Robotics In Alternate Energy Systems Manufacturing Engineering Essay

Bing sustainable is the most of import mantra to prolong in this of all time altering universe. Rapid use of dodo fuel have created a immense demand for alternate energy systems. Alternate energy systems consist of a broad array of freshly developed systems such as solar photovoltaic panels, air current turbines and fuel cells. , these engineerings are traveling rapid alterations. To full make full the demands of this quickly altering markets makers are trusting on robotics to flexibly maintain up with of all time altering merchandises and fabrication procedures.

Automatons and Sun: –

In the country of Solar cell fabrication, makers are trusting more on the automatons which can manage the really delicate and thin Si wafers with extreme attention without damaging them. Robotics came into drama in this really sector because it has helped to better the stuff handling capablenesss which were earlier being performed by human existences. Robots handle the extremist thin wafers and solar cells with better consistence than worlds which consequences in higher output and better quality. Since the solar cell fabrication sector is extremely turning and germinating we need automatons which are flexible and adapt itself to newer engineering and can be retooled and redeployed really easy. Flexible fabrication is the most sought after engineering and is replacing difficult mechanization from clip to clip since flexible fabrication has a immense border over the difficult mechanization in footings of design alterations and ascents. Vision-equpiped six-axis automaton piecing photovoltaic panel, courtesy FANUC Robotics America Corp.

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New Age End Effecters: –

The automatons which are involved in the solar cell fabricating normally have vacuity tools which are used to manage the wafer in such a manner that the terminal effecters of the automaton does non come in contact with the portion therefore assisting in holding a better quality. The vacuity based end effecters normally puts a cover of air between the portion and the tooling therefore assisting it to accomplish high quality. Some of the systems normally use servo based systems which slows down the terminal effecters before really prosecuting with the portion. The automatons would hold terminal effecters made with specialised stuff such that the terminal effecters should non impact the surface of the portion its handling. Since stuff handling is merely one facet of solar cell fabrication, these solar wafers required specialised end-effectors to forestall breakage during high velocity cutting operation.These specialised terminal effecters prevent the breakage of the wafers at really high velocity. Since wafers are really delicate and toffees so they must be carefully supported throughout the whole scope of operation and during gestures. Wafers can easy interrupt when picked up or put down and they become small airfoils when moved with high speed [ 1 ] , In solar panel fabrication automatons are besides responsible for soldering and brazing so they require high sum of repeatability with every bit good terminal results.End-effector used in alternate energy merchandise fabrication, courtesy Applied Robotics Inc.

Vision Systems for Solar Cell Manufacturing: –

Vision is a really of import tool which is presently being used in the field of robotics. Vision systems in automatons are normally helpful in countries necessitating precise stuff arrangement. Due to high preciseness of robotic vision system, the stuff arrangement are really accurate and they normally helps in hiking productiveness and quality prosodies of the terminal merchandise being manufactured. Applications which does non necessitate fixtures and trays for portion location the vision system comes to play. Vision-guidance is a characteristic that lets the system take a image, calculate a partaa‚¬a„?s location and orientation, and steer the automaton to the portion utilizing a computed robot-to-camera transmutation obtained through an machine-controlled standardization [ 1 ] . Partss can be indiscriminately presented for the automaton without pre-orientation or alliance, or set into a tray which besides reduces cost [ 1 ] . Some of the vision systems can besides be fitted on the conveyer and can be utilized for portion review therefore adding high efficiency and faultless quality in the whole procedure. With the aid of vision systems the we can cut down rhythm clip in the operations which are extremely quotable since the automaton will cognize where to pick and put portion from same or different location without decrease in velocity and mistake in gesture. This offers enormous power and flexibleness for solar manufacturing.fanuc1.gif

Robotic solar fabrication sum-up

Roboticss and mechanization in photovoltaic fabrication is truly really of import since it has proved to be the chief factor for cut downing cost significantly and to convey with it high quality and faster rate of production. The usage of robotics and mechanization normally have a common end, the end to drive down the cost per W. We want electricity to be inexpensive and inclusion of robotics in the alternate energy field has proved to be a large spring forward in accomplishing greater sum of sustainability. Automation has played a important function in cut downing fabrication costs in many fabrication industries. While robotics and mechanization may be viewed by some industries as mature engineerings, industry leaders are go oning to develop merchandises and new engineerings that are suited for solar fabrication operations [ 1 ] .

Case Study: –

A Robot to Tilt Solar Panels

Startup QBotix uses a automaton going along a path in solar farm to optimise the angle of visible radiation on panels. QBotix — founded by a squad of solar industry and robotics experts from Silicon Valley, MIT, Caltech, and Stanford — so far has secured $ 7.4 million in venture capital support for its solar-panel robotics system, bring forthing important bombilation for its invention and possible ability to revolutionise the solar-power industry [ 3 ] .

