The school’s aim

May 7, 2019 Teaching

When it comes to aims the school focuses on tomorrow, this way they can accentuate and make clear the setting of future goals. The school’s aim will state simply what it is that they want to accomplish and in what way the school will attempt to benefit the local community. The aims of the school are the expectations and standards that it will try to achieve, giving motivation and a frame of reference. Outlined in the aims of the school will be; those things that are important, the purpose of the school and what direction the teaching and learning will go in. Some examples of aims that the school might have are; creating an environment that is friendly, safe, comfortable and stimulating; developing pupils that will have respect for one another, that will take responsibility for what they have done and will grow to become good, upstanding people; developing outstanding working relationships between every person that is involved within the school.


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