What Is The Nuclear Arms Race History Essay

In this IA we will seek happen out how the beginning, the extremum and the terminal of the atomic weaponries race. TheA nuclearA weaponries raceA was a battle for domination inA atomic warfareA between theA United States, theA Soviet Union, and their several Alliess during theA Cold War.

In add-on to the American and Soviet atomic reserves, other states developed atomic arms, though none engaged in warhead industry on about the same graduated table as the twoA world powers.

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This subject was chosen because of its tremendous weight during the Cold War, every bit good as being a really celebrated subject to speak about ( particularly when it comes to history ) and by and large due to the absurd idea that all life on this planet could hold been destroyed merely because one state disliked the other state.

The probe will concentrate on:

The beginning of the race ( this will include the creative activity of the first atomic arm, which kick started the race, every bit good as displacement in the universe powers ) . A brief reference will be made about spy wars during the period.

The extremum of the race ( this will include the extremum in the footings of the production and destructive capablenesss of atomic warheads e.g. H bombs, thermonuclear devices and ICBMs ) . A brief reference will be made about atomic panic.

The terminal of the race ( this will include MAD, the prostration of U.S.S.R and atomic disarming ) . A brief reference will be made about the negative affect upon the economic system of both world powers.

Note: There will be reference of all major atomic explosions in the universe e.g. Trinity, RDS-1, Castel Bravo, and Tsar Bomba. This probe will merely include atomic weaponries race conducted between U.S.S.R and U.S.A and within the clip period of 1945 to 1991.

Summary of grounds

September 17, 1942, Manhattan Project[ 1 ]:

The Manhattan Project was a secret military undertaking created to bring forth the first US atomic arm.

July 17, 1945, Potsdam Conference[ 2 ]:

The Potsdam Conference, a meeting of the winning leaders of the Allies in Europe, attempted to face the delicate balance of power of the opposing governmental constructions, democracy and communism.A

July 16, 1945, Trinity[ 3 ]:

First fission device trial, foremost plutonium implosion explosion.

August 6, 1945, Little Boy[ 4 ]:

Bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, first explosion of an enriched U gun-type device, first usage of a atomic device in military combat.

August 9, 1945, Fat Man[ 5 ]:

Bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, and the last usage of a atomic device in military combat.

August 29, 1949, RDS-1[ 6 ]:

First fission arm trial by the USSR.

November 1, 1952, Ivy Mike[ 7 ]:

First cryogenic merger fuel “ staged ” thermonuclear arm, chiefly a trial device and non weaponized.

August 12, 1953, Joe 4[ 8 ]:

First merger arm trial by the USSR ( non “ staged ” ) .

March 1, 1954, Castel Bravo[ 9 ]:

First dry merger fuel “ staged ” thermonuclear arm ; a serious atomic accident occurred.

November 22, 1955, RDS-37[ 10 ]:

First “ staged ” thermonuclear weapon trial by the USSR ( deployable ) .

October 31, 1961, Tsar Bomba[ 11 ]:

Largest thermonuclear arm of all time tested, nevertheless was scaled down from its initial 100 Mt ( mega dozenss ) design by 50 % .

Important Peoples:

Robert Oppenheimer[ 12 ]: manager of the Manhattan undertaking, American physicist Robert Oppenheimer was responsible for roll uping, organizing, and taking the squad that developed and detonated the first atomic bomb.

Klaus Fuchs[ 13 ]: German physicist, and Communist Party member, was employed by the United Kingdom atomic energy plan during World War II, and was sent to work on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos.

Theodore Hall[ 14 ]: was an American physicist and an atomic undercover agent for the Soviet Union, who, during his work on US attempts to develop the first atomic bomb during World War II, gave a elaborate descriptionA

Nikita Khrushchev[ 15 ]: led the Soviet Union during portion of the Cold War. He served as First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, and as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, or Premier, from 1958 to 1964

Theodore Roosevelt[ 16 ]: was the 26th President of the United States of America.

Harry Truman[ 17 ]: was the 33rd President of the United States.

Joseph Stalin[ 18 ]: was the Premier of the Soviet Union from 6 May 1941 to 5 March 1953.

Evaluation of Beginnings

Spartacus Educational, s. v. “ Nuclear Arms Race, ” accessed May 18, 2012, hypertext transfer protocol: //www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/COLDnucleararms.htm

Establish by John Simkin, in September 1997. Spartacus Educational web site provides a series of historical encyclopaedia. Entries normally include a narrative, illustrations and primary beginnings. The text within each entry is linked to other relevant pages in encyclopaedia. In this manner it is possible to research single people and events in great item. The beginnings are besides hyper-linked so the pupil is able to happen about the author, creative person, newspaper and organisation that produced the stuff.

Youtube, s.v. “ The Truth Game, ” accessed May 21, 2012, hypertext transfer protocol: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=wjLgbeUwK_c

John Pilger ‘s docudrama which looks at global propaganda environing the atomic weaponries race. When the two American atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, they were code-namedA Fat ManA andA Little Boy, and President Truman announced after the event: A The experiment has been an overpowering success.A These, says Pilger, A were words used to depict the atrocious and hideous slaughter of atomic war. By utilizing reassuring, even comforting linguistic communication, this new sort of propaganda created acceptable images of war and the semblance that we could populate firmly with atomic arms.


