in their honor. However, their love affair did non last long as Julius Caesar ‘s blackwash on the 15th of March 44BC forced her to return to her fatherland, Egypt and in terror poisoned and killed Ptolemy XIV, her brother and obligatory hubby.

Cleopatra and Marc Antony

Julius Caesar ‘s blackwash led to the flowering of one of history ‘s most celebrated love personal businesss. Marc Antony demanded for Cleopatra to run into with him in order to discourse about possible political confederations. Although she denied him twice, when she eventually did make up one’s mind to run into with him, Cleopatra knew it would be of great usage if she developed a close friendly relationship with Marc Anthony. Like Julius Caesar, he was won over by her beguiling personality and appeal ; it did non take long for him to fall under Cleopatra ‘s enchantment doing him to set his married woman, Fulvia on the backburner, which did non sit good with Octavian, Fulvia ‘s brother and the people of Rome. Although, to many their matter may look a narrative of great passion, it was besides a reciprocally manipulative relationship as they both had plentifulness to derive. Marc Antony wanted both the armed forces and fiscal backup of Cleopatra. This was because Julius Caesar ‘s nephew, Octavian and Marcus Lepidus ; a Roman patrician planned an onslaught on the 2nd triumvirate ( a commission formed after the blackwash of Julius Caesar ; it was composed of Marc Anthony, Octavian, and Marcus Lepidus in an effort to revenge against the liquidators of Julius Caesar. ) in order to derive complete control over Rome. Cleopatra, cognizing this could hold a positive influence on her was speedy to accept, as she was determined on alining Cesarean, her boy as the sole replacement to the throne after Marc ‘s decease. In return for her support, she was appointed queen of Cyprus, Crete and Egypt-all old districts that Alexander the Great one time ruled. However, this did non sit good with Octavian who publicized the intelligence doing uproar amongst the people of Rome. This resulted in a annual recess of Marc Antony ‘s regulating power. Old ages subsequently, Octavian, still seeking retribution declared war on both Cleopatra and Antony whose confederation came to an terminal at the conflict of Actium off the west seashore of Greece where the broken Greeks suffered a great licking to the Romans. Upon hearing the intelligence of the ruin, Cleopatra sought protection back in Greece-she hid in her really ain burial chamber, therefore, distributing the false intelligence that she killed herself. Devastated, Antony stabbed himself due to the ill-conceived belief that she had committed suicide. Cleopatra, holding found out the intelligence, and cognizing she would be made a captive of Octavian, decided to kill herself, therefore stoping the Ptolemaic dynasty.

Cleopatra ‘s great narrative has influenced legion plants of art, theater and literature including Shakespeare ‘s legendary ‘Antony and Cleopatra ‘ . Although, by many she is seen a scoundrel due to her promiscuous and presumptuousness nature it is of import to observe Cleopatra ‘s great accomplishments. She was the first and merely Ptolemaic swayer to larn the Egyptian linguistic communication and succeeded in maintaining Egypt an independent country-a hard undertaking to finish with the really ambitious Romans maintaining a stopping point oculus. In visible radiation of this, it is of import to maintain in head both the societal and political obstructions Cleopatra VII fought in order to keep her place as queen of Egypt in a society dominated by males.



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