The solar cells normally produces energy when they are confronting the Sun. The suns energy is so converted into electrical energy with its internal circuitry. The solar panels tend to take immense infinite as compared to other energy beginnings. which is normally a large challenge. Since suns orientation supports on altering as the yearss progress the solar panels if they are stationary wo n’t be able to use the full potency from the Sun energy since they are non decently oriented and Sun might hold changed its place. Therefore suiting solar panel with built-in tracker is the lone manner to use the full potency of Sun ‘s monolithic energy.

Startup QBotix has developed a robotic system for tracking the Sun along two dimensions, but at lower cost than traditional two-axis trackers [ 3 ] . QTS has an onboard information acquisition system which is interfaced with intelligent detectors which gives real-time informations sing the wellness of the systems and besides provides information of the systems energy production. This systems helps in existent clip monitoring of the QTS output.http: // bid=395 & A ; ufid=90774

QTS utilizes a double axis tracking which is supported by two independent battery-driven automaton which manages to maintain the solar panel traveling every 40 proceedingss which helps them to tackle the Sun energy and change over them into electricity.

The consequence is a robotic-powered trailing system that requires up to 20 per centum less electricity to run while increasing the end product of the panels by up to 15 per centum [ 3 ] .

Traveling with the flow: –

Wind is everyplace around us and can therefore bring forth energy excessively. Wind energy is being used everyplace in the universe to take down our dependance on fossil fuels. The possible energy of air current is normally used to travel the blades of a air current tower and the revolving blades produce energy. Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing which was earlier non so widespread besides preferred to use the advantages of mechanization. Earlier when the fabrication leaders embraced the usage of labour intensive procedures and besides difficult mechanization have late recognized the importance to robotics in their fabrication processes to do them the universe leaders. Earlier the blades were manufactured with fixed mechanization or CNC machining, the operations through this process had assorted booby traps and shortcoming such as machine handiness, flexibleness, and last but non least, cost. This is because blades must be exactly positioned to see that facing of the root terminal and both the axial and radial holes are within the needed tolerances [ 1 ] . Not merely does this necessitate a skilled operator to place these multi-ton blades, lading clip is idle clip for a comparatively expensive piece of capital equipment [ 1 ] .

Advantages of Robots in Wind Blade Fabrication: –

The blades that are manufactured with high terminal mechanization normally lack the disadvantages created due to fixed mechanization. Preciseness instruments and high terminal automatons plays a large function in fabricating them and maintaining the Earth clean. High grade of preciseness is required for the assorted fabricating operations such as boring and coating of the surface of the blades and besides for the lodging for the bring forthing constituents in the towers.Robots guarantee high terminal preciseness when the immense blades are fixed onto the nacelles [ 1 ] .Using intelligent with appropriate vision systems normally consequences in extremely accurate and precise boring, the vision systems besides help to turn up countries where the drill operations are needed to be performed. They besides helps in high terminal surface coating for the coupling surfaces. Since the air current blades are normally really big utilizing difficult mechanization and manual labour will do a great trade of inefficiency and deficiency of truth, automatons are normally put on an lift to make the undertaking with much higher efficiency and truth. In the instance of air current blade fabrication, the air current blades normally require particular coating on its tremendous surface to salvage it from corrosion due to external environment. Automatons are normally used to surface the air current blade surface for its ability to surface the surface with high terminal of uniformity since it can command the uniformity as desired by the makers. Automatons are besides used on air current turbine blades for sanding because the coating is critical [ 1 ] . Flaws or imperfectnesss on turbine blade surfaces causes inefficient eddy air currents over the blade [ 1 ] . Automatons with force feedback in sanding applications assist in guaranting proper surface readying [ 1 ] .Robots do heavy welding on air current turbine towers and blades. Automatons are besides making fibreglass layup, pull offing fibreglass gauze, and using gel-coating. Nacelles are painted, polished and buffed robotically [ 1 ] . A fabrication house EINA. normally design robotics sanding caputs which are extremely sophisticated by really user friendly. The automatons made by EINA is so user friendly that the clients who needs to sand the air current blade for surfacing it merely needs to plan the automaton by stipulating the stipulating the start and terminal point of it and the automatons handles the inside informations by itself. To sum up the usage of robotics and mechanization have helped the fabrication house with the advantages listed below: –

Better and congruent quality with controlled Cost

Better capableness

Reduced Production Floor Space

Improve installation productiveness

Increased Production Equipment Reliability

Improved Operator Safety

Meeting High Production Demand




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