The beginning

Between the old ages 1941 and 1945, Robert Oppenheimer began the production of what was known at the clip the Manhattan Project, the building of a arm that would make a fission reaction and have ruinous affects. During this clip, war clip ally, the Soviet Union was weary of US actions and sent Klaus Fuchs and Theodore Hall to descry on any activity that might be considerate intuitions. What they uncovered was the Manhattan Project. Stalin was informed of the undertaking before Theodore Roosevelt ‘s decease. President Truman was in fact ignorantness of the undertaking up until his presidential term. When Truman told Stalin of the atomic bomb, at the Potsdam conference, he had no thought that Soviet Union and Stalin had known about the bomb before he had.

The atomic bomb was foremost utilized on August 6, 1945 when the bomb, codification named “ Small Boy ” , was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Three yearss subsequently on August 9 1945, President Truman gave the order to drop the bomb, codification named “ Fat Man ” , on Nagasaki. The universe was shocked. Oppenheimer resigned after the dropping of both bombs, holding said: “ Now I ‘ve become decease, destroyer of universes ” . Many things changed in the universe after that, the county of Japan was crippled, the balance of power had been disturbed and USSR had opened its eyes in respects of developing atomic arms.

US estimated that USSR would non hold atomic arms plan up and running up until subsequently half of 1950 ‘s. This was based on the belief that there was scarceness of U in the universe and that US had the monopoly on that. However thanks to research gathered by undercover agents and new resources coming from the orbiter states the USSR got a bomb a decennary Oklahoman than anticipated.

RDS-1 was detonated by the USSR, for the 2nd clip in four old ages the balance was once more disturbed in the universe and the planetary terror ensued. The US and USSR spent the coming old ages carrying arms and resources in the attempt for both states to be more prepared than the other.

The Peak

Developments of H enriched bomb began 1952, in November that twelvemonth the US detonated the first of these ( Ivy Mike ) . This was responded a twelvemonth subsequently with USSR ‘s true H bomb ( Joe 4 ) . At this point in clip espionage was non working for USSR and so domestic research began on new developments.

During this clip the end was to fire atomic warheads from several states that would be able to make the other states and therefore the research into ICBMs ( Intercontinental ballistic missiles ) started. The launch of satellite Sputnik, in 1957, would turn out US that USSR could establish a missile that would hit anyplace in the universe. This would get down the epoch know as infinite race.

By the late 1950 ‘s a turning tensing between the two states was organizing, due to the thought that both the aggressor and the guardian will be destroyed if a atomic war of all time happened, therefore the thought of MAD ( reciprocally assured devastation ) was conceived.

This period spawned a batch of societal alteration in several states. US started the run of Red Threat. Videos in schools across North America instructed kids to “ duck and cover ” in instance if they got attacked. The Soviet Union responded by assailing the US manner of life and seting up propaganda against capitalist ideals.

Nikita Khrushchev sequence of Stalin, in 1953, showed much promise for a move towards peace between the two states. Khrushchev ‘s peaceable co-existence philosophy was nevertheless rejected by the US and forced the USSR to go on carrying arms in fright of being bombed.

Thou many of their arms were more powerful than those dropped on Japan, the US began to travel from kiloton bombs to megaton bombs. Castle assassin would turn out to be the most powerful atomic weapon the US would of all time explode. It was detonated on March 1, 1954 and yielded 15 megatons of power. The thermonuclear ability of the bomb made it much more powerful than most conventional bomb at this clip. However the USSR was developing a megaton bomb of their ain, codenamed the “ Tsar Bomba ” ( king bomb ) it was atomic arm that held a 100 megatons of power, nevertheless due to impracticality of the bombs production and size it was reduced to half of the explosive consequence. The consequences were still elephantine. Tsar Bomba was detonated on October 31, 1961. It was a individual most destructive force unleashed on Earth by adult male.

The End

The production of atomic arms was a major hit to both economic systems, both had focused so much clip, and resources, towards their undertakings that their economic state of affairss were get downing to experience the heat. The US moved from anti-Soviet motion to a peace and disarmament motion. This would take to both states get downing an epoch of atomic arm disarming. During this period many pacts were singed to halt the production of new atomic arms, nevertheless the ends of the Treaties were merely partly successful due to command maintained by both ace powers in infinite. Where the pacts succeeded in restricting production, they would neglect when it came to disarming.

Like many thing that twelvemonth the weaponries race ended in 1991, with prostration of Soviet Union and mass disarming occurred around the universe.


In decision it can be said that atomic weaponries race was a competition for domination inA atomic warfareA between theA United States and theA Soviet Union to accomplish laterality over the other state every bit good as the production of atomic arms and capablenesss to be able to unleashing destructive power of atomic armaments upon the opposing state. However this would turn out useless to both sides, since both side had the capableness to revenge if the other attacked and would take to MAD. Additionally it can be mentioned that the atomic weaponries race was a manner for US to maintain U.S.S.R bring forthing and passing more money to finally win in the long tally, which US did.



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